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I am little confused about the annoucement that there will be an underwater casing for the E-M 1, well, there has always been a casing available from Oly... The only E-M missing a casing is the E-M10, which would be great if they would finnaly offer a casing for that one. However, I cannot find any reference regarding a new UW-casing for any camera in the Oly website... strange...

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jjonesphotos: Why is almost everyone posting here so negative?

Or course, image quality is yet to be quantitatively verified, veiwed as a whole camera, I think it's a heck of a package.

Maybe I'm biased toward Nikon since I have several, but the commander mode of this point and shoot is a feature you won't find in any other, even Nikon. Regardless of pixels or even sharpness, this feature will allow the photographer to create photos unatainable by any other pro point and shoot.

No one seems to care about the wired remote capabilities either. For only $500 and your Pocket Wizard slaves you can stick this camera anywhere to record activities about anywhere, and a OVF is not at all necessary.

You boys and the OVF, yes I'd love to have one, or better yet a EVF, but with all the other features, I can get by without one.

Hey, and the 5 frames per second, that surpassed most other pro points and shoots too, especially coupled to a sports useable 200mm.

I'm sold until further notice.

I guess that everybody (me included) had expected that Nikon would try to build in an as large as possible sensor. The 1/1.7' size is just not exciting with the RX100; X10 and G1X out. I had been waiting for this announcement since I had hoped they would combine a larger sensor with the 200mm eq. zoom. Would have been a killer. Now I just bought a G1X to get better low light performance (doing also underwater photography) - yes, still need to wait for the review and IQ, but having seen what the LX7 and other new 1/1.7' can do I have lost might hope .. I might be wrong...

Regarding the VF, I agree with those that say that the OVF (incl. G1X) are useless, but an optional EVF like for the LX7 would have been nice for those that really want to have it - can't understand why Nikon is not offering it. To me the P7700 is just a nice commercial package that has a good margin - sensor of the shelf and absolutely nothing new and exciting in features or technical specs. - Too sad... :(

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