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On article Readers' Choice Awards 2015: The winners (61 comments in total)
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Davud: For these top 3 cameras, only Olympus has a vast and mature lens lineup.
Sony has 3 maybe 4 decent lenses (all of them prime) and Nikon DX lenses are cheaply made and got less than desirable optics.
On the other hand Olympus Pro and some of the Panasonic lenses are solid and very hi-end in all the aspects.

What D7200 is cheap??? And light??? Maybe compared to the mega FF Slrs but its heavy and expensive for a crop camera. FF lenses are more out of place on a D3xxx D5xxx cam

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otto k: Rant:
The video is impressive but I fail to see how this is 48k in any possible meaning, other than marketing fantasy talk. The phones are in portrait orientation so each individual video is 2k wide and 4k tall. If there is zero overlap (doubt it) it would produce 24k x 4k video.

Marketing guys are ruining the world...

As opposed to a 48x2 k image from landscape? Total pixels are the same.

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callaesthetics: If i put a full frame 300 f4 lens with an adapter on the Olympus i get the same image and exposure correct? And it only uses a small image circle from the full frame lens, the Olympus is engineered so that it uses only a image circle made for m43 sensor, so why are the lens the same size? Shouldn't this lens be smaller?

A 300mm lens is a 300mm lens. They are 300mm long.

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On article Olympus shows gains in first half financials (139 comments in total)
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Scott Tender: I'm banking on Apple...literally and figuratively and professionally.

Good luck.

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On article Ricoh teases spring 2016 full-frame Pentax DSLR debut (528 comments in total)
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Tom Caldwell: Too late, arriving at the ballroom door when the dslr industry is getting the sheet music out for the last waltz.

Scrapped the innovative, forward looking, and technically brilliant GXR model just at the point where it was looking increasingly interesting. Then gave the old dslr jalopy a new V8 engine.

Now who except those with a closet full of PK mount lenses might be interested?

No doubt it will be a great camera though - great enough to lead the dslr funeral cortege.

But maybe it that is a great big evf up there and the body is relatively compact it might just give the A7RII a real run for its money.

Sony is not the be all and end all. Sony is certainly not the the professional benchmark. Sony is making good headway bit mirrorless as a whole still has a few steps to make before you can bin the dslr. If I need to take a picture actually worth something or is of some importance, my Nikon comes out. To tool around and have fun, its my m43.

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Chaitanya S: I know there is a big market for a lens of this class. Still I would like to see canon replace that pre-historic 50mm macro with a new macro lens.

They donhave that awesome 65mm macro though

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DuxX: Interested to see comparison with Sigma 35mm Art. Beating Sigma will be very hard especially justifying that price difference.

Well you can acheive most of that wish list if it were just f1.8

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On article Fujifilm X100T successor rumored to feature new lens (326 comments in total)
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Cheyne: My prediction:
f/1.8 35mm equivalent pancake
New X-Trans II sensor
Similar body

I'd buy it.

Filter thread.

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Archer66: 5.6 or 6.3 ?

"Updated Tamron 18-200mm F3.5-5.6"

"The 18-200mm F3.5-6.3"

"Maximum aperture F3.5 - F5.6"

Nikon did a similar thing with their 18-300.
Chop the max aperture a bit to reduce weight. Prpbably a decent trade off with vc added l. Less weight is always welcome

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Nick8: ISO logarithmic scale is realy necessary.

Yes its getting like that but for most people shooting in decent lighting the current system of iso is adequate. Iso 12800 has not been a widespread option until recently

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karlchwe: I don't know anything about video. Would a 2.26 megapixel camera be useful? For who?

Thats all you need for vid resolution.

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zakaria: A walk around lens at a very expensive price. Sorry nikon your eyes still on full frame users when pricing the lens.

Maybe for the D7xxx

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PHtorino: that lens is crap though!

Its an ilc module, not a whole unit. Lens is optional

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ThePhilips: > Hasselblad is not a luxury brand

Make an affordable TLR. And an affordable medium frame camera/lenses.

But I gather we pretty soon would find out that our understanding of the "affordable" differs.

Had once a cool conversation with an owner of golden Rolex who was insisting that the Rolex is solely for the time telling purposes. I think the discussion with Hasselblad would go the same way.

Medium format should always be more expensive. It requires more of everything to make and since its never meant to be a consumer tool (kind of like how you can aucker consumers into buying a eg. Canon 5d series) you wont fool many non pros into buying a medium format camera. Loom at pentax 645 that is considered affordable.

If you want and affordale mediun format camera and do not want to buy used, get an arax.

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buginarug: I worked as a news photographer for several decades for The Associated Press. I shot many concerts and was repeatedly presented with such contracts. I refused to sign every time. Each time the performers management backed down. There was no question that I would just walk away. I had no control of who or how my photographs would be used by AP members. What Taylor Swift and others are doing is wrong. They want the publicity and their cake. They can't have both. Sorry. If it is a question of using someone's likeness to sell a commercial product for profit there are already rights laws about that. There is no need for this sign to shoot nonsense.

If Ts & co. Emplyed the photographer directly it would be a different story?

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princewolf: But...but I loved her...

Your loss (before and after).

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On article Going solo: DxO introduces 20MP 'ONE' connected camera (127 comments in total)


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rallyfan: I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Hasselblad.

The Yanks pretended to use them when they faked the moon landings.

Then more recently the company decided to rebadge Sony stuff with wood grips and added a bunch of zeros to the price tag.

Brilliant stuff.

This looks really promising for anyone interested in violating people's privacy rights.

More trolling? Lets write the dony stuff off as unfortunate but the company does deserve kudos.

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Just a Photographer: So basically this is a powerful in IQ, but overpriced GoPro.

Trololololo? Go pro ilc? IQ matters? What?

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Reminds me of miyazakis perar lenses. Is it rangefinder coupled?

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