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If it was such interesting addition to a well-established company as GoPro, why they should not do it themselves? A strange story of Lensbaby - they do not have 30.000 $ themselves? This "story" should not to be trusted and surely not to be funded from our pockets...

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Can somebody explain to me what was the purpose of this silly exercise except ruining a camera by loosing track of some screws and a spring? Not to mention the entry of dust and possible maladjustment... OK, DPR can buy another one, but others? Quite expensive Lego game...As a photographer I am interested what comes out not what is in. And the most interesting is that all the comments go about details of this exercise and not about its silliness. Really weird.

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There is a logical mistake in arguments of the (quite limited) research. People make pictures to remember better. Their purpose to look back at them days, months or years after. They help to remember the details a context that should be otherwise long time forgotten. But of course, if you don't look first and shoot continuously and never print pics or even look back at them (as it happens nowadays often) a very little will remains in the memory in any case...

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It is really a great camera and I use it (more and more) besides or instead my Nikon 300s. One really serious flaw is the original battery (1000 mA) - it starts to collapse after 20 photos (is new!). The newly bought second one manages 100 pics (with less than 10 flash photos) but that is still far below useful number. Bought now aftermarket one (1400 mA) and hope it will solve my problem. My advice is to have full backup battery ready anytime!

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