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tkbslc: Since I am sure someone will say it is too expensive, how much is a high-grade 21mm f1.9 for FF?

The Nikon 20mm f1.8 is a high quality AF lens and it costs around 700-800 €/$. Since I use Nikon equipment as well as m4/3, it made more sense to me than the Voigtländer lens. YMMV :-)

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1418 comments in total)


you're asking your readers on your front page, "In the days following a camera launch, what do you MOST want?" Your reader's answer clearly leading in this poll is "Studio comparison sample images".

The Nikon D750 is readily available now for more than a month, and studio comparison shots had been published but were pulled later without any reasons mentioned.

It would be nice if you would take your own poll seriously and publish the studio shots, or else maybe tell curious readers what kind of problems have come up that are delaying publication.

Thank you very much!

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On Photokina 2014 Video: The Canon G7 X article (143 comments in total)

What is such a video good for? The first impressions review gives me ten times more information than this.

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B1ackhat: Well accurate color is a lost cause with either camera, so that's a wash. The better sensor is almost inevitably going to be found in the Sony. Panasonic, however, is (imho) a far better camera maker. And that price is very reasonable!

The Panasonic sensor in the Olympus E-M1 is at least as good as the Sony sensor in the E-M5. So maybe Panasonic has caught up...

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)
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AngryCorgi: Given that f/5.6 on a 20MP 1" sensor introduces diffraction-based softening, am I correct to assume the excuse for the RX100 mk1 holds true here too?: "This was the best compromise FL/aperture we could use."

Correct. This lens should be at its best at f3.5 or f4. I hope DPR will show some real life images shot in that aperture range.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)
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accupix: Two questions? 1- What focal length are these shot at (does it show anywhere?) 2- I went to full screen, but 'esc' on my i-mac keeps me in full screen. I had to quit 'Chrome' to get out of full screen. Is there another way to get back to DPR?

Barney, on a sensor with this pixel density a lens should be MTF50 diffraction limited around f3.5. Is this lens really at its best at f5.6? Did you try f4 as well?

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ianimal: Latest rumour (SR5) says the lens will be 24-70mm F1.8-2.8
Time will tell. maybe May 1.

But that's still just a rumour. DPReview, OTOH, may have a camera for initial preview in their office...

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)
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RRJackson: There's good and bad here.

The weight is a big deal. My old Olympus OM-2n weighed 18 oz. My D700 weighs 35 oz. This new Nikon weighs 25 oz. So actually closer to the OM-2n than the D700.

The grip doesn't look all that comfortable. I made do without for decades shooting with an OM-2n, but when I go back to those cameras now I miss having a comfortable grip.

The lack of interchangeable focusing screens is puzzling in a camera like this.

The locking controls are nice. Reminds me of my F5.

The price is higher than expected, but still lower than my D700 was when it was released.

Overall it seems like an excellent effort, but hopefully just the start of a move towards smaller, lighter, more practical cameras with the functionality of the film cameras Nikon was so good at building. Maybe bring back the match-needle metering of the FM3A. There's nothing better than the swing of a needle to visually tell you where your exposure is going.

@ samhain: What a pity the dislike button is gone...

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)
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BobYIL: This is sign of lack of innovation, desperation of not being able to turn out new products, not being able to cope up with the trend but seeking exclusivity through retro design and high price. Niche products should not be for a mass-production company like Nikon..

Make that the D5300 AF system. And with Expeed 3, while the D5300 uses Expeed 4.

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)
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harrisoncac: Retro look, yet slicker price. Well done. How much is the Sony A7?

OTOH, if you add the 50mm f1.8 lenses, the gap is almost gone.

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On Nikon Df combines classic design with modern technology article (314 comments in total)
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codeNsnap: What a bummer ! Another 39 AF point FF...I was hopeful of a 51 point AF looking at the AF-ON button in those teaser videos..

Hipster camera..610 is cheaper with video

I think I should give up hope on a Nikon FF that does 6fps with 51 AF system that costs $3000 or lower..I already gave up hope on the D400

Don't give up yet! Wait for the D620. So do I (-:

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Mike99999: This lens, the pancake 12-32mm, the upcoming 42.5mm f/1.2 and the upcoming ultra-compact 35-100mm... Panasonic is on a roll. I can't wait to lay my hand on all these lenses.

BTW, this lens is roughly the equivalent of a 20mm f/2 on Nikon DX. I would have killed for that lens on DX.

You would have killed for a lens?
Whom? And why?

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2085 comments in total)
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inorogNL: did you get to shoot with the new 12-40 lens, any first impressions on it?

All the images available show the lens set to 12mm. Does it extend when zoomed to 40mm? If so, by how much?

An image showing the lens extended would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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I don't think they will sell a lot of these lenses in m4/3 mount. The Oly 17mm f1.8 weighs less than a quarter, as compared to this Samyang lens. And it offers AF and doesn't cost that much more.

It may, however, be interesting for some APS-C DSLR owners who haven't been blessed with a fast wide angle from their respective camera makers by now.

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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid article (222 comments in total)
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rb59020: No thanks, Samsung blew it! Should have been at least APSC, full frame would have been better! The 10X zoom is ok, but should have been a constant f1.4. I hate it when the aperture changes when I zoom! And what's with the crappy 4fps? The D4 does 10fps! What was Samsung thinking?

And ISO 3200 only. The D4 can shoot at ISO 100,000! What is Samsung thinking :-)

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jedinstvo: Last summer I had some photos on a national story and I got 50 calls from picture editors. Not one wanted to pay. They all wanted "to share." I asked every one of them "are you working for free right now?" The problem is there are so many people shooting pictures and they now have the ability to transmit quickly and reliably. So the image that went around the country was from a local fishing boat captain. It wasn't as good as my photos, but it was free. Newspaper management all over the country has decided photographers are dead weight.

In response to ScottRH: And live with poor images in your newspaper. What a great thing!

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With a one stop improvement, Panasonic may finally bring their sensors to the level where Sony sensors are today. Nice :-)

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)
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pierpa: If price is not included in the equation for 'best', I'd vote for top of the line Canons 1DX or 5DIII (but I surely will not buy either of these).

If price and affordability to me is to be weighted, then I'd vote for the Canon 6D.

If you are counting informal votes, count me for the 6D.


Now that sounds really broad-minded regarding manufacturers :-)

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)
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Kodachrome200: I have a D800. I consider it the best tool out there for most pro photographers. It offers a great deal of flexibility and it sets a high bar for IQ. But I am not sure it would be my camera of the year. 2012 was the year of some interesting cameras in the conceptual sense. The D800 is a great and imho best camera out there, but at the same time it is all just incremental improvements. Nothing wrong with just making something better. But i look at the sony RX cameras and the top new mirrorless models and i think these are templates for new kinds of cameras. OM-D, RX1, X pro-1, all cameras that may not be perfect. infact i consider them all far less perfect than 5dmkiii and d800 but canon and nikon have been refining that concept for years. I like to see some unique cameras get recognized

"What could be more important than IQ when we talking about photo cameras?"

Sometimes weight and size of your camera determine whether you have it with you or not. And that question is even more important than IQ. Just saying...

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On Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras article (424 comments in total)
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Joachim Gerstl: The problem is that this year the result is clear. There is no alternative to the RX100. I think they caught the others like Canon and Panasonic with their pants down. Next year it will be much closer again.

Actually, at the long end, the XZ2 more than compensates for the Sony's larger sensor with its faster lens. Just saying...

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