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A good photograph shows what you saw.
A superior ones conveys what you felt.

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  • (cont.)

    But, even if that is the case, there are simple, objective "journalistic" direct indicators that you guys really have a problem with Canon products.

    For instance, how can a reference...

  • (cont.)

    Now, I could take this lack of enthusiasm as DSLR-related and not, specifically, Canon-related but the general DPR "blasé "stance (to say the least) the last couple of years mixed with...

  • Yes, I did, Dan.

    I commend you how a detailed and well written article (they always are, so I always read them) and certainly don't want to be the DB that puts down the hard work of someone's...

  • Could the reviewer be less enthused with this camera?
    The stance he approached the review is almost palpable browsing through the "let's get on with it and head back home" images in the...

  • I am not an USAF Academy graduate but rather a PoAF one. PK
  • Great lens. Well done, Tamron.
    ...and what an apt series to test it and showcase its performance.
    I wouldn't be able to request-specify them in writing, even if asked.

  • Dear Mr Garibaldi, I am an ex-fighter pilot who rocketed out of a aircraft on a ejection seat at age 27. Here's the handle that was activated to accomplish that particularly well-timed action (1 ...
  • Created discussion thread NAB2016. I don't get it...
    ...why isn't DPR covering NAB? Isn't anything remotely interesting to photography been show there? PK
  • Replied in Congrats.
    One of the dumbest posts ever. ...Who's, exactly, the Lord in your brain? PK
  • I thought you were referring to the this particular community, the DPR one which strikes me as a bit above "beyond stupid". Interacting with users here, I never got the sense that they were the ...
  • It is quite improbable that it will be caused by " one of us ". One has to be beyond stupid to not steer away from aircraft departure and approach flight paths with drones. The 4 remaining threats are:
  • Generalizations being what they are and with pilots ranging from PhDs to the one I once knew who replied " Wow! I didn't know that ! " after I went though an explanation on how a turbofan works ...
  • Don't. Algorithms evolve, new tools appear and your own skills will evolve almost exponentially. You'll be amazed with what you'll be able to do with a Raw file in 5 years. Treat your Raw files as ...
  • Very similar to what I had. It was a bent pin in my case. Carefully inspect the card compartments with a light torch. Don't be impressed by the CPS report. They may have missed it. Also, don't be ...
  • I honestly don't know what to tell you because I've never complained about such thing - not enough discussion of photos - not in the OP nor in any of the subsequent replies. fact, quite to ...
  • Replied in PK
    I know, I get carried away...Sorry... I don't agree and the jurors in that competition seem to have been as mesmerized as I am with that photo (...well, actually the portfolio...) It is true that ...
  • There are many moods lacking in my post. Maybe because it is not about moods. I do detect one in yours, though and it is not a pleasant one. Passive-aggressiveness never is. PK
  • I would ponder about it and try to understand why they can be read that way because every opinion matters to me. ...even the ones from an MFA in photography. ;) I understand where you trying to go ...
  • It has. But you have to open to box to see if it is alive. Be well. PK
  • If your phone is a recent Samsung one, it's a standard Micro USB Type B male to mini USB Type B male Host OTG Adapter Cable with the required length. DSLRController has a review function. It's the ...
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