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I like it... but for two things...

I dislike anything "quick release" and although a button is convenient I'd prefer to have a secondary lock facility so no accidental button pushing can EVER happen.

Putting the strap mount point at the side is a good idea, but it sticks out to far. It needs to be almost flush with the side of the camera when the strap is disconnected. How many of us have camera bags which only just contain the bodies. (Particularly when we've multiple bodies). This extra width (and given the width is just at the bottom) means awkward packing in bags. Classic great idea but bad in the real world.

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To be honest this is a fantastic effort on a budget of zip.

It's interesting that Marc uses the GoPro as he'd be shooting video with each rather than a series of stills - which opens possibilities to editing motion within the Matrix effect.

I think the comments about motion artifacts may be confused with the "scratch" editing within the action. We've got some interesting forwards and backwards motion of the subject whilst the tracking motion continues in the same direction. This is the first time I've seen this and kudos to Marc for coming up with a variation on a well known effect.

And to the critics of the execution... please send us your examples - we'd love to see how much better your versions are...

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On Online images and copyright infringement article (255 comments in total)
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ncsakany: Station: in the wrong, putting forth a good faith effort to resolve the situation, all along behaving in a professional manner

Photographer: in the right, but coming across as both unreasonable and down right rude.

EXIF data aside, if someone uses a picture for any reason, and it is not one they took themselves then they have clearly stolen the image.

I don't paste a sign on my car claiming ownership and I wouldn't expect to need to do so. If I leave it unlocked then it is not giving permission for someone to take it "because they didn't realise they shouldn't..."

I wish the world would stop treating creative works as freebees just because they saw them on the internet. Theft is theft and if a company has employees taking images without owners' permissions then time has come for an education.

As to fees...? I'd be looking for a day rate + useage % + 100% for unauthorised useage / time to recover money.

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DaveKaiPiper: I really do this is the way forward. 3d is pretty bad in an fairness and just is not an option for a home or house.

Also.. I wonder what this would be like to edit photography on ? Are there any graphics cards that could handle it ??

Speaking as a broadcast Director of Photography...

Do we need 4K...? Probably not as the difference in resolution is only noticeable of huge screens at close distances - which will no doubt be undermined by high compression rates from greedy broadcasters.

4K is useful for complex post production tasks such as compositing, but the average print at your average cinema is regarded as about 2K resolution, which seems just high enough for most.

Besides with 4K and it's 8x data rate, just think of the post production time required.

What we need is 50p (sorry - 60p to our US friends) to give quality motion.

We need TV's to give accurate colours and dynamic range so OLEDs are a good thing (as is my lovely Viera Plasma 42" (viewed at a comfortable 13ft)

We need broadcasters to reduce compression. If you'd ever have seen SD DigiBeta on a grade 1 monitor then you'd know what I was talking about - sometimes it's not just the number of dots on a picture...

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On Adobe releases Lightroom 4.3 and Adobe Camera Raw 7.3 article (69 comments in total)

Tethering with the 5D3 still seems to have issues. When you switch the camera off and back on, LR doesn't continue to tether properly.

The camera is still shown to be connected but images are not imported and the remote triggering doesn't function.

Only way around this is to restart LR - which is not very useful.

Anyone else tried this? (I'm on Mac, Snow Leopard)


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IcyVeins: This $20k lens seems like a good fit for my $200 E-PL1

T stop is a precise measure relating to a specific lens. Often top end lenses will have the T stop calibrations engraved individually for absolute accuracy.

In stills work we are blessed with rather inexpensive glass. Not so for the TV and film world. I shoot broadcast TV and have 2 lenses for my camera - at £15,000 + VAT and £10,000 + VAT each... and these are regarded as fairly "run of the mill" lenses for 2/3" chip HD cameras. I've played with a £150,000 lens (and that was SD. Now THAT was a nice lens...)


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Does anyone know if 4.2 will have tethered support for the 5D3. I gather 4.1 doesn't and it would be nice to avoid using any workarounds.

As an aside, although vs 4 was a dog to use I've found 4.1 pretty good for speed. I'm using Snow Leopard on an 8-core but it has been fine with my MBP too. (Granted, if I have lots of brush adjustments it can slow things down but that seemed true with LR3)

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