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AprilW: Yet another cool lens that is Canon mount.

"Adapted" Canon EF did not exist in the 60's. I havent looked into it but surely its either hassy or Nikon f. More likely just some custom mount all together.

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On article 2016 Roundup: $1200-2000 ILCs part 2: Full-Frame (287 comments in total)
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ottonis: Dear DPR,

was there a specific reason for omitting the Nikon D750? Its price is consistently below 2000 USD and it would probably be among the best cameras on your list.



Is RRP below though?

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On article Nikon offers free battery exchange for D500 owners (96 comments in total)
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AngularJS: Does it mean instead of 1240 shots it'll be around of 1140? As a Sony user I'm barely hitting 240 on one charge. Nikon spoils it's users :)

Suppose with mirrorless were always runnin g some sort of screen

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Morpho Hunter: Well (presumably) this camera is already "dead in the water" after it's been rumoured that Olympus's EM-1 mark II camera (with its comparatively tiny, super high quality lenses) will produce 80 megapixel hand-held images .. for a fraction of the cost of the Hassy body and lenses..... but hey .. it could
all be a scam!! The era of full frame and medium format cameras is about to end ...

M43 is amazing and I love it. Maybe some people are getting away with it as their pro tool of choice, but raw results will still be made with FF/MF gear.

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Jonathan F/2: Will Sigma replace the part that gets scratched?

Why should they? They are a 3rd party manufacturer making products that fit KMount prior to release of the K1. The lenses are not defective, pentax has simply released a new product with a different body shape. Offering to make lenses compatible with the K1 is a great show of faith and support to their customers.

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Flashback: As an electronics engineer, I really appreciate all those beautifully crafted components inside. Such a shame to have hidden them in that 'girly' case:-(

Come back Samsung, all is forgiven. . .

Whats so girly about it?

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mpgxsvcd: I just love how Panasonic updates the camera I already have for free with all of their latest technologies. Some other companies only give you the new features when you buy a brand new camera.

Lol, fuji is awesome for updating older model too

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Al Valentino: Terrible article title as it indicates a negative about the lens. However,ngood article and great lens. I purchased this lens at full price, same with all my Fuji gear. Anyway, when i got the lens i did a tripod mounte test with my Nikon70-200 f/2.8 markI at f/5.6. Lomg story short, i sold the Nikon lens within a week along with my D300 and was finally Nikon free in 2013. Wonderful lens.

+1 for the title gripe.
Is DPR aware that by and large the phrase "Eviscerates" means destroy both physically and conceptually on the inrernet. Has Buzzfeed taught them nothing?
Definately went into this with the impression LR was going to pan this lens as terrible, cheap, fatally flawed, DO NOT BUY etc.

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halc: Nice.

However. Leica has very little experience/engineering know-how in phone-size, super tight space lenses and folding mechanisms.

Further, the biggest problem in phones is the sensor. Leica has zero sensor tech, all they do is buy it from others.

I fail to see how this is - so far anyway - anything but a marketing move.

All the phone makers are battling with diminishing marings. Getting that red dot on your phone might enable you to charge a few $ more per unit. Higher margins is the goal.

Let's see how it turns out.

Dont forget that l
leica orginally shrunk the size of the camera from a house brick to somethjng smaller than a VHS tape

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (308 comments in total)
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ozturert: Design is unique, but I don't see real advantage of mirrorless systems: Weight and size.
But then maybe that's not the point :)

Weight, size and portability just check out the pana GM5 with kit lens. Thats a lot of camera in a seriously portable package - with the option of going large on your lenses for better performance.

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Davud: For these top 3 cameras, only Olympus has a vast and mature lens lineup.
Sony has 3 maybe 4 decent lenses (all of them prime) and Nikon DX lenses are cheaply made and got less than desirable optics.
On the other hand Olympus Pro and some of the Panasonic lenses are solid and very hi-end in all the aspects.

What D7200 is cheap??? And light??? Maybe compared to the mega FF Slrs but its heavy and expensive for a crop camera. FF lenses are more out of place on a D3xxx D5xxx cam

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otto k: Rant:
The video is impressive but I fail to see how this is 48k in any possible meaning, other than marketing fantasy talk. The phones are in portrait orientation so each individual video is 2k wide and 4k tall. If there is zero overlap (doubt it) it would produce 24k x 4k video.

Marketing guys are ruining the world...

As opposed to a 48x2 k image from landscape? Total pixels are the same.

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callaesthetics: If i put a full frame 300 f4 lens with an adapter on the Olympus i get the same image and exposure correct? And it only uses a small image circle from the full frame lens, the Olympus is engineered so that it uses only a image circle made for m43 sensor, so why are the lens the same size? Shouldn't this lens be smaller?

A 300mm lens is a 300mm lens. They are 300mm long.

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On article Olympus shows gains in first half financials (139 comments in total)
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Scott Tender: I'm banking on Apple...literally and figuratively and professionally.

Good luck.

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On article Ricoh teases spring 2016 full-frame Pentax DSLR debut (528 comments in total)
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Tom Caldwell: Too late, arriving at the ballroom door when the dslr industry is getting the sheet music out for the last waltz.

Scrapped the innovative, forward looking, and technically brilliant GXR model just at the point where it was looking increasingly interesting. Then gave the old dslr jalopy a new V8 engine.

Now who except those with a closet full of PK mount lenses might be interested?

No doubt it will be a great camera though - great enough to lead the dslr funeral cortege.

But maybe it that is a great big evf up there and the body is relatively compact it might just give the A7RII a real run for its money.

Sony is not the be all and end all. Sony is certainly not the the professional benchmark. Sony is making good headway bit mirrorless as a whole still has a few steps to make before you can bin the dslr. If I need to take a picture actually worth something or is of some importance, my Nikon comes out. To tool around and have fun, its my m43.

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Chaitanya S: I know there is a big market for a lens of this class. Still I would like to see canon replace that pre-historic 50mm macro with a new macro lens.

They donhave that awesome 65mm macro though

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DuxX: Interested to see comparison with Sigma 35mm Art. Beating Sigma will be very hard especially justifying that price difference.

Well you can acheive most of that wish list if it were just f1.8

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On article Fujifilm X100T successor rumored to feature new lens (334 comments in total)
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Cheyne: My prediction:
f/1.8 35mm equivalent pancake
New X-Trans II sensor
Similar body

I'd buy it.

Filter thread.

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