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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1548 comments in total)

Lost the Plot?
I come here for photography, not for movie making, and when I bought the first version of this camera, it was all about the awesome digital raw files it came up with. NOT video! All i hear about is 4K and 60fps, and frankly, that's not why I purchased this beautiful camera . Could we maybe just get back to that, you know the photography aspect of this camera? How does this stacked sensor affect the photos?????? Are the files better than before? How? Is low light photography about to advance past the Nikon low light abilities? With this camera, can I continue to crop inside the frame and still come up with terrific images? Are the colours real? Can we please see the RAW files? Dpreview, I've been a fan for many many years, but this obsession with video over still images really disappoints me.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

I love my "old" RX100 and I'm really looking forward to buying this one. I was an early buyer of the 100 and have really put it through its paces. I love the files, the resolution is so sweet. It's so small it never ever leaves me. I will miss the reach of the 100mm which is itself pretty weak. I hope they've done something about the focus, which sucks for anything with movement. The EVF will be great. I won't have to put on my glasses every time I want to look to see what I'm shooting. I will be happy to give up my Eye-Fi card for quick wifi. I'm really really looking forward to more low-light shooting. I've been really hard on my camera, it's always on the go, I'm not too delicate with it, but these things are solid, so well built and such a fine fine little camera. My DSLRs are gathering dust.

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I'm a little surprised by the amount of push-back I read in the comments. People seem to be denying the present: iPhones now take more photos combined that all photos taken since the invention of photography. And the quality is getting better,there's no escaping this. Next is the issue of connectivity: looking at phones, tablets, computers, even cars, all these point to more and greater connectivity as we move forward, not less. The union of such a high tech device as a camera with internet technology has to me been too long coming. Witness the extreme surge of shared images once a decent phone camera came out. Long-time Professional photographers like me, have watched with horror how our "serious" work is being flooded by iPhone and other images. But it's inescapable, we've turned the corner, and though there will always be room for high quality work, NOTHING says it cannot be done with a small well connected device such as a phone. Can regular "cameras" catch up now? It will happen.

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