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On Photokina 2014 Interview: The Fujifilm X100T article (27 comments in total)
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wetracy: I don't see the value of this. His forte is obviously not presentation. He's probably fine at standing there answering questions and carrying on conversations with people. He missed the most important feature when talking about the viewfinder -- the combining of EVF and OVF providing a focus preview focus box -- this is probably the most distinguishing feature of this camera from the X100S. And finally, the woman holding the microphone could not look more bored.

OK but he did say he was a photographer expressing his personal views, not that of Fujifilm and he is also doing so in a language foreign to him. This would seem to be his unvarnished truth. Not a perfect situation but interesting to some of us nevertheless.

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I have been using PSP for sometime and have had no difficulties with it. I also have PS but I consider it more appropriate for graphic design work - my daughter uses PS and loves it but then she is a graphic designer. I reckon I am a bit old fashioned in that I prefer to spend more time capturing images that refiining them. In short I do not make images in the 'dark room'. But I am a happy user of PSP. Chacun a on gout!

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Outstanding pic

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Outstanding pics

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On IMG_29.acr photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

These pics suggest this lens is really good and with max aperture of f/1.8 fast enough for most APS-C shooters.

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On Lady in red in the Red Poppies challenge (1 comment in total)

Cool and clever combination of human interest in a natural environment.

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Poetry in motion

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On A Beautiful Grandma in the A story behind: Beautiful challenge (7 comments in total)

This is really top drawer.

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On Online images and copyright infringement article (255 comments in total)

Can we willingly accept the word of thieves who say 10 or less clients saw this stolen photo? Small issue I realise but probably the thin end of the stolen wedge.

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)

Agree very much with Scorehound's comments. In addition, I have handled both the 6D and the D600 and my money [when I get it gathered up!] will be for the 6D. For me it just handles better and since I have not yet got a FF camera, this will be my choice. I see this as a no frills or less frills camera that opens the gateway to FF photography. Apart from hugh difference in cost compared to the 5D III, it is a lighter camera and therefore more suited both to my budget and requirements. A built in flash would have been nice but its absence is not a concern.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-30 full review article (272 comments in total)
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NJHr: This camera is currently the bargain of the century here in the UK. The price has dropped down to £319 with the £50 cash back promotion running. I am buying as soon as I have some cash, hello Pentax you got yourself a new customer. I am sure you will make back the money on the limited pancakes I will undoubtedly buy.

I have seriously thought about buying the 18-135 lens and have read some really good stuff about its build quality and optical performance and it has WR. While WR is an asset it is not something I am overly concerned about. I think a better matching zoom is the new Sigma 18-250 that looks impressive and would have my vote.

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-30 full review article (272 comments in total)
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mckracken88: This camera has noise levels ALMOST on par with the D600 and in body shake reduction, great image quality and it only gets a SILVER award mostly because of video focus?

I agree with what has been said, there needs to be a seperate VIDEO category.
Personally I dont care about making movies, and i bet most here do not.

Agree - buy a video camera if you want one.

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On Nap time, Bangkok in the I can sleep everywhere challenge (6 comments in total)

Proves there is always the potential for good pics with modestly specified cameras. I suspect most of us interested in photos concentrate too much on hardware and not the capture. Modern cameras are for the most part high quality and the outcome depends largely on the user.

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