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Pentax *ist DS
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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (661 comments in total)
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tswilson: I'm not very familiar with this system; any recommendations on tilt-shift lenses for this camera?

Zörk makes tilt and shift adapters that can be combined to achieve full tilt-shift functionality with a variety of lenses.



Full product guide:

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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (661 comments in total)
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EssexAsh: wow the sensor in these things is so small. I'll stick with my 60mm x 60mm film thanks. A brand new sensor every time i wind on.

"8500 US$ buys me an awful lot of scanning & developing"

It all depends on how much you shoot. There were plenty of pros that would blow through that much film in a year back in the analog days.

Never mind that the image quality from this thing crushes MF film and likely 4x5 as well.

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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (661 comments in total)
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franco montana: whats with the watery shot? is it rain proof with the screen flipped up and some lenses?


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Lousy image quality doesn't stop Google's street view from being an important visual resource. I would love to have 360° Theta images available for building interiors and landmarks all over the world!

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On Leica teases 'Mini M' for 11th June release article (304 comments in total)

It seems unlikely, but I'd love to see an APS-C Leica M with a fully coupled rangefinder for under $3,000 (under $2,000 could actually make it relevant). It could be the digital equivalent of a Leica CL; I'm sure Cosina would be happy to build it for them.

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Aperture here I come...

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On Preview:ricoh-gr (295 comments in total)

Does this have snap focus like the previous GRs? Being able to set a fixed focus distance could make this a street shooter's dream!

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d3xmeister: 1/2000 shutter speed render this camera useless

1/2000 to 1/4000 is only one stop. Who cares? Also, flash sync at 1/2000 is tremendously useful!

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Medium format digital $10,000+
Nikon D800 $3,000
Sigma DP1m $1,000

Seems like a bargain to me. If you'd rather have an entry level dSLR or mirrorless ILC that's fine, but to get the level of image quality the Sigma is capable of those are your options.

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trekkeruss: I want to know how much; the specs are pretty impressive.


A quick check on B&H shows that it is in fact the WR version of the 18-55mm kit lens. It's also available as a two lens kit with the 18-55mm WR and a 50-200mm WR lens. I love that Pentax weather proofs their mid-range products; even if you never shoot in the rain it's nice to have that peace of mind in dusty or sandy conditions.

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simon65: Surely it would be far better if Fujifilm, rather than faithfully replicating all Leica's bad mistakes were to think for themselves, and produce a zoom lens version of the X100.

That would be an APS-C compact camera with a 28-70 equivalent zoom, not the two thirds X10, or the brick sized X1-Pro.

Small, sharp, fast

With a zoom lens it's pick any two; with a prime lens you can have all three.

As an example, the Panasonic 14-42 you reference is F3.5-5.6 and that lens can't even provide coverage for an APS-C sensor. Even if Fuji could pull it off, very few people want to spend over a thousand dollars for a camera with a slow mediocre zoom.

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