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A good photograph shows what you saw.
A superior ones conveys what you felt.


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On Instagram cracks down use of its brand name post (12 comments in total)

You mean an ethereal endeavor built by mounting over thin-air-shoulders now wants to dissipate those very same thin-air-shoulders to maximize their sucker-bred-returns?
How unheard of in these days and ages...

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On The Android-running Galaxy NX gets a UK pricetag post (3 comments in total)
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WillowemocWorks: good only if you can make a phone call. does it ?
I have always wanted a camera that makes calls instead of a phone that takes photos !

Would love to see that lens stuck to an hear, that's for sure.

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Samsung is continuing to gain marketshare for tablets?...Surely not, it can't be!
...What will it be next?...Surface?
...If the world is coming to THIS end, I fear a cult mass-suicide, cappuccinos, black turtlenecks and all...

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Few times have I seen something that is, at the same time, so true and so idiotic.

Some users naively think that by multiplying their equipment, somehow, their photography will magically improve. No questions there.

...But, also, I don't know of a single recognized photography artist who (1) photographs with a single camera and a single lens (2) uses today the same equipment he/she was using 5 years ago. In fact, I know of some amazing, hugely praised photographers that could be, themselves, the definition of GAS addicts...if I recognized that as addiction.

...That bit about "upgrading your relationship with your camera instead of upgrading your camera", then, sounds like something right out of a Barbara Sher book...Good grief...

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"we'd highly recommended heading to his blog and reading the full article".
...Hmmmm..."Highly Recommended"...Where else have I see this expression?....

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joe6pack: "Sony is expected to launch yet an even more impressive superphone."

what was the previous impressive Sony superphone?

"nice" is not "impressive".

ALL their displays suck, either small or big time.
(...and that's a bit of a mystery, in itself...)

Since this is an imaging site that stretched out to mobile devices, image display quality should be paramount.

As such, the word "impressive" should never be used when referring to any of the devices Sony has released until now.

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On Canon videos showcase 70D's innovative AF system article (145 comments in total)

If the AF effectively performs as advertised and shown here, this is HUGE.

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oselimg: Before you call this lens expensive I suggest anyone to think again. Yes 12.000$ is a lot of money but not much at all if you are investing in a business. And this lens is for business or for hobbyists with loads of spare cash. Put together 200mm, 300mm, 400mm f4 and 500mm, 600mm f5,6 high quality primes in your bag and think about "heavy" and "expensive" again. I'm not going on to practicality issues yet.

No rationalization you may put forward can eclipse the FACT that this lens costs 75% more than the Nikon offer.

Even if we put aside $1,000 to $2,000 as a premium for possible better optical performance over the Nikon, it is still the case that Canon is "telling" us that the innovative in-built teleconverter solution is "worth" $3000 to $4000.

Never has price gouging been so clearly exposed as in this particular lens, I am afraid...

Direct link | Posted on Jun 26, 2013 at 19:31 UTC

...Now, where did I put that card from those thick-accent, dark-glasses nice gentlemen I met in a parking lot, the other night...What was the outfit name again...?..."Less Kidney 4 Fun"?..."Kidneys'r'Us"...?...Darn, my memory isn't the same it used to be...

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PhotoKhan: Wow!...Together with the previous low light samples, these are, indeed, remarkable.

What an incredible day and age where we can get this kind of performance from a $650 DSLR...Paint me impressed.

Get me a 550D. Get me a SL1. Get me 2 pearlescent paint cars, one blue, one red.
...I think I can.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 18, 2013 at 20:41 UTC
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PhotoKhan: Wow!...Together with the previous low light samples, these are, indeed, remarkable.

What an incredible day and age where we can get this kind of performance from a $650 DSLR...Paint me impressed.

Really...? Could your 550 depict pearlescent red and pearlscent blue in OOC Jpegs like in these photos...?...No?...I thought so...

Direct link | Posted on Jun 18, 2013 at 15:02 UTC
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CameraLabTester: 100D...


300D! What?

Wow! we're back to

August 20, 2003 ! ! ! ! ! !

Somebody should write about the weird naming styles of camera makers...


It is not innocent.
In a business that anchors their marketing strategies around such subsidiary things as mega-pixels, the confusing naming is in place to preclude novice buyers from understanding which-is-which and what-is-what, allowing volume sellers to push whatever needs to be pushed at any particular moment.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 18, 2013 at 10:55 UTC

Wow!...Together with the previous low light samples, these are, indeed, remarkable.

What an incredible day and age where we can get this kind of performance from a $650 DSLR...Paint me impressed.

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SeeRoy: Terrific to hear that they're made with the "utmost diligence". Certainly preferable to carelessly throwing them together in a haphazard fashion with negligible regard to quality control and utter contempt for potential purchasers, I'd say. Others may disagree.

Marketeers...If we could put them in a dedicated circus, imagine what could be charged for admission.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 13, 2013 at 16:11 UTC
On Nokia EOS rumors surge post (93 comments in total)

A brand ripping-off an acronym used by another brand is something that always instills a significant dosage of confidence in the discerning user.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 9, 2013 at 16:59 UTC as 16th comment

I feel like throwing up...

How can an outfit make something self-destructive like this and not actually press the "Yeah...? So Now Take Warp Speed" button in people's consciences, by having them immediately stop buying any kind of product "restructurors" like these may still want to publish?

Are we all THAT dormant?

(...and, please, don't come up with the "That would only mean reporters would go next" argument because...well...they WILL go next, anyway...)

...As for the project, kudos to Rob Hart for keeping being creative in such a challenging moment in his life and for having the good spirit to ironically prove to me, for the first time, that, yes, mobile photography CAN be significant.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 4, 2013 at 18:27 UTC as 59th comment | 11 replies

A design it with such a large bezel looks outdated even before it hits the shelves. Of course, if that's the only thing one's looking for then why not stick with Apple, you might say...

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On Mobile photographers capture do and don't moments post (32 comments in total)

These are awesome scenes, subjects and personal perspectives.

These may be something to pause-and-look, even appreciate.

These are NOT good photography.

People (especially "Connect" for whom, understandably, theres' no turning back) seem to continuously fail to see that what is happening with the interesting photographs they select to make public is that the only statement they put forward is they are noteworthy IN SPITE of having been taken with a mobile device.

I now officially declare my proposed motto for noteworthy mobile photography:

"Think what these could have been if an actual dedicated camera was used".

Direct link | Posted on Jun 3, 2013 at 12:40 UTC as 2nd comment | 1 reply

Myself, I am anxiously waiting for layoffs of surgeons from hospitals and all surgical interventions to be performed by Rhianna fans, under YouTube instructions tapped in a single central cost-efficient medical directorate, using their iPhones (...and nothing less than iPhones, of serious...).

...It's, like, I almost wish I already had an operable hernia.

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On An iPhone case for Leica lovers post (25 comments in total)

Wow...! Futility form meets futility function...Who said these are not wonderful times?

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