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GarageBoy: Not everyone cares about paper thin DOF. I'm just glad to watch MFT turn into a real, system with a complete line of lenses

@yabokkie, just so I'm clear-- if you were setting up a 1/350 sec shot at f1.2 on a FF camera at iso 100, you're saying on a m4/3 camera at iso 100 I should be shooting 1/350 sec at f2.4? And on a medium format camera shooting iso 100 slide film, it would be 1/350 sec at f 0.95 or less?

f1.2 is f1.2 is f1.2. It's a ratio. And everybody talking about multipliers confuses newer photos about how exposure works.

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On Sony NEX-6 Hands-on Preview (229 comments in total)
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Jaxzon1822: Would this camera have about the same image quality as the NEX-7 ?
I realize that this camera is using the same sensor as the NEX-5R and according to digitalcamerainfo, that sensor scored lower than the 7's.

I currently own an A55 and have been happy with it so far, however, with the type of photography I am doing now, noise and inaccurate colors are becoming more prevalent in the indoor, low light photos that I am taking.

As a result, I am considering upgrading to either the NEX-6,7 or Alpha A65.
--(Waiting for a review about the NEX-6)--

Does anybody have any suggestions as to which one might be best for accurate colors/low noise photos?

Suggestions would be much appreciated.

I've had the NEX-6 for a while, and am very happy with the IQ and color reproduction. Of course if you're concerned about color you should be shooting RAW and taking some gray card shots so you can accurately correct color in post. The kit lens is very convenient for walking around, the whole thing fits well in a jacket, it's slow (expected in a kit zoom) and uses a weird filter size, 40.5mm. I'm hoping for really good things out of the stabilized 35mm f1.8, ought to be a great low light prime. Supposed to ship today from B&H, can't wait.

One other think that works really well is old manual focus primes in aperture priority mode. I use an old pentax 50mm f2 I had lying around, fantastic portrait lens. Planning on grabbing a 1.4 soon. The adapters are only $20, and I've been very pleased with the resulting images.

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Chekr: After being out shooting tonight, I would love a very subtle backlight on function keys, as it stands i have to use the flashlight on my phone to work out which keys to press. I am sure more regular shooter have memorised where everything is :)

The control buttons on my E-620 from four years ago are backlight like this. Incredibly useful at night. Oly, why did you abandon us regular 4/3rds shooters?

(Yes, I know they still sell a gargantuan E-5 with an ancient sensor for $1500. I think that still counts as abandonment)

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