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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1422 comments in total)
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(unknown member): How long before this camera is found to have a common defect?

It is a shame to consider that a new camera would automatically have a defect. And even if it is so, nikon like any other company Will fix it. The small problem woth the 810 has been extremeley quickly fixed, as long as I know

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On Nikon announces AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED article (73 comments in total)
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photofan1986: Meh, I have a Panasonic 20 f1.7, it's even faster, and so much smaller and lighter, that they managed to make it a pancake. Come on, Nikon, give us the pancake version :D
Ps: That's humor ;-)

What's the point comparing a 20 mm Panasonic which is actually a 40 mm and a real ultra wide angle lens like the nikon 20 mm !
Some comments strike me dead and mêla me even think some people who comment do not have any idea of what photography is.....

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On Just posted: Fujifilm X10 in-depth review article (155 comments in total)

The review forgot a few things : parallax problems when close viewing, complicated menu handling, expansive ......
I agree with software jpegs. i have sold mine after three weeks, Will probably buy Sony rx100....larger sensor and probably better lens....more pocketable.

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High quality at moderate prices ???? I Am dead !!!! If you want quality you have to pay for, cheap stuff from sigma is not a good deal : 50 per cent is decentered, mecanical problems, un reliable autofocus.....
So again a 1700 USD Lens and what ? Buy a used nikon or canon instead.

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On Just Posted: Fujifilm X-Pro1 review article (271 comments in total)
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SeeRoy: The cons don't include the fact that the vf has no diopter adjustment? DPR thinks this isn't important??? On a camera whose vf is one of it's principal USPs? At this price?

The example I tried, wearing glasses (hint to Fuji), had an in-focus optical and out-of-focus evf on the standard eyepiece. Given that no dealers bother to stock alternatives I can't judge what would happen with a different value inserted. Oh yes, wearing glasses meant I couldn't see the full vf image either.


I have tested that new camera and as I am wearing glasses, I could not use either the optical viewfinder or the electronic one. The optical is totally unprecise, the electronic one gives you a blurred image you cannot correct.
It is a shame that dpreview did not mention another problem : the image is freezing when the point has been done. This definiteley outperforms the Fuhji xpro 1 as a competitor to Leica which remains the only real telemeter performance camera, which the fuji xpro 1 will never be at this stage. We all know the Fuji is no telemeter camera ok but even if it is a camera that delivers good resolution, everyone has to admit that the problems of af precision (my test camera has been unable to make the point at short distance with a f1,4 lens in a shop with normal light), diopter adjustment, freezing image, aso. By far, I would buy the oly EM5 : maybe less resolution BUT : weather sealed, quick AF, a lot of excellent lenses, easy to use, small and ... much cheaper !

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3systermuser: well, the 24-120f4VR was a bad lens , it was not as sharp as I expected it to be and it was huge , it was not very well built.
so, I just sold it after using it for a few weeks in 2010.

the 24-70 is a good lens but it is also heavy and bulky , and more importantly it lacks the VR2 , so I still have it but seldom use it now.
I think this AFS24-85VR is a good lens for 580USD and it is so light and small , also this really confimed that the rumored the D600 is for real.
any way, when we need really good lenses for landscape ,studio and as such , we still need a set of Zeiss or expensive f1.4G Nikkors, so I think this is a compromised optics but it can be a great walk around light lens for the D800E.

when you say the 24-120 was a bad lens, do you mean the 3,5-4,5 ? which is true but nomore with the 24-120 f 4 which according to mansurov's tests is very similar in image quality to the 24-70 f2,8 !

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