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    but that green colour cast! Bang the daylight image up to ISO 6400 and over and you can exagerate it to see...I guess you might set up PS6 to dial it out if you can, but GREEN everywhere!
    Needs a...

  • Bet the Aussies are dancing in the streets then...thanks Sony, an especially worse model, just for us? Wow.

  • Commented on Nikon D4s unboxing: It's arrived! news story

    some of us have a sense of humour
    and some remember the wait for the D4review
    what was it? Previewed Jan 2012.....cough.

    Still it's a VERY nice box.

  • agreed, but somewhere in hollywood, there will soon be a rash of them, casually hung over the arm of a designer leather recliner for all to see. Luckily for photographers, there's still the PentaxK...

  • I agree with sebastian. I used MF in a semi pro situation using film in the 80's and one had to be aware of the big H and the engineering and image quality that H stood for. Adding bits of curly...

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    well done DP review. Nikon; Please read and think before bending any further toward the backside of fashion. Thanks.

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    Henry Moore sculpture on a hillside in Scotland.
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    I'm sure it's all been said, but my 2p worth is simply, too big and way too expensive. A stupid £2800 ish in the UK (thats $4500 to you american types) puts it $600 above the D800 with the same...

  • I appreciate that the current crop of cameras using FF sensors are mostly aimed at the pro or advanced amateur market, and well built, deliberately placed at the top of their respective product...
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    I think the path to becoming a GREAT photographer is 1. Have a vision for what you want to photograph, and be prepared to alter your lifestyle to go and get the opportunities needed to take those...
  • thanks PicOne...I read the link. Your only convincing yourself. Still enough is enough.
  • Well, I'll have a go at answering my own question then, since DPReview seem reluctant (or just too busy). The problem I suspect is that the D4 isn't that huge a jump over the 3s, which will still...
  • Created questions Nikon D4 review
    "A few days ago we took delivery of a factory-fresh production D4 in our Seattle offices and it's hardly been turned off since. We've already published a detailed overview of the D4, and we've also...
  • Created discussions New Body? Or better glass?
    Been using a D90 for years now and am fairly happy with the results. I know the camera and find it intuitive, although I doubt that I'd find the 7100 to hard to learn. So. I want sharper pics, but...
  • whats funny about a metal body containing a full frame sensor, a viewfinder, a focusing system that works, no gimmicks and a choice of the best glass in the world?
    Oh...apart from the cost.

  • I'll leave it thanks. The only effect you will have is on yourself, and that's what I'm choosing too.

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