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Good at this, bad at that... it seems like a lot of hair-splitting with no clear winner - if there was, there wouldn't be a market for all these programs.
I'll just stick to what came with the cameras. ;-)

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RoelHendrickx: Let me add one more thing: the roll yields at least one image that is truly fabulous; that the portraits are excellent is to be expected from McCurry, but that one with bridge-like constructions, and the persons and shadows and chandeliers and ...., is breathtaking.

that was the NYC Grand Central Station shot you are referring to, I believe.

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Given that usually we take dozens, if not hundreds sometimes, of pictures, to get a few very good ones... I feel that having 36 out of 36 being a success, this was quite an achievement, that few of us could aspire to.

In this light, although I would have liked to see a wider range, subject wise, and geographically, on the last roll, I feel it was a nice closing. After all, the world is all about how it is seen, through various eyes. And those eyes, belong to the people.

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Adam Filipowicz: A few nice shots.. but considering his reputation and ability to basically travel anywhere this series wasn't very inspiring or really made me appreciate kodachrome,, colors were not that great

Personally, I loved the vividness of fujifilm. There was something about it that I never experienced with any other film. Not intending to take anything away from Kodachrome - just saying.

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Franka T.L.: A genuine effort, but I fear Samsung had miss some key area though, the lack of provision for external EVF( well if its me, I would sell this cam with a LCD loupe with the package ... lol ), the miniaturized control dial that's simply a bit too fiddly for many. Lack of a build in flash. Somehow I wonder if the Mfr want their share of business at all ... To be fair I like the Samsung NX, just that the Mfr keep trying to feed us half baked product is not going to made me a dedicated customer , nor even a customer at all when others are doing better.

Sorry guys, I was a bit confused about all those models, indeed, NEX7 and NEX6 are both current.

But just to clarify:
the point I was trying to make, is the big-3 all have the following strategy: define the camera and it's features: that becomes your top model. Then, working backwards, start taking out software code, removing some capabilities. It's software, darn it! Production costs don't change because you truncated code that is already written.
The best example I can think of, comes from Nikon, in the D5200 vs. D3200. Removing a hinge from an LCD, one of two mics, and preventing you from doing bracketing doesn't change cost.
BUT it DOES show you how little you could be paying for a D5200!

The number of models is multiplied by all the increments of intentional crippling that goes into them. That's NOT paying for innovation.

Samsung, in contrast, just seems more honest, doesn't insult my intelligence, and is more like the kind of company I like to do business with.

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offertonhatter: Personally I rather like the look of the black one. It is a sort of love child of the NEX5 and Leica X series. Which is no bad thing. As for lenses, as Samsung do an adapter for the NX to K-mount, I can imagine using it with the wonderful Pentax primes, even the superb M42 Takumars that I have.

As for ergonomics and menus, I cannot say until I have actually handled one.

But if the images are anything to go by, it could be a great camera.

don't worry about adapters - generic ones are available to day on ebay: $22! You can get them for any lens - but only use the lenses in manual mode. works great though: the NX cameras wither magnify the image or do focus peaking - just choose your preference in settings.

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ChrisKramer1: From the back, it looks like the Nex6. Trouble is, the Nex 6 has a high quality built-in viewfinder and flash as well as pretty much everything else Samsung has to offer.

For me, it was a toss-up between NEX and NX. My earlier retort aside, the nex6 is a very nice camera indeed. But it wasn't around when I made my decision, the nex7 was just too expensive, and the other NEXs just not as appealing. Also there was much criticism of Sony NEX lenses, I hated past Sony menus, and the 20+MP category provides for better resale value for a longer period of time (with the second-hand market already over-saturated with 12MP, 14MP and 16MP models).

@noreason: we're all happy to hear that you drive a Daimler-Benz because they invented the automobile, but that line of reasoning just isn't pertinent. However, were I to follow your logic, getting a Kodak camera (because it copied no one else's design) just wasn't an available option. So, in that light, I'm sorry to let you down. Not!

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BitFarmer: More info about how this 3D lens works here:


It includes a very self-explanatory view of the lens wide open with and without the 3D LCD active.

PS: that link above is from the Canadian inventors of the technology.

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Gioradan: Nice to see that Samsung have such a loyalty to the brand.
But unless a camera manufacture pay you to shoot with their product, the loyalty should be to yourself. And you should be able to critic a camera even if you spend good money on it. While looking like a nice camera, it is lacking any dials to control quickly the exposure. Samsung blurb mention some aperture control in the lens but there is not aperture ring. So you probably will to sacrifice other function to do that. This where most of Panasonic equivalent cameras and all of Sony NEX cameras have the advantage.
Seemingly Lack of direct control make this camera more of a very smart point and shot rather then a full creative toll.

"So while not having experience with Samsung camera..."
"I will surly try to put my hand on one of those NX and see how they work."

Yes well it may have been a better "plan-A" to investigate before taking a stance.

Although I do understand your initial commentary regarding control dials, and I side with you about the dials in general.

I haven't handled the NX300 myself either, but I've owned an NX200, NX1000, and now own a NX20.
You would like the NX20 (and surely it's successor, the NX30). It has the nice dials, and it has Samsung's very very very nice Function menu accessible from the Fn button. And with iFn lens, you get an extra simple straight access menu.
What I like the most about the Samsung cameras, is that if you have tried ANY menu on other cameras, you will LOVE Samsung's Fn button menu in comparison.

