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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1657 comments in total)

"...Andy Westlake expressed his disappointment that there's no option to directly select AF points...Instead you're always required to press the down arrow on the four-way controller, to enter AF point selection mode..."

That is a bummer. Will not buy until they fix this.

Hope they have managed to do something with the overall responsiveness as I've tried to use the X-Pro1 for street shooting but there was always some lag when pressing the shutter. Some sort of "snap" mode when you hit down hard on the shutter or something, a bit like to Ricoh GRD would be SOO cool. Fuji are so close to nailing it, I really really hope they will completely nail it when the X-Pro2 comes out. Hopefully weather resistant, blazing quick and with a full assortment of zone focusable lenses that are all silky smooth in manual, blazing quick in AF, with quick AF/MF shift, and with distance and depth scales on them. I'd be happy to pay premium $ for that.

The grip with the arca quick release is brilliant.

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tmy: Thank you Fuji,
nice fixes.

I've just applied the new updates to the body and the 18mm and 35mm.
Very very nice.
Good to see a manufacturer that keeps their support up!

speaking of which, any chance of the 64 bit upgrade for your high end Coolscans?

Thanks Fuji!

Think you're confusing Fuji and Nikon regarding the Coolscans, but I'm in the same boat - wouldn't mind, actually, if Fuji wrote new sw for Nikon's coolscans. That would show them :-)

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Kinematic Digit: Great review. I use the Pixel Kings, and was looking at these Odins to control groups as the Pixels don't do that in TTL. Pixel tells me that group control is coming via a Firmware update, but at this point Odins have the advantage here.

To those who thinks this review reads like an ad: The Odins are as good as the review claims. I've owned the old Pocketwisards with no power control, I've owned the radiopoppers which deserve credit for starting the radio TTL revolution but does not deserve credit for much else as their system (at least v1) sucked, I then purchased the PocketWizard Flex system on the merit of their old system and truth be told will never buy anything from them again. I then purchased the Odins and found myself in near Nirvana. Canon have bested the Odins now with their own proprietary system, but at double the price the Odins are a far better value. What speaks in favour of the new Canon system is greater accuracy on ETTL2, and less boxes to assemble as the flash units already contain the radio circuitry. As for the other poster who claims that the Canon system introduces a lag on the recycle - I have no issues with the Canon flash system on my Canon 5D3 and I am falling in love with it.

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On Canon EOS 5D Mark III hands-on preview and video article (270 comments in total)
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jimread: OK so one can get a 4ft X 3ft print off this, whose got the room to display it and whose got 16 gig of ram to process the files?

You have obviously never tried the new Canon TS-E 24mm mkII and 17mm lenses, they are fabulous. Hartblei has even made special equipment to adapt them to medium format backs, that should tell you something. But you were right up until the arrival of those lenses - Canon wideangles used to suck.

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