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Pentax SLR 1983-2000; digicams 2000-07; Alpha A200 2008-09; back to Pentax 2009. Dabbled in m43 2010-12, then Samsung 2014.

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  • That is a mighty incredible deal.  I've found some surprising used-gear deals out there too - like the F17-28 fisheye for much less now than in the past 18 months of watching.  And that's full ...
  • Aside from somewhat 'leisurely' AF ;-) the only other issue I've seen with 55-300mm is that images can show some vignetting on shots like a plane or bird against a blue sky.  It's definitely for ...
  • I hadn't tried rVF with raw on my nx300, sorry your assumption that newer can = more not fewer features isn't so. No nx1 for you though? No compromises there other than compactness it seems. I ...
  • I agree. Likely the astrotrace function and full-color pixel shift use common components, and future surprises needed those features inside every new body. I shall miss the flash at times, but ...
  • A nice reange of images to show the nx300's capabilities.  My kit looks a lot like yours with 16, 30 and 50-200 :) plus adapted Pentax primes.
  • I believe their base flash is cheaper than the O-GPS unit, so swap one pocket item for another. A curious trade-off & public perception may steer the 36x24 body's final setup.. or maybe it's...

  • I still hope for a new sensor with PDAF built-in.. Pentax engineers will find excellent uses for it I'm thinking :-)
  • No anchovies on mine please :-P  but I presume this is anti moire AA simulator..
  • Too many Flucards in the warehouse with unsold s1 bodies, so they need a more popular body to clear them off the shelf. That's my guess :-|  Too bad earlier bodies cannot be FW updated for it, my ...
  • Nice images, looks like a room with a Great view! :-)
  • Replied in NX500 shot
    Note to self: never trust a 7" tablet for dynamic range :-| the hillside looks fine on my computer screen.
  • Congratulations!  You'll love the custom focus limit on the 50-150 for sports, that's a clever feature to avoid focusing on fences or people standing up in front of you.  Weather seals too are a ...
  • Replied in NX500 shot
    Great colors in the ocean!  I would like to see the hillside selectivly lightened to see more detail but I have little pp experience for advising anyone.. :-|
  • Lucky for Pentax the USA pretty much abandoned tungsten lights now, an expensive but worthwhile 'fix' ;-) I have a new-to-me K-r and cannot find any tungsten in the house for AF testing!
  • Definitely the right attitude.  As an NX1 clone it has shortcomings but as an NX300 Super it's a great move.  No doubt you'll have it singing for you in no time! :-)
  • Replied in NX1 vs. NX500
    I see no difference..on my 5" phone :-| maybe when I get home I will be shocked too? -- Jim near Kelso: PK + NX user - - http://granitix.blogspot.com former Alpha and mic43 user
  • Sure wish the 16-50 were an easy resell, as I have 16+30 primes to do that work.  Sure its OIS and range are nice - but so is f/2 & 2.4 with the primes :-)
  • This is a good time to mention the 20mm f2.8, for several reasons: (1) It is a decently fast prime, faster than the 16-50 (2) It is a very talented lens ...
  • Replied in NX1 score
    I would have expected a bit more space between it and the 16Mpx K-5 IIs.. one would expect 28Mpx to be worth something. It's a good score but less than expected. Still the camera does so many ...
  • I agree.  The K-5 and variants were 83% and that took a couple of years to be matched..so 87 is impressive!
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