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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Review article (178 comments in total)
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bakhtyar kurdi: I ask everyone to go to the image compare page, select FZ200 JPEG in one window and FZ200 RAW in another window, now you will see clearly with your eyes that the JPEG is better by around %40 , much more resolution and better color and contrast, RAW images are really horrible compared to JPEG from the same camera, now I ask you to go to the conclusion page and for your surprise you see that they rated the RAW quality around %30 better than JPEG (much longer green line for RAW) this is where they mislead or brainwash you, and that is how they give golden award to some cameras.

Perhaps the JPEG ratings are in comparison with other similar cameras (SX50?) not with the RAW ratings.

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So, Sony & Panasonic have non-investment grade debt ratings. And, I assume,
Olympus does. I used to work for a rating agency and that is certainly a problem. So is Japan's demographic problem (too many retired people and too few kids).

Buy bonds (and maybe even products at your own risk). Check the S&P and Moody's ratings first (Warranty work, returns.)

Have you heard Apple may soon be making DSLRs in China? :-)

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review article (187 comments in total)
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joao salvador: Good review but bottom line is: if you have a Lx3 or Lx5 the upgrade is not worth it. For me, the lack of a wideangle converter as available to Lx3 or 5 makes the slight advantage in max. aperture and sharpness of the Lx7 irrelevant. And forgive me but the Rx-100 is on another level of quality.

My guess is the G15 will somehow satisfy beyond the sum of its parts. I want to see a review of that. And I want a viewfinder. Then I'll decide which is the best 1/1.7 for me.

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On X10 - Experience Report article (10 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Nice write up. Based on your experience, I would not buy the X10. It is far overpriced with all the baggage it comes with. The on/off switch is clearly a problem that will only get worse with time. Any new camera that I owned with a problem like this would be immediately returned.

I'm not as technically proficient as you and consider your write-up (based on limited [comparative] camera usage) brilliant. Still, I wonder if the less technical aspects of a camera (i.e., comparing a few) might result in your preferring another camera to the X10 (preferring the X10 even more), or deciding to wait for the "near perfect" camera in this category. But, obviously, your call :-).

Great write-up.

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On Advanced Compacts Comparison, Fuji X10 and Canon G12 article (6 comments in total)

Excellent review. What I don't understand is how the lens' are approximately equal given the 2.0 - 2.8 on the X10 --- not your fault, my ignorance.

Just curious, is the build quality approximately equal?


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On Fuji X10 : a Hate & Love affair article (57 comments in total)

Thanks for an excellent review. It takes courage to be honest about a camera that some are emotionally invested in. And never under-estimate the power of denial.

I don't yet trust Fuji, want an articulating LCD (hard to believe there is none in almost 2012), want a good battery, am not sure about how it turns on (seems weird), has UI issues, is slower than an Oly XZ-1, is rather expensive (is selling for above retail in some places --- such as Amazon), and so on.

I really see this as a "not here/not there" camera given it's size and price (certainly no S95/S100 - I picked up anew S95 for $299) and the 4/3s out there with larger sensors, smallish form factors and interchangeable lenses. The Sony 4/3s look real nice.

The D3100 is larger but is typically $550 with kit lens. Add a 35/1.8 lens on the cheap and I wonder how they would compare.

$700 just doesn't seem right - P7100 price?. I suspect the Fuji X10 version 2 will be the one to consider.

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