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  • All the photos of that bird  collection were hand held, and some were even single handed as I was on a mountain bike (had stopped quickly on the bike -- I just shot quick don't have much time, ...
  • Super Zooms are great fun, there is a couple of items to consider with the Fuji Finepix S1 verses the Canon SX50  (I don't think you can go wrong with either of these two cameras) (1) The Finepix S1 is ...
  • Unfortunately that's the way that I have found Finepix S1 manual focus works.. I very rarely I use the manual focus, as I have found the auto focus system excellent on this camera, but I have found ...
  • I purchased a JJC S1K Kit Set from Ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331264875201 The kit included a 67mm Lens Adapter Ring UV Filter Polarize CPL filter Lens Cap Lens Hood What I found with using ...
  • Been using RawTherapee with the Finepix S1 -- an amazing bit of software, and seems to be one of the very few softwares that fully support Finepix S1 raw photos.
  • <snip> I am not sure what you mean is the view soild at max zoom. On my S1, I find the image stabilisation exceptional, and that it makes shooting at max zoom easy. I very rare do have motion blur ...
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    Rooski thanks for your opinion -- people please don't fear to give your opinion. I have showed a few people these pics now..  interesting opinions , some people have recommended the I throw out the ...
  • Replied in Dragonfly time
    Kim thank you for your critique (yes it was discussion that I was after it's the way that I learn, and thank you for your time) -- it was certainly harsh lighting conditions -- yes I should have ...
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    This morning these Dragonflies were hanging around the backyard cloths line in Darwin Australia, taken with a Finepix S1, experimenting with close up filters. Dragonfly Dragonfly Dragonfly Dragonfly ...
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  • <snip> That's my bad, you are correct, the Stylus 1 does have a larger sensor, and with a smaller pixel count "Stylus 1" 12 mega pixel verses the 16 mega pixel of the "Finepix S1" -- so the "Stylus ...
  • I have had the Stylus 1 since Christmas as I purchase the camera as soon as it was out. What I liked about the camera: (1) Excellent size (2) The best lens cap system of any system
  • A Sample night image from the Finepix S1 as requested ;-) Darwin Water Front I think this was taken using SP mode (Night Tripod)    -- Speed was 1.9 secs
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    With a forecast like that it will be a good time to test the weather proofing of the S1 ;-)
  • Not so sure from page 46 from Finepix S1 manual that's at http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/manuals/pdf/index/s/finepix_s1_manual_en.pdf Snipit from the Finepix S1 manual It's ...
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