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On Nikon to offer D600 replacements if 'spots' continue news story (173 comments in total)
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Rick Knepper: It took a totalitarian country like China to do what every other country on the planet should have done, stood up for their citizens' consumer rights.

yeah right, If it were China produced products, the red army will put all crybabies in jail!

Direct link | Posted on Mar 28, 2014 at 21:36 UTC
On HTC launches One M8 with new 'Duo Camera' post (47 comments in total)

Yawn, made my first mistake switching from iphone to the last HTC one M7.... it looks good on paper but dumb in every ways.

This one looks just as dumb.

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Don't get it. it's something really awesome about these pictures need posting? Good location, good opportunity and he wasted the moment with cell phones snap for publicity - that's what the topic should be.

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On SanDisk offers 'world's first' 256GB CompactFlash card news story (70 comments in total)
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David M Warwick: The saying 'keeping all your eggs in one basket' come to mind again! If this card becomes corrupted you lose hundred of images, I would rather use a number of smaller cards rather than this one!

8 years and more than 500k clicks later i have yet experienced this so call one egg in the basket problem. However, i missed too many shots and too many times i ran out of memory space or forgot my big card... I would get 10 of these instead of 100 of smaller cards any time at any prices.... if i can afford one.

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Continue from previous ....

Normal operation - Android is not as polish as iOS and transitions is jerking. It's like going back to Windows Vista after using mastering OSX. It's a sick feeling.

I want a bigger screen size phone and better Google Map integration with Google account, i think i got it from HTC One but the cons, in my case, far exceed the pros. I'm so going back to next iPhone (with bigger screen)

Direct link | Posted on Jun 5, 2013 at 18:59 UTC as 14th comment

Here's my take having switched from iPhone4s to HTC one, i preordered mine and being using it since then...

HTC COO just step down and they are restructuring company quality control, that explained why my HTC one have three cracks from normal use. What a joke. Is this thing make out of "glass"? I never have to worry about iPhone screen scratch, let alone crack! I didn't even drop it!

This thing run hot, hot to touch just using Google Map on the car. Nothing more frustrating that having to reboot your phone while using Google Map on the drive. It hangs, and stuttering so bad, i have to reboot the damn phone. Crappy OS can't help even with fastest processor on earth.

HTC sync manager is a piece of junk ( On OSX), even the support told me to buy 3rd party software/app. That says, you have to pay if you are synching your data with your itunes.

If you like IPod music player. You are going to hate anything android have to offer, I have to pay an app to get something usable. Conti

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Seriously, these images make news how? Hope he didn't waste all the time taking mobile-grade pictures during 4-year once event.

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