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An old cheerleader in a short skirt... Go Team - Fight Team - Win Team

Fuji F30
Fuji S6000
Sony H2
Vivitar 105 series 1
Tamron 28-75 2.8
Pentax FA 50 f1.4
Pentax DA 40 f2.8
Pentax S-M-C tak 50 f1.4
Pentax M 135 3.5
Pentax M 200 f4
Pentax DA 50-200
Pentax M 35 f2.8
Tamron 70-300 LD DI
Helios 44M 58mm F2
Tair 11A 135mm F2.8

and a bunch more

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  • So my friend got the KS2 as some of you recommend.. His first DSLR...    and he went to vista point to take some night shots with it...   He will improve quickly I am sure... but the detail was ...
  • Thanks for looking USER 428 ---   when I posted I had no idea of the controversy in the thread... Nice somebody got to see it, it is one of my fave pics from when my family was still together... gus
  • Replied in Wow
    You hand held a 1.6x digi-zoom at 1/30 sec...  you are my hero!   Those are pretty good examples of the effectiveness of a 1.6x digi. I wonder how much detail you would have got on a tripod with a ...
  • Replied in one for fun
    this was taken with a 10 dollar russian Helios 44M
  • Well that is partly true... But when you digi zoom on a smaller subject, you can sometimes get better focus and exposure metering on the subject than with the wider - standard zoom. gus
  • I have not shot the moon since my first few months with the SX50  (we all shoot the moon when we get these long zooms) I shot raw and cropped for the better gets...  but at first I was using the ...
  • Agreed,  the 50-135 is not a sports lens but a very good portrait...   And the siggy or tammy 70-200 are pretty big, and not perfect as a portrait lens, especially handheld with kids. He has the ...
  • Dang, that is very sharp wide open.  I want one of these $20 lenses.  Where can I get one? It is definitely better than the canon 1.8...  and better than the FA 50 1.4 at 1.8 But the OP already has ...
  • Very nice...  and the 8x10 crop looks great gus
  • Because of the MF...  even when you are used to MF you still miss a lot of shots with such a shallow depth of field.    And it is a BIG lens so it can be a pain is some situations. The DA 70 is ...
  • I would seriously consider the DA 70 then... it is so small, sharp and quick AF... ...
  • Ash have you used MF lenses with the K30? I do not know that camera so I am not sure about the LV and focus peaking options on it. I have used the 85 1.4 with the Kx and K-01 and recently got to ...
  • Replied in Good point
    Yes that is true... but none of the AF 50s would be all that bad for portrait if it was the length you like to shoot... Except maybe an old A50 F2 it is a basket of blah. I think if he was ...
  • Happens way to often with me also... I spend the time to get the exact frame I want and the pics they print crop in even farther... I seldom print at the costco/Walmart/Walgreens anymore and if I ...
  • Does it have to be AF? Do you have portraits you have shot with the 50-200 that you like? You might check the MM on those shots to see what your comfort zone is.... I have lots of Mf lenses that I ...
  • Replied in Thanks Dave
    Thanks Dave... it is not even my camera, so it is nothing out of my life really. Just helped a friend buy his first DSLR and I was hoping not to have any issues before I handed it over to him. Hone ...
  • Thanks Dean, I was hoping for an easier answer... haha I had the problem years ago on my K100d and they swapped out the sensor... I ended up with some stuck pixels in other places on the new ...
  • Created discussion thread Question about dead or stuck pixels
    So I recieved the K-S2 + 2 kit combo that I ordered for my friend. Today I was setting it up for him, updating firmware and doing some test shots (jpeg - like I know he will be shooting). I was ...
  • Does it have the ability to micro-adjust for more than one lens?
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