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peevee1: Look at the right lower corner of the Real-world Comparison (daylight) on page 10, where there is a SeattleBioMed sign, and railings under it, and tell me which do you think image quality is the best and the worst.

I think the order is very clear:

The worst - of course Nikon AW120, so bad it is unbeleivable.
Next - Canon D30, both softness and CA
Next - WG-4, pretty sharp but CA and color noise in smooth surfaces
The best - Oly WG-3, sharp (wall and rail texture is clearly seen), no noise, no CA, good color.

Yes, but look on the left side and the Nikon is no longer the worst (at least not worse than the rest).

It looks there was something wrong with this particular AW120's lens. The right side of the frame is all blurry, while the left side is much better. It is very obvious also on page 12 (studio comparison). Compare the portraits on the right side - the Nikon is the worst by far. Then look at the portraits on the left side - the Nikon is as good as the rest (in my opinion it is actually better than the Oly and the Ricoh, especially at higher ISOs and only slightly worse than the Canon). The same stark discrapancy can be observed by comparing the greenery in the left bottom corner with the right upper corner of the frame.

Did the reviewers not notice this apparent problem with the Nikon?

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Janoch: What 3rd part batteries?
All of them? Reports say some, but is there a list anywhere?
Some 3rd part batteries are really poor. I mean, really, really REALLY poor...
Would love to see a list, and would love to see brands like JapCell, Duracell, Hähnel a.o. *not* to be found there...

Well, I can confirm that it affects the Patona battery (a German company) on P7700. Luckily, reinstalling the previous firmware on this camera removed the problem.

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Outstanding, wow!

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ThePhilips: "There's one more review left in our waterproof camera series, followed by a wrap-up article that will help you pick the best one."

Alas! You could have timed that better: 2/3 of vacation season has already passed. April and May are good months to publish such wrap-ups.

Yes, too bad indeed. And the same happened with the 2011 UW review, if I remember it correctly.

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RStyga: I do not follow the review priorities of this site. You spend time reviewing a camera like D20 and skip reviewing other much more important ones. This looks bad... almost "dodgy". Shape up a bit, please.

Jeff, Simon: Can you give us a hint when (approximatelly) the roundup will be finished. It would be really great if it happened before the main summer season and not afterwards (for northern hemisphere that is). Thanks.

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