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  • Replied in New 430EX
    I was wondering the same thing on the power issue. However I would not get the 430EX II, but rather the 430EX-RT III. It should ship sometime in September!  The better controls alone should make ...
  • I would say both- upgrade to 8.1 AND get a card reader.  Life is too short to deal with Vista, or Canon software.
  • The price is awesome with the exchange rate.  (About $2025) Is there a catch?  Do they hit you with customs fees? I assume that the warranty would not work.  I think for the savings involved this ...
  • Can we banish this guy to some other brand's forum?
  • The 7DII has a world class focus system that should be as good as any Canon has ever made.  There is a reason you don't see sports photographers with EVF mirrorless cameras on the sidelines.  It ...
  • Replied in Some advice
    The reason I prefer manual and advocate others to do so is you rarely want your exposure to vary, and IMO it's more complicated to worry about what your meter is doing and how it is changing each ...
  • Replied in Some advice
    +1.  I have a rule for myself that if the B+G paid for something, then there d*mn well better be an amazing picture of it.  (think cake, flowers, shoes, RINGS, etc).  Also if there are any DIY ...
  • Replied in Some advice
    Totally agree.  I use bounce flash quite a bit, and I use Neil's black foamie thing. Technique.  Great stuff!  Often a combination of both works too.
  • Replied in I don't get it
    You know, you're right! Indeed. I think if the release of these two cameras were reversed, people would be hailing the 70D as the "fix" to all that was wrong with the 7DII. All because it smells newer.
  • Replied in I don't get it
    It's been said elsewhere but I'll say it again here: Canon has created a very specific camera for the sports and wildlife market.  Above all it has to take a hit and be extremely weatherproof.  A ...
  • Replied in +1
    Then maybe they should find a camera with a swivel screen?  I hear panasonic is pretty good.
  • Replied in I don't get it
    If your LCD screen is so precious to you that you must hide it away, then why do you care if it swivels?
  • Replied in +1
    You're right, I've never used the video feature on my 5DIII or any of my cameras.  I never will.  This is not a video camera.
  • Replied in Some advice
    I was in this position two years ago. I owned two 7Ds and some good lenses, and some good friends of mine were getting married. The groom really believed in my talent and insisted to his future ...
  • Replied in +1
    Well said.  I personally can't stand swivel screens, and never use them.  It is a consumer camera feature that has no place on a pro body.   And yeah it would considerably alter the design and ...
  • Replied in I don't get it
    If you're not using your screen, doesn't that mean that the camera is stowed in its case in a closet?  i think if you dropped a 70D and a 7D mkii side by side on the bottom corner, the swivel ...
  • Replied in I don't get it
    This is why there is no swivel screen: This camera is made to take a hit from an NFL player along with the fall to the turf with a 400mm lens attached.  There is no way a swivel screen would ...
  • Replied in Nope, sorry.
    http://learn.usa.canon.com/resources/articles/2014/eos7dmkii_intelligent_viewfinder.shtml "Spot metering circle This circle is at the very center of the viewfinder, indicating the approximate area ...
  • DPreview, the St-E3-RT does NOT have IR assist, sadly. I get the impression you don't shoot Canon?

  • I can't remember an extended period of time when there wasn't a Canon rebate with very similar price drops. I'm not sure who in their right mind would buy a lens at full price instead of waiting ...
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