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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 makes leap to 20MP article (168 comments in total)
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Joe Ogiba: DPR : Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 makes leap to 20MP

Really ? So DPR thinks 20mp is a bigger deal than 4K. My Sony QX1 smartphone camera also has 20mp with a larger APS-C sensor but I would prefer it had 10mp with 4K.

QX1 does have an APS-C sensor. The QX100 has the 1" sensor. Slightly confusingly-named, I'll admit.

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On Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 article (553 comments in total)
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Mike FL: I like "The wheel around the shutter release... can be used as a fully rotating control wheel".

It is not a bad ideal, and hopefully other mfc will follow.

Yes, let's hope so. Panasonic 'followed' with this feature a couple of years ago on the GX7, and the new GF has a very similar 'selfie screen'. We're really lucky Canon is here to lead the way on innovations like these.

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On Samsung introduces NX500 with NX1's 28MP BSI sensor article (144 comments in total)
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Jostian: no built in flash or view finder....aarggh! otherwise it looks nice and features wise not a bad deal at the price.

Looking at reviews of the LX100 and the Samsung 16-50, I don't see how you can assume that they would be 'nearly the same performance in equiv terms'. A £280 kit lens wouldn't be expected to compete with the dedicated/fixed Panasonic lens.

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nathondetroit: Beautiful. There's obviously some serious X series glass if you want to go that route, but this available X100S kit offers a lot of capability for the enthusiast.

Everyday, there are plenty of budding photographers tearing it up doing 55mm 5.6 portraits with their kit lens. This 50mm 3.5 will definitely be capable of amazing work as well.

Tele converters attached to the front of a lens don't affect the aperture in the same way as tele converters for interchangeable lenses (behind the aperture ring) do. F2.0 remains F.2

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Resom: There is now a good chance for low end p&s cameras to survive, because they are smaller, cheaper and looking better.

btw - waiting for a 500mm lens, connected to a iPhone, called "the iBazooka"

Here's an 82mm lens (which gives a 600mm 35mm equiv.)
It's not called an iBazooka, but I'm sure the manufacturers would appreciate the suggestion.

An actual 500mm lens for an iPhone would be into astrophotography territory.

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On Lightstrap is a ring flash for your iPhone post (9 comments in total)

Doesn't a ringflash need to circle the lens in order to get the 'glamorous' effect described?

This is just a weak LED light positioned one side of the lens.

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starwolfy: Eric KIM on DPreview ? Now it's 100% sure that in today's society one just need to be good at social media and blogging to become famous...

My thoughts exactly. Keep telling people you're an 'international' street photographer et voila! That's what you are.

There's no accounting for taste, but a quick Internet search didn't throw up much in the way of 'excellent' photos or even books published. Just another successful self-publicist.

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jcmarfilph: I'd rather carry my travelzoom cam. Miles better than a mediocre camera phone with useless accessories. And oh its pocketable, how about the iPhone with 5 lbs of useless accessories, will they fit inside your pocket? No? Will carry a bag for those? I'd rather bring my bridge camera then.

These lenses make perfect sense for professionals (estate agents, salesmen, journalists etc...), and are priced accordingly.
They are very useful for anyone who would benefit from using a device (iPhone) already in their pocket to take photos and send them instantly back to clients or colleagues at the office etc...

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On Best Digital Cameras for Kids article (142 comments in total)

A lot of emphasis on rugged/shock-proof cameras for the under 10's. How about teaching your children to treat fragile electronic gadgets with a little respect?

My son's Canon A560 (similar to the A1400 in the article) has remained undamaged after four years of use - he got it when he was 5.

Incidentally, I found that once he discovered the long optical zoom on the family videocam (Panasonic HDC-SD40) that this quickly became his camera of choice, even for stills photography. Of course, by now he has learned to treat cameras with care and respect.

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Weird choice of Technology correspondent.

'As someone who is anything but a digital native, I find this stuff hard'

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AlanG: It is absolutely amazing that an airline would do this kind of detective work to find her. And then offer her a flight too. It would be a really funny story if she flew out there and her luggage got lost.

Loosing your luggage is the least of your problems. It's keeping the planes in the air where China Airlines have the real problems (China Airlines #60 JACDEC Safety Ranking, 2012).

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On Minox announces tiny, retro-styled DCC 14.0 camera article (153 comments in total)
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Pat Cullinan Jr: When will the review be ready?

Do you mean you fart a lot or are you about to die?
Either way, no apology necessary.

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On Accessory Review: Manfrotto 294 Carbon Fiber Tripod article (50 comments in total)

This review really doesn't tell me anything more than the manufacturers spec sheet.

A tripod review is pretty meaningless to me without:

A) Some kind of comparison. Either three or more similarly specced tripods at three different price ends to show what you're getting for the extra money. Or three similarly specced tripods at a similar price point from different manufacturers.

B) A few moderately demanding tests such as a DSLR with a 200mm+ lens, 10 second timer/ remote release and 2 or 3 slow shutter speeds (1/50, 1/10, 60 secs.) of a test card.

"24-105mm with a flash"? All I can tell from that is that the tripod is steady enough not to topple over, and strong enough not to crumple under the weight. Three rolled-up newspapers would manage that.

Without a meaningful test and tangible result (test photo) then these articles are just free advertising for tripod manufacturers and DPR should get some kind of payment from them. The article should then be tagged as 'sponsored'.

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slncezgsi: I am wondering how much weight for the final decision comes from the fact that these two photographers did have a legal dispute before. Otherwise the final conclusion of the judge is just wrong to me (and I do have understanding for protection of copyrights in photography).

Apart from that I find color processing of both images completely tasteless (like a red rose on BW background - I though only amateurs do that ... )

Unsurprisingly, it appears as though it was an amateur responsible for the image. Justin Fielder who took the earlier image is managing director of a souvenir manufacturing company.

The judgement is more a reflection of the 'intent' of Nick Houghton's image (obvious from a previous court action where the image was withdrawn from commercial use) rather than the compositional similarity or stylistic originality.

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On Preview:panasonicdmcgx1 (318 comments in total)
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kenai1: I just purchased a GX! (santa helped.) It appears to take nice pics, but shooting in raw only nothing will recognize the format. (iPhoto, CS4, LR2, Aperture). I have a GF1 and use it in raw which works fine. It appears they both shoot RW2.
Is the GX1 shooting in a different raw format, or is there something in setting up the camera. If I shoot raw + jpeg, I get the jpeg image

I tried calling Panasonic and they were no help.
If its a new raw format I can't believe I'm the only having problems.

Any thoughts?

Try Adobe DNG Converter 6.6

Posted on Jan 2, 2012 at 18:45 UTC

We 'have' used HDR since.....

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Much better than the tripod article. An interesting read.

The difference could possibly have been down to the title. That is to say it wasn't called "Five of the best waterproof cameras under £2000".

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On Five of the best tripods for under $450 article (84 comments in total)

Pointless article. Tells me nothing I couldn't find out for myself by reading the the marketing blurb on manufacturers' sites.

Article could be summarized in a sentence or two: There are lots of great tripods. Benro, Induro, Manfrotto, vanguard, they're all good!

Did the alleged photographer/freelance writer actually see/touch these tripods? It's pretty obvious she didn't think to put a camera on any of them.

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