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Wallace Ross: It seems to me that comparing this against a regular camera is pointless, it is something completely different. I used the most up to date Google spherical app today and the whole process for one image including stitching took about 12minutes which makes creating a street view type walk through impractical. Then there is the Theta

Imagine Apple designing an iPod which cannot connect to an Apple computer? That is how Ricoh designs Theta — engineers have a “cool” engineering idea, but that idea has never had clear marketing purpose from the beginning.

As a result, Theta is just one trick pony to be used with a smartphone, because Ricoh thinks it can become “the player” in the mobile devices market, together with Apple, Samsung and Sony. Who needs extra Theta for $400 when an iPhone by default does a seamless panorama as you see fit, and within a few seconds?

That is Ricoh's fault in thinking. Instead of "outsmarting" Apple, which they cannot, they should pursue their traditional camera market at the same time, and strengthen it with Theta, include Theta in camera deals, etc.

But again, it takes a century for Ricoh Imaging's marketing (if they have one to speak of) to add two and two together.

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This Theta thingie by itself has little practical use. It is one trick pony.

The concept could be used and utilised much more if the Theta was a part of the proper camera, say, a pop-up-flash-like feature in a mid-class Pentax camera. So it records 360 degree scene at the same time your camera takes some shot in the part of that scene. One can take a subject, and a wider context at the same time — subject and its context: excellent for documentary and landscape photography.
Even if that is too complex to do for them, they could give one for free with the purchase of some DSLR. Now they offer free grips, free batteries, flashes, cards etc. depending on deal — why not give one Theta and intrigue people with it? It costs same or less than a proper flash.

Ricoh's marketing is very slow in adding two and two together.

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On Pentax launches K-S1 Sweets Collection article (231 comments in total)

I am becoming diabetic after this.
I mean, I really like Pentax cameras, love good Pentax lenses, and also think that it is good to sprinkle a bit of colour into the cameras here and there.
But after the colour approach that has flooded over the entire Q line, Q7 and Q-S1, K-01, K30, K50, K-S1 and now ... special K-S1 "sweet colour combos", I as a Pentax user am frustrated: is not this enough?!
Come on Ricoh, this is boring. It truly is.
Serve us real food, not sweets with artificial colour and taste enhancers.

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On Photokina 2014: Hands-on with Leica X and X-E article (132 comments in total)

Leica X has a 900+ K dot display.
Leica X-E has the same old 230K dots 2.7" LCD from the X2 because X-E is the X2 in a new trim. And that's it. That X2's LCD was the same LCD from the X1 camera from many, many years ago.
It does sound odd. But it is pointless to wrestle with Leica regarding those matters because ether will offer some bizarre explanation. They know their audience best.

Pity the X-2, and now X-E, does not have a video mode at all. Not even the simplest one. It only takes photographs. To me that is more perplexing omittance than the ancient 230K display, considering that even their new M series — a synonym for a photo tool, not video tool – have a video mode.

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1658 comments in total)

Excellent. After 15+ years of digital photography fantasy and merciful exploitation of the old patents without clearly advancing forward, Canon and many Japanese photography oriented companies think "it's about time to close in a circle and start innovating." Well, yes, General Custer, welcome to the Little Big Horn, time to change strategy!
Now, for Canon, that means "reaching the impossible". Indeed! And then they launch ads such as these, full of forte, corporate gibberish, chest pounding and hiding behind the brass band.
Canon, I think this one deserves Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture at least, with real 100mm 'Cannons'. Let it be better than, your another — ultra-innovative of course — EOS-Meow (EOS-M).

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A fantastic camera. Take anywhere design, powerful indeed, and with little care about light and compositions (if you need that on an occasion), it may deliver outstanding results. Thanks DPR.

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The new LX100 has a appeal over other Panasonic m4/3 cameras because of the influence of Leica is far more prominent in it: from the new lens, to the layout of the controls.
This is indeed a collaboration of the sort they once had in the DMC-LC1 era, and I am glad they have renewed the spirit of it. And considering the LC1 which employes 2/3" sensor was priced at $1599 at its delivery in 2004, today's LX100 with all its features is a bargain.

