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Joriarty: The article should read 41 megaray sensor, not MP, correct?

nice touch !
unfortunately, those "megarays" were intended to "bring litro to the masses" and create general awareness regarding the new company.
Now that this was done, NASA could pump money in wathever BS litro is bringing to the market. watch up Hubble, you are going to be replaced with megarays' king !
too bad for apple that misses this opportunity. iphone6 as the official camera of the international space station !

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On Abundance of Sunshine challenge (3 comments in total)

HI, B&W 's are allowed ? thanks.

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Dougbm_2: Maybe the photographer doesn't know that you can rotate the camera and take a portrait shot! Just saying!

Actually I don't understand why photographers go to so much trouble with multiple shots unless they plan to print extra large. Also the reflection in the water seems to not actually reflect the night sky.

Because the photo is not for his facebook page. Just thinking...

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CameraLabTester: The company should put out a CONTEST with great prizes with the theme:

Best 5 uses of the Lytro Camera:


May be they will implement a vibrate function. then you will have the 6. reason

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mpgxsvcd: This was the answer to the question that nobody asked. It was a great product without a real purpose.

Indeed, just the part with "without a real purpose" seems to be truth.

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mpgxsvcd: Hasselbad thinks this was a bad idea.

Maybe they will soon come up with a Lunar-lytro at 5000$.

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just another BS marketing. Any modern smartphone (HTC one 4Mpx included) is better as a camera.

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On Girl and the motorbike in the ThirdPersonView: Modern aspects challenge (1 comment in total)

excellent perspective !

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that is a nice one...

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On See and be Seen in the ... after work before rest... challenge (1 comment in total)

nice pic ! the girls looks so...unhappy, even bitter i might say. So contrasting with the guys relaxation...

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On Only in your mommy's hands in the Relaxation challenge (5 comments in total)

outstanding. thank you.

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On The One challenge (3 comments in total)

rented cars are allowed ?

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outstanding by its simplicity

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On The Goodfather in the Speech challenge (2 comments in total)

in a religious way or in a Marlon Brando way ?

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just another cctv lens made by goyo optical. availability in september? they will wait until august to take preorders, then will order themselves the lot from goyo/ kowa. BS marketing for us, but a great/profitable idea for them.

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