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Obviously the maximizer or satisficer does not excist. Not even at both ends of an imaginary difference between two decisionsmaking types.

But if one insists on putting people into boxes of different types, the maximizer often has a better developed sense for detail. To satisfy a maximizer just takes a little more. But once things fall into place the maximizer gets a lot more satifcation out of perfection than the satificer will ever be able to experience.

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On DSC00031 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

I see some color fringing around the engines while zooming at tele dissappoints, considering the cockpit area seems a little dark, clipped to black.

Maybe this can be fixed with a firmware update although you could argue if this is the camera for you considering the stiff competition as well.

Well, there you have it, a photo of an airplane in mid sky taken with a digital camera. Maybe not the best photo in the world but if your looking for one this is it.

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On Classic lines when clients want you to work for free article (141 comments in total)

I am an architect and regretfully our profession can only survive by working for free. Its about exposure to the market. Architects with a starting firm work for about 95% for free in the first 5 years at least. Think of competitions and so on. Work fro friends and family, all for free or paid so bad you rather did for free.
I also worked as a architectural photographer. For years for free at first untill people started paying me.

The fact is all succesfull pro's did much of their work for free to get started. Succes comes from seeing what work for free will do you good sooner or later and what is just waisting your time. The fact that the work does not pay now means nothing yet.
But its very true that there are harmfull cliënts you should learn to avoid. One common feature they have is they seem to have plenty to spend.

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On 1 in the M like Merrill challenge (12 comments in total)
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TomasJacko: are the ugly blown highlights a sign of excellence?

The dynamic range is too much to expose this image in one go. You need at least three exactly the same shots differently exposed to combine a hdri to get the whole image in perfect exposure. Not possible witha moving subject, at least not so easy.
All interior photographers know this situation were direct sunlight gives to much contrast for the dynamic range of the camera.
In this case the photographer got the child face just right. That's were you want the image to shine.

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