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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (1444 comments in total)

I honestly don't think the ILC market is big enough for all the vendors who want to play here -- Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Ricoh/Pentax, Oly, Panny and now Samsung. (did I miss anyone??)

Out of those, my gut tells me it'd be Ricoh/Pentax and Oly and Panny that are the weakest, all of which would be a far bigger loss to the gear/hobby/profession than if Samsung bowed out. But Samsung has deep enough pockets to tilt at windmills and any market share they take from the others (except maybe Canon, lol) is, IMO, a shame.

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On Opinion: Do we really need the Fuji X30? article (317 comments in total)
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Cane: What will happen to the faux want-to-be 1960's designs once the old timers kick off?

You mean when the 20-something hipsters die off? That's some time away.

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On Sony announces Alpha a5100 compact mirrorless camera article (104 comments in total)

Absolutely Sony. More bodies please.

I only own 2 native e-mount lenses. The rest are adapted. No need to upgrade my NEX6 -- it works just fine, thank you. You want my money Sony? Better/more mid-range e-mount lenses.

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Legally, sounds like wikimedia is correct. Now, the macaque needs to lawyer up.

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On What is equivalence and why should I care? article (2132 comments in total)

Incredibly useful concept that sadly leads to some of the most boring and droning discussions on photo forum boards.

Good article that will hopefully clear it up for most.

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Managarm: >> Perhaps Nikon will help to relieve the pressure on manufacturers of 10-stop ND filters, as soon landscapers will be able to achieve the same effects with less powerful and more common versions <<

Yeah, right. ISO 64 would allow the usage of all those extremely common 9 1/3rd-stop ND filters instead of the ones with 10 stops. Huge difference in that department... ;)

Apart from that I also really welcome native ISO 64, finally going down again. I'd gladly trade anything higher than ISO 3200 for those lovely lower values.

assuming the lower ISOs would carry higher DR, deeper color depth and better s/n ratio (or at least 2 of the three) then I would agree.

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On National Park Service bans drones in Yosemite article (170 comments in total)
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mrschmo: The direction this is heading is banning drones everywhere.

One can only hope

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Review preview (319 comments in total)
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zebediah: Fuji need to stop churning out the same camera every 3 months and work on putting out a new sensor. Moreover, the strange choice of high ISO noise reduction they introduced with the X100S, this camera and the new X-T1 makes me think they've already lost the plot.

This doesn't even make sense. Do you mean cameras with the same sensor?? The XT1, XE line, XPro line and XM/XA are pretty distinctively different cameras. High ISO NR comment may be valid, but I don't think I afgree with the opening line. Also, Fuji is not exactly "churning out" cameras -- see e.g. Sony for that.

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Kund: Can someone plz explain what does "push the envelope" mean, for the non native English speakers?

It means to go past where the boundaries are. If everyone is doing X, you do X plus 20%. It means to be an innovator in a way others are not doing. I don't mean to be rude, but if you don't know a phrase you can just Google "what does 'push the envelope mean'" and you'll get some quick answers. Google is the all-purpose help/reference desk!

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sigma DP2 Quattro article (249 comments in total)

Much bigger than I thought it would be

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On CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II article (200 comments in total)

Can you tilt the flash with your finger, to bounce it up?

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (894 comments in total)

Fine looking camera, but no reason to move out of my NEX-6. And what's the point of on-sensor PDAF if you offer mainly weak lenses? I'll stick with legacy lenses for now.

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On Fujifilm X-T1 real-world samples gallery article (187 comments in total)

For me, I have no doubt the IQ will be great. I need video samples of the predictive and tracking focus :)

Seems like a great camera, but I'll need to wait for the price to drop.

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)
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munro harrap: Is it still a half-frame sensor? that IS the question

Fuji does not offer a "half-frame sensor". That is m43, if you mean 1/2 of 135 format.

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)
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Frank C.: I wonder how good the AF tracking is? because there is a difference between "AF-tracking" and "trying to AF-track"

I can't imagine there is any breakthrough yet, especially from Fuji, who hasn't been leading the AF pack, IMO. I think this release is more about the EVF, dials, and ergos (grip, a body that can handle a proper flash, etc.). However, if they do have a breakthrough in AF tracking, that would be something. Would love to see it.

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)
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JT_FD: Clearly pitched against the OMD, then. Just hope they've sorted out focus. I love my X-Pro 1s, but focus in even middling light is weak and AF of moving targets is not worth trying. So still using the big DSLR for sports and concerts.

I've seen a number of folks say it's pitched against the OMD. I think rather it's just a darn strong offering. It's competing against most everything for stills -- a7, OMD, 6D, D610, Df (also competes against the X2 and XPro1). Not sure I'll get it, as I'd lose a lot of money selling my 6D, but it's a very nice entry in general.

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)
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Heyseuss Hoolio: I think it's great. No it's not "full frame" but you'll still get excellent pictures. It's main purpose would be to mount an endless supply of non-native mount lenses to it with adapters and/or speed boosters.

@naveed -- which new model full frame cameras is the X cleaner at high ISO?

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)
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HubertChen: What am I missing? The X-T1 has the viewfinder in middle of the camera, which is ergonomically bad, as now my nose is colliding with the display. The previous X-Models have the viewfinder in the corner of he camera, which is way better.

Other then than the bad placement of the EVF, what is the difference?

And do not get me wrong. I love the Fuji X-Cameras. They are very well designed and work like a charm. Just do not see the excitement of bad placement of the EVF and why to create a new camera family? If they want to increase sales, work on cost down of the wonderful X-Gestalt.

I found the XE series to be too much on the edge/not protected enough from incidental/outdoors light. This looks like a much better EVF placement in terms of blocking in coming light.

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ihv: "The update is free for Creative Cloud members".

Well, this is why membership is paid for. Quite far from being free.

it should say "the update is included in your creative cloud membership" because you are, indeed, paying for it. My company sells annual licenses. We always say "included" not "free" because it would be disingenuous to call it "free"

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gerard boulanger: Read my lips: this stuff to be connected with Wifi then to the "cloud" will be a big deal for casual photography.
It could even be more with a prime lens or a more modest but good IQ zoom, like a 28-60 equivalent

This is a placeholder. Cameras in glasses, watches, etc. will kill this off quick.

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