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On Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses article (368 comments in total)
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Henrik Herranen: MTF for the EF-S 10-18:

Are my eyes deceiving me or does the MTF look seriously impressive for a 300$ lens?

And although it was posted earlier, here's a reposted 16-35/4 IS link:

Yes, the MTF is seriously impressive ... but let's not forget that it's a f5.6 lens (at the tele end).
Also, we don't know what the distortions are. Could be humongous.

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On Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review article (530 comments in total)

Kudos to the reviewers for the silver award.
Canon needs to work harder for the price they are asking.

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On CP+ 2013: Interview with Canon's Masaya Maeda article (489 comments in total)
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photo nuts: I wonder if the D300 and 7D will just die a natural death. Their replacement will probably be similar to Nikon D7000, if the latter is not already considered the successor to D300. :)

IMO, a 50 MP FF image when cropped down to APS-C size should be a sufficient replacement for those who like the reach of APS-C

Before the 6D was announced, I was sure that the 7D would not get a successor.

The 6D specs are so basic, though, that it is now certain that we’ll see a 7DII - likely in the fall.

But by Canon's own admission, the 7DII will be the last crop camera in this price range ($1600-1800).

Five years from now, only sub-$1000 cameras will have crop sensors.

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+1000 on removing the thumbs-down/bad-karma button.

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Graystar: Other forum software has eliminated the "thumbs down" rating and simply have a "Like" because people would abuse the thumbs down.


CanonRumors had a 'karma' button and that did not work ... at all.

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The new design is clean and looks very good.

Don't know how the new color scheme is going to work for me, so good that I have the option to keep using the old one.

Where are the emoticons, though?

Also, when is DPreview going to implement 'polls' feature - for creating user polls?

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