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  • It's proving a nice fit for my needs. Whether or not it's the right choice for you is something you'll need to decide for yourself. Get set up with the one-month trial and devote a couple hours to ...
  • You can add your voice requesting that capability in this thread . DxO reads and responds to user feedback.
  • Starting with separate metadata/cataloging and raw development apps. All-in-one apps look convenient but result in too much vendor lock-in IMO. Keeping my original raw files instead of converting ...
  • I'm starting to use Photo Supreme with DxO. It does a fine job with metadata enrichment of images and will keep DxO's .dop files organized. When you rename a file in Photo Supreme, it will also ...
  • Because Apple ;-) Likewise. I dated a whole range of metadata/cataloging and raw conversion apps earlier this year, found a workable combo, and stopped importing new images into Aperture in April. ...
  • Because that's the Apple way. Want predictability and dialogue? Look elsewhere.
  • DxO doesn't allow much integration ;-) But Photo Supreme does some clever stuff: 1. No big deal: Open DxO in the directory where you're working. 2. Pretty slick: When you rename a file in Photo ...
  • DxO Optics Pro comes with plenty of features for geometric distortion correction. Most people will get along just fine without ViewPoint.
  • I own DxO 9.5 and have taken C1P for a spin. Both can produce fantastic results, but I think it's a little easier to get there with DxO due to their much larger correction database and defaults ...
  • I'm also becoming a fan of Photo Supreme. The way it keeps raw files or XMP sidecars updated with any changes to metadata means there's no vendor lock-in. The program could disappear overnight, ...
  • Going all-in with one company and using a product like Lightroom seems risky to me. I've started running Photo Supreme for metadata & cataloging and DxO for raw conversion. It's a bit clumsy coming...

  • Commented on Nikon D810 Preview preview

    I've seen 4K video at NAB demos, and it's of course fantastic.

    I see the #1 hurdle for 4K video in the US being the shamefully poor state of high-speed Internet in the country and throttling by...

  • DNG support in Aperture breaks down when the file contains lens-correction data. For example, DNGs from the Olympus E-M1 weren't supported until Apple released official support. I've been using ...
  • Replied in Aperture
    Unless you use hierarchical keywords, because Aperture only writes the keyword at the end of the hierarchy. Everything else gets discarded. —Andreas
  • FWIW, I've been running Aperture since v1.5 but can't help but see that the world has moved on. But I'm not going to jump to Lightroom—that's simply putting myself at the mercy of Adobe instead of ...
  • Yup—I recall many years ago when Aperture's product manager popped up on Apple's forums. Now it's all but a corpse.
  • What do you use for cataloging and adding metadata?

  • Four years since a major update, way behind on features, and a buggy resource hog? That tells me Apple doesn't care about Aperture.

  • Yup—no raw, no interest.

  • Lightroom has its own set of problems in terms of providing a clunky UI that wastes screen real estate and forces a certain workflow on the user. I've fiddled with every version since the pre-1.0 ...
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