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Pentax SLR 1983-2000; digicams 2000-07; Alpha A200 2008-09; back to Pentax 2009. Dabbled in m43 2010-12, then Samsung 2014.

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  • This looks like a scene in a video game :-) bizarre what a 10mm fisheye can do.  How high up were you for that?
  • Given the bulk of the S-series zooms a larger body is now more useful.  I suppose a grippier small body works but risks looking bizarre with a pancake lens.. ;-)
  • Here was my test of field curvature for another lens.  It could be seen clearly, but how often would I shoot a scene wide open and at minimum focus? http://granitix.blogspot.com/2014/11/more-20-40- ...
  • Replied in Nx cameras
    But not NX-m for the 1"-sensor Mini camra :-| Just when it sounded simple (NX!) the mini showed up..
  • Really like my NX30/2!
  • My Pentax bag is made of manual primes and a few auto/AF zooms. My best from that bag is the SMC 55/1.8 and SMC-M 85/2, with M135/3.5 and K17/4 fish-eye also very nice & fun to use. I've recently ...
  • All 20.3Mpxl sensors are not alike - most of the reviews I've seen of sensors with the on-chip PDAF report improved overall image quality.  Many quick reviews see the same size/density sensor and ...
  • Like Pentax with quick-shift lenses and DMF on Samsung and others. It's a great feature, but like shadow boosting and stabilisation each company has a different name for it!

  • My nx300 has DMF and the focus assist/peaking, and some variant of the Auto/Scene mode that may be quite different on the NX1. Coming from Pentax the DMF is like their QuickShift focus only fly by ...
  • Very nicely done, and some shots in nature I'd never seen (like the bee hanging by one leg!?). My similar lens hasn't come out yet - I've a bargain JCPenney 80-200mm f/3.5 to try out soon :-) It's ...
  • I recently picked up a Samsung nx300.  Its touch screen works well and all functions can be reached by other means, so you can pick when or whether it gets used.  I would fear nasal activation of ...
  • Replied in 45mm and 20-50
    While I agree the 45mm is very nice, I came across from Pentax and found my adapted 55mm f/1.8 was sufficient for me.  The 20-50 is very compact but OIS is missing on that model; for many people ...
  • I do not believe the 300 & 3000 use the same sensor. Both are 20.3Mpix but 300 and 30 use PDAF site on the sensor, and other sites prefer the output of that sensor. Ugh, nx30 3000, 3000 and a...

  • Replied in nx300 updates
    Reviews suggest the PDAF sensor does better at high I so as well so the nx300 will help there as well.  The focus in low light will still be an issue at times though as PDAF does not switch on in ...
  • I was contemplating a k-s1 Pentax but the nx300 has equivalent 20Mpxl sensor with PDAF on-chip and the tip screen for half the price! I have done no portraits but it is great for all that I've ...
  • I'm in the same place pretty much, with 20-50, 30 and 50-200.  I've just added an 18-55 kit to that, some day I will run some kit-zoom tests.  I also have K-mount adapter for my great older Pentax ...
  • If the NX1 sales are high Sigma would be happy to fill that space :-) their hsm lenses would be a good match.
  • Very good result! :-) For my taste I'd crop out the signals though the hilltop is worth keeping. We're spoiled with that sweet16 sensor, low light will never be the same 'problem' it once was.
  • Nice 55-300 demo, that is an amazing lens esp. at its typical price.  If Pentax is any influence though, I'd expect Samsung to launch an 84.5-350 or other curious FL.. ;-) For now I will manage ...
  • Created discussions just leave..s
    NX300 and 30/2 wide open.  What a fun lens to use! fallen leaves, NX300/30
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