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On P1010235 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (7 comments in total)

While the lens appears to actually be capable or resolving some decent detail, there appears to be an issue in the rendering of subtle gradations, almost a 'posterized' effect.
Been comparing these to the Canon G7X gallery. The Canon may have a slightly less crisp lens and a little heavier hand on the noise reduction, but the subtler gradations are better preserved even with the rather remarkable dynamic range and the overall experience is much easier on the eye, a much more natural feel.
Panasonic's processing engine results have also always had this sort of 'dipped in skimmed milk' kind of quality with white showing where it shouldn't really be, something i've never cared much for. It shows up in the lady's dark clothes here and may be contributing to the washed out effect in the building.

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On What we want in a macro shot – Background article (69 comments in total)

i like the 'sorcerer's orb' very well. there is no ambiguity of the intent- one more of art than of literal representation. this is not as clear in the shot of Levantine Leopard. first impression of that was that the butterfly was likely the intended subject and the yellow blob to the right is competing for attention. but as an art piece, the abstract, soft edged yellow blob contrasted with the not only hard edged but dramatically angular butterfly holds together much better. but springtime? white and pink and sometimes yellow flowers and pale yellow-green foliage and soft light = spring. the blown dandelion blossom puts the lie to 'spring'.
now, the shot with the fresh pink flower, pale yellow-green background, soft lighting and the three very imperial-looking insects just screams spring.

with small objects, light glare can be a significant issue. i suggest trying a polarizing filter. the loss of f stops is a pain but i think you'd like the increase in detail and color saturation.

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