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jtan163: View finder.

Tilting LCD is nice, but...
An accessory EVF would be nice.
I guess the absence of an EVF is intended to force people like me to move up to the XE-1
If that is the case the problem with that strategy is it actually discourages me from buying it.
I might just stick with my EM5 instead of taking the risk.
Give me an accessory EVF and I might buy one of these to try the X series, and then moce up to the XE or XPro. I'm not likely to ust try those as is.
But I might buy one of these more or less on impulse, if it had an EVF. And then I might try and XE or XPro.

But I probably won't find out without an EVF. So they lose me and the opportunity to lure me away from m43.

Otherwise it looks like a nice unit, I assume it can use all X mount lenses including the XFs?

The single command dial is not a problem if you can use the XF lenses, assuming it can be programmed to control shutter.

PS Dig the Lunar like wood grain.

In the UK, price difference for XE1 vs XM1 is £30 (body only). EVF vs Tilt screen and WI FI. An add-on EVF is going to cost you upwards of £200 which then takes the XM1 closer to XPro1 territory.

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On Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 Hands-on Preview preview (353 comments in total)

Wha... bu... um.... I don't get it.

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On Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad article (43 comments in total)

Whoaaaa, everyone calm down. Just to clarify, I've got this app on my iPad 2. I can load and work with jpegs from my Sony NEX 5N with no trouble (larger than 1600x1600) - layered up and edited 4 images in a project of a snowboarder jumping and worked fine with no lag. I think the pixel limit is output size.

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On Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database article (149 comments in total)
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Richard Murdey: For about the same money, you can get a D3x, the SD1, an M9 or a 645D.

If I was ever going to pay that kind of money for a camera, it would be either the 645D or M9.

Yet someone driving, say a Fiat 500 or a MINI also gets a second glance - even a Citroen DS3 does. Three good looking and handling cars. Something doesn't have to be the most expensive just to be both capable and desirable.....
Enough of the car analogies.

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On Nikon J1 real-world samples gallery article (336 comments in total)

Everyone keeps saying "wow, those high ISO photos are excellent for a camera with a small sensor". The thing is, you can get cameras like the Nex 5N with a bigger sensor, that is cheaper and gives much better results at much higher ISO levels.
Also, everyone is talking about ISO and DOF - what about the colour? Am I the only one who thinks the colours, especially the reds (and in particular on the ketchup bottle) look really washed out? And the WB! All the shots look like they were taken through a blue filter!
On its own this might stand up, but next to m4/3 and NEX, this brings too little too late. All the magic tricks it does might be great, but unless the IQ is there it's a bit "fur coat and no knickers".

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