Complete control: Fn button on camera
Simple access (basic elements): iFn on lens

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eozdural: I bought an NX100 a couple of years ago. It came with the standard kit zoom and I have been thinking of buying some lenses for it, but every new body that comes out is sold with a kit zoom. It means I cannot upgrade from my NX100 without having to own an additional kit zoom which I do not need. And if I want to upgrade yet again, I will have another kit zoom which I do not need. It probably seems strange that I do not buy a new lens because I am unwilling to upgrade the body, but the reason is that the whole system is not attractive to me because they force their kit zooms on me at every body upgrade. Because I am unhappy with the whole system I don't buy a new lens and keep using my main body (Canon) when I need to take pictures that need specialized lenses.

I got a new NX20 body only on ebay for $400! (450 with shipping - still an unbelievable deal)
My current setup is NX20 + 30mm f2 lens, and a Minolta 50mm f1.4 (with adapter) - both those lenses average a bit over 100 bucks each.
If you ever do buy a kit, just sell the kit lens on ebay, or someone from here who bought the body (like me) might just buy it from you.

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Abaregi: So it's a NEX 7/7m without the EVF, less physical controls and lower LCD resolution.


Regarding the EVF and lack of controls, why don't you go over to the Sony section to complain about the existence of the NEX F3 and NEX 5R?

And regarding the screen... if you had to choose, which would you prefer`
- a 16MP sensor with 920k dots LCD,
+ or a20MP with a 770K OLED?

The answer seems rather obvious one would think!

Ahhh I get it... are you just being a troll for the fun of it? Making negative remarks by not comparing this camera with it's actual competition, calling people liars... you're just trying to make trouble because you're bored aren't you? You almost had me there!!! hehehe nice try! LOL

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Toon53: anyone knows something about remote controle for the NX 300?
....wifi doesn't have a that long range ( for the camera in a helecopter or octocopter ) video link back will do ( hdmi port)

I can attest that unless you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, don't have your hopes too high on wifi! I couldn't get the remote viewfinder app for two different android phones that meet or exceed the minimum system requirements.
Hey wait a minute... you would be planning on putting an NX300 into a model helicopter? Because that would make for a pretty big model helicopter to carry such a load.

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ThorKre: Samsung has a very nice selection of affordable lenses an the bodies are getting better and better - but I really don't want to mess with raw files again, so I really hope they worked on their jpegs...their big raw files don't help either.

What is wrong with the jpegs?

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With only 4 lenses out of 12 offering Image Stabilization, perhaps Samsung should be rethinking not having IS in the camera itself.

If you want to introduce cheaper lenses with higher margins, at least give us IS _somewhere_!

It's OK that a couple wide angle pancake lenses and the econo-zoom don't have OIS, but by the time you get around to a 45mm prime, it would be nice to have, and in a 85mm it is definitely a desirable and much appreciated feature! (but we don't want to pay the horrendous price of the 60mm prime to get it!)

Would it be a ridiculous fantasy, to hope that the NX30 will have in-body stabilization? (that deactivates itself when an OIS lens is present).

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On 41-megapixel Nokia EOS smartphone looking likely post (11 comments in total)

What if we could get just amazing _image_quality_ from a 1.3MP smartphone? Now that would be an innovation!

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vodanh1982: Now I understand why people are still making small sensor cameras with slow lens. Most DPReviewers are high end users and they feel bad about it. However, the manufacturers view are to sell the most to the population which are "point and shoot" users. They want a non-blurry image for a whole frame (they have no idea about bokeh), not too much noise, and an affordable price. Yes, it is difficult to satisfy all.

Sounds like Casio.

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On CP+ 2013: Panasonic interview article (202 comments in total)
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Thomas Kachadurian: Here's an idea for Panasonic, get some stock to the USA market. You can't sell what you don't ship.

No worries... plenty of people on ebay unloading them (used, AND new overstock) - there's one with your name on it. :p

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On CP+ 2013: Panasonic interview article (202 comments in total)
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Baxter Bad: Stop worrying about selling image quality and F-numbers and make something sexy. Your cameras are for old people.

Their slightly retro but not too retro designs are one of the good things they've got going for them! If they offered APSC I would buy a Panasonic design.

Is your idea of "design", the absence of design like an S100, perhaps?

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On CP+ 2013: Panasonic interview article (202 comments in total)
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Neodp: Uh no. It's a better sensor, *and* much brighter lenses.

what is?

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On CP+ 2013: Panasonic interview article (202 comments in total)
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Maverick_: micro four thirds is ultimately a short term product. as the price of the full frame drops to encapsulate all DSLRs in the next 6 years, there would be no room for mid level sensors. at that time, our phones will shoot as good as today's best point and shoot. at that time why would you want to carry a phone and a small digicam.

However, since Pana is a chip maker, they'll have no problem adjusting to this and they'll most probably create a range of mid-priced FF cameras anyway.

@bobbarber, not quite: as compared to FF yes, but there is no price difference related to size alone between a lens designed for MFT lens and one designed for APSC... and the new APSC mirrorless category is the biggest threat to MFT in the near future.

@Zdman, indeed. and the FF is just for a different market, period. I see it being for professionals, whereas APSC is successful for a wider range of users, spanning from the high end of MFT all the way to the low end of FF markets.

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