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On Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory article (190 comments in total)

Interesting how much is done in house.
Probably better for QC.
Not better for cost though.
They have to maintain the chrome plating, injection molding, anodizing, etc systems.
Most companies these days would outsource things except for the core talent such as grinding lenses.

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On Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory article (190 comments in total)
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alcaher: manufactured landscape... nothing nice about it, very robotic-posthuman enviroment. But that is what it is and we use their products.

Doesn't look very post human to me.
Post human would have a lot more robots.
I didn't see a single one.

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On World Press Photo revokes prize from Giovanni Troilo article (99 comments in total)

What did the guy say about the football deflation scandal?

If you're not cheating, your not playing?


Well, well, well.

And DPR compares a sample from Tamron to a purchased Nikon lens.


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On CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview article (195 comments in total)

I don't any Sigma lenses.

But what I find interesting is how positive the posts are.

Canon or Nikon posts have tons of bashing.

I've done my share with respect to Canon.

Looks like Sigma is making lenses that customers want and has a CEO who is willing to have a real conversation.

A bit of fresh air!

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Is this Sony's last gasp for air?

Maybe all those innovative Sony camera bodies will be paperweights in a couple of years.

I guess the A mount cameras already are.

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Tim Cook should disable all Apple related devices in Russia and their buddy states for one day.

Lets make it sweeter.

Do it world wide!

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Joe Ogiba: DPR: "Nikon aims for the stars with the D810A, world’s first full-frame astrophotography camera"

Really ?
"The Sony A7s is going to be the next big thing with astrophotography."

You miss the whole point.
This camera is missing a filter so it can take pictures of X-Rays.
Just kidding.
Well half kidding.
So the camera is missing a filter, and someone else is missing a filter, er point.

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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2340 comments in total)
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Anastigmat: As camera makers seem to be unable to decide whether to make high pixel count or low pixel count cameras. It may be time that someone introduces interchangeable sensors. Buy a camera and the user can buy extra sensors that can be easily changed, the same way that a user used to change film, so that a user can decide to shoot high resolution or high sensitivity instead of having to be stuck with one or the other.

Well people like Red and Blackmagic do sensor changes. The Blackmagic can be done by the user. But Blackmagic doesn't have more than one sensor at this time, and they say it isn't intended for changing like you change lenses. It is in a monstrous camera. And with the Red they have to do it. But the Red sensor change will set you back much more than these over priced Canons.

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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2340 comments in total)
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AngryCorgi: Canon's new company slogan:

"At least it's not a step backward!" ~DPR

A lack of a significant step forward is a step backward.
More MP and more DR would have been significant (Like the D800, and 645z did).
Just more MP isn't.
Canon needs to shut down their sensor shop and buy chips from Sony or someone else or at least mothball it until it can come up with something worth buying.

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On Go wide! Hands-on with Canon's 11-24mm F4 L article (224 comments in total)

As a former Canon fanboy I can't believe how many complaints there are about the uninteresting specs and unrealistic prices of Canon's new offerings.

Canon just doesn't get it!

Thank God my Canon lenses can be adapted to other cameras!

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On Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America article (249 comments in total)

If it did global shutter, raw internally, on affordable media, then it would be worth $4000 tops with the bigger sensor and low light.

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On Canon's Q4 earnings report shows camera sales are down article (315 comments in total)

My last 5 bodies have been either Panasonic or Blackmagic.

Canon doesn't interest me anymore.

At best a camera that I can put Canon lenses on does.

The cameras they make that I'm interested in, I can't afford.

So for now, bye bye, Canon.

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Sounds kinda "fishy" to me!

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Site to be soon renamed Digital National Photography Inquirer Review

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On Gary Fong launches virtual camera tutorial service article (147 comments in total)

Lets hope the tutorials are better than his light mods.

Why didn't Ken Rockwell think of this?

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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1445 comments in total)

The problem with smaller sensor cameras is F-Stop.

You just can't get a F4 FF look from a APS-C sensor unless it's 2.8

And if it's m4/3 it takes an even faster lens, a 2.0.

There are very few 2.0 lenses for m4/3.

Even a 2.8 lens on m4/3 is like 5.6 on a FF.

With smaller sensors and slow lenses you might as well use your cellphone.

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1891 comments in total)
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Mark B UK: This seems to me like a mini-review, with many sections missing from the normally excellent DPReview full test. Will it be added to in due course, or is this a sign of cut-backs?

Only waterproof cameras should be tested in Seattle.

The rest of the cameras should be tested in sunny Southern California.



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On Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax 645Z article (245 comments in total)
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paulbysea: I have ignored this camera until know. These two reviews have given me pause for thought. I currently have a 5D3 and was wondering about getting a 7D2 for my more action orientated shot and keeping with the 5D3 as I develop as a landscape and product photography. Now I wonder if I should sell the 5D3 as well and go for the Pentax. Or maybe I should wait and hope canon bring out a similar camera, albeit one where you can use EF lenses to crop down the body to FF in a similar way that Nikon can with their system. Whatever I do will be after xmas, probably spring time. Need to sell some classic Naim amps and Meridian 104 tuner first to free up some cash first.

I assume you looked at the Luminous Landscape article(s) on this camera? (Including the one with astrophotography)

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On High-end full frame roundup (2014) article (589 comments in total)

Why not do 2 roundups or just 1 roundup?
High end FF
Not high end FF
Or just FF
But cover all FF.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 8, 2014 at 22:14 UTC as 44th comment

Agree with the other posts.
Nice thing Michael has done here.

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