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On Behind the Shot: Winter Paradise article (41 comments in total)
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Slurcher: Beautiful shot!

At the risk of making myself look like an absolute newbie dick, why isn't depth of field an issue with the foreground at f/2.8?

The lens may not have been focused at infinity. When a lens is focused at the hyperfocal distance the depth of field extends from infinity to half the hyperfocal distance.

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On Preview:olympusEM5 (1364 comments in total)
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REJ: Given the new image stabilization feature, this just might be the ideal camera to use with my Minolta 500mm mirror lens. Not to mention ISO 800.

The 5-axis IS will also effect an improvement when using my M.Zuiko 75-300mm lens. And the lack of noise at ISO 6400 (and higher) will bring many other slow lenses into play.

Posted on Feb 22, 2012 at 04:31 UTC
On Getting the best out of the Fujifilm X10 article (40 comments in total)


Thanks, I did not understand that "Set the P, S, A, M default" referred to setting the Resolution to L, M, or S. This is clear, now that you have mentioned it.

When I am in (A)perture priority I would like to shoot RAW only, since I have no need of a JPEG after importing to Lightroom. But setting Resolution to M is available only for RAW + JPEG, so my understanding is that this is the best setting, one which couples the RAW output to some of the magic of the EXR processor.

As a starting point for my own settings, I would like to know your settings for the P,S,A,M modes, particularly ISO and Dynamic Range.

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On Getting the best out of the Fujifilm X10 article (40 comments in total)

I don't fully understand the chart. I am hung up on the meaning of the first directive: "Set the P,A,S,M default." Of these, I usually shoot in the aperture (A) mode, but what is it that I am being asked to set?

What does it mean in the EXR modes, where it says "returns to P,A,S,M default on exit." What does "on exit" mean, a turning of the mode dial back to one of the P,A,S,M modes?

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On Canon G1 x preview updated, sample images to follow news story (288 comments in total)
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AnHund: It looks very good, but with quite a lot of smearing of fine detail even at ISO 1600.

I didn't get as far as ISO 1600, after seeing smearing at ISO 800. No fibers are discernible in the fur of the mouse.

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Now that Lightroom has added support for X10 raw files I hope this informative thread will be updated, with a comparison of Lightroom-developed raw (or DNG) files, with jpegs shot in EXR mode.

I will be doing my own experiments, but I am not set up for printing so cannot render the most critical of judgments.

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Why set the DR to 400 instead of AUTO? Doing so forces DR=400 even for a low-contrast subject (which usually would be shot at DR=100).

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On Just posted: Fujifilm X10 hands-on preview and video news story (69 comments in total)
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Piet Maartens: Looks very promising, this may just be the camera I have been waiting for. One question: Does it have flash exposure compensation? Nothing mentioned under specifications. I often use balanced fill flash to brighten up the foreground. Thanks!

The Manual (p. 87) states that flash compensation can be set. "Choose from values between +2/3 EV ad -2/3 EV."

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On Fujifilm X10 preview (425 comments in total)
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johnparas11zenfoliodotcom: can dpr post a side view of the cam on the off position..not with a lens protruding so far from the body? it is one way to see if the camer ais bulky--with a built in compared to an MFT with a pan cake.

is there any news if this will have a silver top and black body? for retro styling..

just a side note-- no dedicated video record button? :-(

The side view does show a dimensional arrow, which indicates the length of the lens when retracted. It appears that the entire inner barrel slides into the outer sleeve.

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On Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database news story (149 comments in total)
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Mescalamba: Would be nice to know which lens was used (50mm Summicron would be good choice or Zeiss 50mm f1.5).

Btw. why no review of M9 (or M9-P), no love for Leica? :)

The EXIF data shows that the 75mm Summarit was stopped down to f16 for this shot. Why would they use the lens at an aperture so far from its optimum?

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On Sony SLT-A77 studio comparison samples news story (226 comments in total)

Is there information on which lens was used, for each of the cameras being compared?

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