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)

DPR has missed to present the 645Z and its new lenses because the 645Z is a professional camera setup for people who care about the ultimate in image quality. That, perhaps, doesn't fit DPR's audience in their opinion.

Instead, you have pages after pages after pages of 7D Mk 2 coverage from every angle. Wait for the new front page thread soon, "7D Mk2 — How it feels when you plant citruses with it around your neck", which is a followup of "7D Mk 2 – Planting and photographing azaleas in our winter garden".

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)
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RStyga: PENTAX execs:
Recall KS-1, please! Say that the battery circuit causes led malfunction, or that the flash light turns reddish in anger when the "leds" are on. Something.. just get this "thing" out of production, now!

K-S1 is one of smallest DSLRs ever, and by all means is more advanced and sophisticated than any similar DSLR in the market today.
However, I could not say the same for your comment; small yes, reflects a similar sized worldview, and as sophisticated as a cat in rubber boots.

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On Photokina 2014: Ricoh stand report article (150 comments in total)
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Photoman: I got to give it to Pentax/Ricoh....they know how to do ugly. Some of those colours make me feel ill.

Did you see them in real life? Colours are quite good and finish fin. However, not all possible colour combos make sense, but you can choose a combination that fits your shoes.

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All today's official talks about DSLR models that we all know came too late sound like conversations with palaeontologists about dinosaurs.

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New S Typ is the first MF camera that shoots 4K video (24 fps).
It beats Pentax 645Z in that.
And Leica S lenses are marvellous too.

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BobbySan: Buy a Fuji x100S/T and spend the remaining £700 on a ticket to somewhere exotic and shoot

Your commitment to Fujifilm digital cameras tells of nothing else but that you are not keen to use film anymore, and that the first generation of digital Leica cameras isn't up to today's standards. It's like comparing first Mac and latest Mac.

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BobbySan: Buy a Fuji x100S/T and spend the remaining £700 on a ticket to somewhere exotic and shoot

You really have not tried one of these. The lens itself on this camera is worth all the money.

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No comments on this one?
C c c ... for many a discerning photographer, this, a sans-LCD camera, was a dream, and a true tool for the art.

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princecody: How does the IQ of this compare to the Fuji X100T? Why no viewfinder built in or included?

There is a virtue is keeping the EVF technology separate from the camera. EVF is still developing fast, but the camera may outlast a few generations of EVFs. I appreciate Leica's approach because they don't want cameras to become outdated next year because of the in-built EVF that sinks its value.

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princecody: How does the IQ of this compare to the Fuji X100T? Why no viewfinder built in or included?

If Fujifilm had to make a lens rivalling or outclassing those from Leica (even X type), you could not afford any of Fujifilm's camera. Fujifilm cameras are reasonably good. Not brilliant.

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arndsan: no enjoyable photo experience without a viewfinder !!!

There is an external one. I think it is the best approach. When the EVF technology changes, or if you want a different EVF (horses for courses), instead of changing the whole valuable camera you upgrade external EVF only.

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Zvonimir Tosic: A big feat for a small manufacturer. Leica out-shined all the Japanese at this Photokina. Well done Leica.
I like how Leica diversified its crop choices:

Leica X with new f1.7/23 mm optics
Leica XE with retracting f2.8/24mm optics (same as X2, no video unfortunately)
Leica X-Vario with a zoom lens.
Leica T system camera, now with 4 lenses, that very much cover everything from 16mm to 200mm equivalent.

Add to this new D-Lux, new M bodies, new S bodies, lenses, etc.

That lens alone is worth the money.

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AngryCorgi: "The combined fast lens and superior glass allows for the brilliant and clear images one expects from Leica."

Superior to what? The bottom of a coke-bottle?? This is the most useless marketing comment I've ever read.

Superior compared to its peers. That is presumed.

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