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About me:

We're two Swedish botanists who both enjoy photography.
We don't bother a lot about who actually takes the photo,
so some photos are my wifes Ragnhild, and some are mine.
Flowers are usually hers, and birds more often mine, we don't always even know!


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Vinbärsfuks (Polygonia c-album)-6540Vinbärsfuks (Polygonia c-album)-6539Tistelfjäril (Cynthia cardui)-6755Tistelfjäril (Cynthia cardui)-6694Makaonfjäril, Papilio machaon -6661Makaonfjäril, Papilio machaon -6673Seppo Räty-8971Canadair sabre-9000Churchill-9059SM79-8915Smalsåpårig järnväg-8988Bf109-8920Tintin Kung Ottokars spira-9014Wessex-9008Amiral (Vanessa atalanta)-8294Amiral (Vanessa atalanta)-8296Apollofjäril-0002Blåeld (Echium vulgare)-6514Citronfjäril (Gonepteryx rhamni)-6589Makaonfjäril, Papilio machaon -6478Makaonfjäril, Papilio machaon -6624Allium sphaerocephalon - klotlök  &   Melanargia galathea - Schackbräde-1416Makaonfjäril-2383Melanargia galathea -  Schackbräde-1210Segelfjäril (Iphiclides podalirius)-2500Sydlig citronfjäril - Gonepteryx cleopatra -22711-144-9083Albatros-8910Clint Eastwood-8970Emmas drake-9064Ferarri-9087Glostor Meteor-8932Hansa-Brandenburg W.29-8954Hansa-Brandenburg W.29-8958Heinkel 115-8940Heinkel 115-9004Jaguar E-type-8942Jaguar E-type-8952JAS 39 Gripen-8903Mamluk-8976Nieuport 17-8907P51-9007Revell Gripen test shots-9112Revell Gripen test shots-9124Rolls-Royce 1914-8961SBS Models 1-72 Latecoere 28-3 'Comte de la Vaulx' -9089Sea King-9099Sea King-9107Salmson-8924