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Interesting to me is the proportion of people who say that they have never heard it pronounced with a hard G. I've never heard it pronounced with a SOFT G. FWIW (possibly little :-) ) I've been using computers actively for almost 40 years. "Down here" in New Zealand we speak "The Queen's English" [tm] and British English is, I'm assured by experts, slowly morphing to follow our lead :-).

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Yeah. Right.

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BryMills: I have to be honest and say I'd never even heard of them prior to all this kicking off!

I paid for 10 years about 18 minths ago. I have about 100 GB on the site :-).
I have copies of it all (of course) but it's a great way to access material.
Or was.
They were always very slow to make what seemed like obvious improvements, I have suggested a number over the years but few get actioned even when they would have made the site more ike superior look+ feel competitors (non patent aspects I think). But for me it was manifestly good value for money. At a minimum I hope they allow me to use my preaid $ to offset new storage costs - altrhough that seems morally and legally wrong on their part I understand their predicament. Taking my prepaid $ for no return would be worse.
I think a service running on my own server looks the way to go, with the cost of bandwodth becoming very low. The actual hard disk cost of 100 GB costs about $10 at retail rates .

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On First Impressions: Using the Nikon D800 article (307 comments in total)

The D800 uses a Sony sensor. Just think what Sony's new Full Frame camera will be able to be like if they let it. Alas, the A700 took 3 firmware changes to catch up to the D300 with essentially the same sensor.What will Sony choose to do ... :-). Stay tuned.

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ISOs seem to all be relatively low or rather high. A few more shots in ISO ranges where quality is beginning to drop but reasonable quality out of camera material might be hoped for. Say ISO 3200 - 12,800 range.

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On Nikon D800 and D800E 36MP full-frame DSLRs announced article (271 comments in total)

I'm looking forward to the D700s. I wonder when they will announce it? :-)

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On Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview article (265 comments in total)

I weep. I've not yet had time to search out D800 produced high ISO u=images but the few comments I'v seen noted "noi starting to show at ISO 800. That sounds consistent with what you'd expect from a Sony 36 MP sensor, alas. Using Sony sensors is fine, as long as you can make them perfprm, but it's sad to see Nikon pursuing Sony camera performance as well.

Maybe, and hopefully, they'll decide to make a D700S next :-).

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On Nikon D800 preview (1110 comments in total)

Now can we please see the REAL test which is carefully skirted around in the whole review. Take a handful of 6400 ISO or higher low light shots and post them. I was looking to replace my A77 with a D800 once the dust settled. It looks like it may have to be a D700! :-) :-(. 36 MP! 75 MB NEF files !!!. At least it's CF, unlike the A77.

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Graystar: Wasn't the new Sony EVF supposed the spell the end of the optical viewfinder? Or maybe it was the EVF before that one...or maybe it was the one before that which was supposed to kill the optical viewfinder...I can't remember.

I like my optical viewfinder...stop trying to take it away!

I own a Sony A77 - Sony's best EVF attempt so far. The A77 EVF is utterly marvellous and in many situations is far more useful than an OVF would be and one can grudgingly forgo the OVF advantages in such situations. ***BUT*** in low light the A77 EVF is very bad and in very low light it is close to useless. It happens that I greatly value the ability to take good low light photos. Anything that needs more than say 1 second at f3.5 at ISO1600 (maybe around 1 lux) is an indistinct noise dominated mess in the EVF. Framing for a flash photo is about impossible. In that light my eye can still distinguish detail well and of course there is no "noise". Focusing manually on the moon is OK. Even finding bright stars (one noise dot amongst many) is problematic. For night time street photography and similar it's a disaster. An order of magnitude improvement (3 stops) is probably needed before it would be noisy but acceptable in most low light situations.

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On Nikon D4 overview article (844 comments in total)

Re "Sony managed to squeeze 24mp into an APSC sized sensor, and retain very good ISO performance. ... " ha ha ha ha ha ha...., I wish it was true. I own an A77 ... ha ha ha .... ". The A77 is a lovely camera and with some useful bells and whistles that the D4 lacks. BUT a year from now I anticipate selling my years long acquired Minolta / Sony stable and buying a D800. Will wait for the early adopters to adopt and price to stabilise. A77 has much to investigate. But my 6 MP 7D Minolta has lower noise!. A77 - "very good high ISO performance ...". Alas no. Very sadly no. Terribly horribly no. HDR / DRO / 6 shots merged night mode, more - not a patch on an A700. Marvellous camera. But at ISO 800 it is starting to show its noisiness. At 6400 ISO, where a D700 starts to get a wee bit noisy an A77 is unusable.

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(1) I look forward to taking up this generous offer.
(2) @W5JCK - PDF is the pre-eminent standard document transfer format where consistency of formating and widest possible freedom of access is important. Almost anything else tends to have commercial fish-hooks. PDF file size can be small relative to many alternatives when small size matters.PDF would be by far my preferred choice as file format.

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On go players in the Typically CHINESE. challenge (1 comment in total)

This is Xiangqi or "Chinese Chess", not Go. Go is played on a symmetric 19 x 19 board with only white and black unmarked 'stones".

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On Through the bars - Why you want an f1.7 lens - ATW HK. photo in Russell McMahon's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

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