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It's what the Pentax Q should have been. A beginner's first IL camera.

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Airless: This has got to be the worst product announcement in the history of digital cameras. Nikon is going to get destroyed by this failure of a system.

@abort: that's because it's the only system camera that fits into a little Japanese girl's purse!

@Mike: What? do you really think the development of APSC and FF screech to a halt while they ONLY develop MFT and 1"??? Come on, that is rather myopic! ROTFL!

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marike6: The ultra wide angle zoom is extremely interesting. Now we just need Nikon to make a few more fast primes. The 18.5 1.8 was a step in the right direction. A fast wide angle and portrait would make the 1 system a whole lot more interesting.

f1.2 would go a long ways towards making up for such a small sensor... they should have done the same with their other lenses... or this is just a mass market consumer camera - target market: people wanting to move up from those lousy 1/2.3" sensor cameras to their first interchangeable lens system camera - typically a non-technical nooB who wants something "cute & fancy" to stick into a purse or backpack.

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Robo2k: @Deeso: Totally agree. I can't understand the amount of hate. Maybe because some people here take DPR ratings religiously. I found the V1/J1 review pretty terrible, written by someone who clearly didn't understand the purpose of this camera.

I bought the V1 when it was a real bargain around €400 along with the 18.5 prime and I love it SO MUCH. Sure, for many purposes, the V1 is no replacement for my D600. But, especially when traveling lightweight, it's a very much portable package that offers just the perfect combination of image quality and speed I need. Also, it's so much fun to shoot with, almost as fun as shooting with my FM2. I say almost, because to me, nothing compares to the FM2.

Having used both the RX100 and the V1 a lot, there is no doubt that the V1 is far superior to the Sony camera, both in terms of usability and image quality. I mean look at the DPR studio comparaison between the V1 and the RX100. Sony's image is much noisier and much softer!

re: vs.RX100: Less MP = larger photosites. makes sense.

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blank_: J3 looks good to me - slim, light and clean, but some controls wouldn't hurt.
They already have 4 similar cameras with these frustrating menu driven controls.
What prevents Nikon from using a PSAM wheel is beyond me.

It's a consumer camera - for space between the triangle formed by the Pentax Q, the compact enthusiast cameras and MFT. No wonder consumers are confused - it's not as small as a Q, not as good IQ as a MFT, and not as pocketable as the compact enthusiast cameras. When you try to be everything, you end up not excelling at anything.

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Emerlad: The picture is a sythesis. The right and left portion are exactly the same, even the bokeh... Any elightments?

you are right. definitely some post work on this one, copying elements from one side to the other. I wonder why. All except the trunk which is curved, and a couple hairs on top of it's back... but you can selectively leave some things out, like the longest hair on the back, so they don't form an X after the mirror operation.

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On Nikon D5200, 24MP DSLR with 39-point AF gets US launch article (37 comments in total)

Essentially a D3200 with an unrestricted firmware and the addition of a screen hinge and second mic = essentially the D3200 hardware that is a few hundred dollars overpriced.
Despite this, an OK deal... but could be better because the D3200 tells us what they would be able to sell it for and still make a healthy profit.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Preview preview (419 comments in total)
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RyanMancuso: This is a video (footage) comparison of the 5D Mark III and the GH3


Hope you enjoy.

Wait... am I hallucinating... or is someone actually comparing a MFT with a FF? You've got to be kidding me! Oh, it's just video... not image. Because as far as image quality is concerned, don't kid yourselves... it's still a much smaller MFT sensor inside.

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Wow, one little thing in common with a real camera, and you guys all go crazy. Another inconsequential tiny sensor consumer camera.

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On lady by the window photo in APenza's photo gallery (1 comment in total)


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On Just Posted: Fujifilm X100S first-look preview article (146 comments in total)
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Kokeen4231: This is the closest competitor to leicas and the sony RX1. If the price is right, I would rather have this.

At a third to a quarter of the price of the RX1, I hear ya!

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On Just Posted: Fujifilm X100S first-look preview article (146 comments in total)

Happy to see Fuji improve this nice camera!
And it's nice to have a fixed lens option/version of the pro1/xe1.
Also nice to see APSC continue to improve and evolve, staying ahead of the smaller sensor MFT category.
Definitely strong price competition for the superior full frame RX1, but it has it's work cut out for it if you think outside the box for a fixed lens... because some of the apsc and mft are at a similar price point with a lens - like slapping on a 30mm F2 onto a Samsung NX20 (which is my setup) or NX300, as well as the MFT competition which doesn't match this in IQ but comes close.
This segment is getting more popular and more crowded... competition that will benefit us photographers. With this segment getting more crowded the best strategy would be to wait it out until prices start dropping by a 25% or so.

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On Just posted: Fujifilm X20 hands-on preview article (127 comments in total)

Very nice update!
Glad to see there isn't just RX100 that has a larger than usual sensor in this category... yet, still, I wish there was some 1" competition to Sony.

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They are really pulling out all the stops in order to get a return on investment after placing all their bets on consumer ignorance (thinking no one would notice a 1/2.33" sensor)!

High ISO on such a small sensor will never be able to compensate for a lens that is so small, it will let in only a fraction of the light to begin with, compared to larger sensor models using wider lenses. And in this case, even a small 1/1.7" would be larger in comparison! I bring this up, because this camera is all about giving the ignorant consumer the illusion of having a "real" camera. There are small cameras with the same size tiny sensor that offer more zoom, plus macro, that this camera's lenses will never offer. It has no point in even existing.

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On Panasonic unveils HX-A100 wearable camcorder article (39 comments in total)

this format is so much nicer than a gopro!
the lens can attach very close to a helmet, with the heavier part lower on the body - ditto for other mounting options, where there isn't the weight of the camera body to make the lens move and shake.
very nice, thoughtful design.

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On Panasonic unveils HX-A100 wearable camcorder article (39 comments in total)
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jj74e: but will it be better than a gopro?

gopro sets the bar rather low to begin with

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I will stick with the X-S1 and it's 2/3" sensor... that is the smallest I am willing to go.

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Jerra: -Lens: 24-90mm, 1:1.4-1:2.3
-Sensor: 1"
-Fast AF
-EVF, Tilting Touch-Screen

I'm not buying any camera until this arrives.

You'll like the NX300, the NX20 or the NX30!

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Are we going to have to wait ANOTHER year before these tiny sensors are no longer used in this category?

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Banhmi: Image quality is not what I hoped it would be. Why is the Queen of Hearts so out-of-focus on DPR's image quality test?

Good question! DPR's images are totally out of focus! They are even worse than a lower resolution MFT. When in focus, the NX20 produces images even better than the new Olympus OMD EM5, praised for it's image quality.

Check out this website for in-focus test shots:
They also have the same image with the omdem5 if you'd like to compare. You'll notice more dynamic range, details in the salt, in the bottle of Fiddler's, in the nap on the right... pretty much all over the place, it has finer detail.

What is more difficult to understand, is that this faulty image on DPR has been doing it's damage to Samsung's reputation and sales, and they still have not corrected their blunder. Anyone have any ideas as to why that may be?

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