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What do you relay rumors ? rumors are no information, right ?

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Battery problem IS à problem. Buy 2 spare batteries, are you kidding ? You pay 500 USD for a small camera and because the battery is too weak you havé to give away another 100 USD ????
Size has little to do. Take the older Casio pocket cameras. My wird has got one. The battery is not big but you CAN make more than 500 shoots with it.
In india, smartphones batteries last more than two weeks...... So,what ?

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alextardif: Hmm... how about Sony hand over their A-mount to Pentax along with whatever sensor they're buying? Let the A77ii and A99 go into the oblivion and give our A-mount glass another shot :)

Madmaster, some of thé lenses you mention are not FF lenses.
And, worse, the tests show that even at modest apertures, those lenses are not performing extremely well. They are not bad , thé problem is that for thé same price you can get much better stuff !
Many are older designed lenses, maybe not 100 percent suited for digital.

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John C Tharp: Pentax has one thing that they bring to the market that no one else really has- real weather sealing, that can embarrass competitor's professional (1D X, D4s) models, in bodies, lenses, and accessories.

Pentax would do well to play to this strength!

Having pro grade cameras means they havé a pro service which CAN repair within 2 days. Do you really think pentax can finance such à service worldwide ?

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Well, thé aps c lenses are so so. Considering thé fact that they will have to build up à complete set of FF lenses, it is not obvious that people will switch to pentax, see what happens with sony.
Choosing a FF brandname means choosing a complete system having wide open primes and teles, aso.

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sony should ask Leica how to build small lenses coupled with good sensors....
why is it not possible to have M mount sized lenses on sony cameras ? is it a question of sensor design ? why such huge and heavy lenses ?

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vroger1: Since we are in a result based society, how do Cosina (Voigtlander) lenses stack up against Cosina (Zeiss) lenses. Does the quality drop noticably with the price? Have their been tests? Inquiring minds want to know!! VRR

good not excellent : they all show a heavy problem with vignetting and some are really beyond expectations. In fact this is the weak spot with the FE zooms dedicated to the sony A7 series which prevents me from buying sony mirrorrless cameras. many testers pointed out the lack of quality control and some lenses are really really bad !

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DVT80111: Fuji designs and makes their own lens in their own factory, and they are exceptional. For example, the XF 90mm sharpness is one of the best ever. I own both Zeiss and Fuji, and I love them both. But I think we are paying for the Zeiss badge.

if 1000 usd is not paying for the badge, what is it ??? You can get the equivalent in FF from Canon or Nikon for 250 usd !

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Thé panasonic lx100 is way ahead with accuracy, color rendition, this is,so,obvoius and disapointing because I was hesitating between thé Sony and thé lumix, now I am nomore : lx100 is thé best choice !

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Your size comparison is,not fair. To have a precise idea you should have used thé same lenses

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It is far from David Hamilton. The picture with the young girl is awfull : Colors are bad, bokeh is zero, is this a trick to try to have better pictures for bad photographers ? I wonder. Just use a spécific filter on your 300 dollar 85 mm and you will have much better pictures
Just Lens for geeks not for réal photographers.

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Unparalleled : just empty marketing words.....
Do not understand why you say Samyang AND rokinon. thought Samyang was the original corean company and rokinon just a commercial name for Some countries, am I wrong ?
Price is too high, whatever alternative you prefer for following reasons :
Bad build quality, mf only, no VR (not all people are shooting macro), servicing quality not,sure they are efficient in smaller countries, many much better alternatives inclusive original products preventing you turning crazy if a prpblem appears : same company for Lens and body : same responsibility !

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Yes, battery life is miserable. This is a major problem because this causes you to check every half hour if you are not going to fin d yourself in a bad position : the imposibility to take the shot at a précise moment. This is quite distrubing and his a major prpblem, as the shutter noise is, because it draws attention on you , this is very strange for a camera chose design is intended to make you invisible !

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(unknown member): How long before this camera is found to have a common defect?

It is a shame to consider that a new camera would automatically have a defect. And even if it is so, nikon like any other company Will fix it. The small problem woth the 810 has been extremeley quickly fixed, as long as I know

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photofan1986: Meh, I have a Panasonic 20 f1.7, it's even faster, and so much smaller and lighter, that they managed to make it a pancake. Come on, Nikon, give us the pancake version :D
Ps: That's humor ;-)

What's the point comparing a 20 mm Panasonic which is actually a 40 mm and a real ultra wide angle lens like the nikon 20 mm !
Some comments strike me dead and mêla me even think some people who comment do not have any idea of what photography is.....

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The review forgot a few things : parallax problems when close viewing, complicated menu handling, expansive ......
I agree with software jpegs. i have sold mine after three weeks, Will probably buy Sony rx100....larger sensor and probably better lens....more pocketable.

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High quality at moderate prices ???? I Am dead !!!! If you want quality you have to pay for, cheap stuff from sigma is not a good deal : 50 per cent is decentered, mecanical problems, un reliable autofocus.....
So again a 1700 USD Lens and what ? Buy a used nikon or canon instead.

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SeeRoy: The cons don't include the fact that the vf has no diopter adjustment? DPR thinks this isn't important??? On a camera whose vf is one of it's principal USPs? At this price?

The example I tried, wearing glasses (hint to Fuji), had an in-focus optical and out-of-focus evf on the standard eyepiece. Given that no dealers bother to stock alternatives I can't judge what would happen with a different value inserted. Oh yes, wearing glasses meant I couldn't see the full vf image either.


I have tested that new camera and as I am wearing glasses, I could not use either the optical viewfinder or the electronic one. The optical is totally unprecise, the electronic one gives you a blurred image you cannot correct.
It is a shame that dpreview did not mention another problem : the image is freezing when the point has been done. This definiteley outperforms the Fuhji xpro 1 as a competitor to Leica which remains the only real telemeter performance camera, which the fuji xpro 1 will never be at this stage. We all know the Fuji is no telemeter camera ok but even if it is a camera that delivers good resolution, everyone has to admit that the problems of af precision (my test camera has been unable to make the point at short distance with a f1,4 lens in a shop with normal light), diopter adjustment, freezing image, aso. By far, I would buy the oly EM5 : maybe less resolution BUT : weather sealed, quick AF, a lot of excellent lenses, easy to use, small and ... much cheaper !

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3systermuser: well, the 24-120f4VR was a bad lens , it was not as sharp as I expected it to be and it was huge , it was not very well built.
so, I just sold it after using it for a few weeks in 2010.

the 24-70 is a good lens but it is also heavy and bulky , and more importantly it lacks the VR2 , so I still have it but seldom use it now.
I think this AFS24-85VR is a good lens for 580USD and it is so light and small , also this really confimed that the rumored the D600 is for real.
any way, when we need really good lenses for landscape ,studio and as such , we still need a set of Zeiss or expensive f1.4G Nikkors, so I think this is a compromised optics but it can be a great walk around light lens for the D800E.

when you say the 24-120 was a bad lens, do you mean the 3,5-4,5 ? which is true but nomore with the 24-120 f 4 which according to mansurov's tests is very similar in image quality to the 24-70 f2,8 !

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