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whyamihere: Dear Nikon,

Cute camera.

Maybe next year's model can feature such novel updates as, "Has an ISO button."

Just a thought.

what do you use Fn button for?

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review preview (598 comments in total)
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Kurt_K: Do we even need silly awards and percentage scoring? I'd be happy with just the pros and cons list and the IQ test results. Pretty easy to make up my own mind from there. Oh, but I guess I'm forgetting that most of the folks here don't want to make up their own mind; they want the camera aficionados to make it up for them.

I always ignore the score.

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phones back then had lower pixel count. were their sensor smaller?

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Timmbits: f1.2 is impressive... until you consider it's for a small sensor nikon1 system. then the actual aperture becomes a f3.2 equivalent.
this is the sort of lens that could do lots for MFT. but the 1 system starts off so handicapped, one wonders what's the point, since it's target market is amateur enthusiasts getting their first IL system.

in terms of DoF only right? i mean in terms of exposure f1.2 is f1.2 right?

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i can buy d5100, 35mm 1.8g and 50mm 1.8g for that price...or 1 50mm 1.4g

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panteraaa: is there a Nikon DX prime lens that gives 55mm (about 85mm equiv) field of view?

i think i asked the question incorrectly. what i meant was if there's a lens that gives the field of view that a 85mm lens would give on a full frame camera. same as 55mm on a DX kit lens.

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is there a Nikon DX prime lens that gives 55mm (about 85mm equiv) field of view?

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So every Nikon camera's gonna get firmware upgrades?

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On DSC_0025 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (17 comments in total)

is this ISO 3200 or 320? noise is too low here

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On Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery article (499 comments in total)

seeing reviews of 18-55 and 18-105 kit lenses, it seems 18-105 would do more justice to that 24mp sensor.

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shaocaholica: If Apple wants to be different, they should enable manual controls and RAW on the iphone. But I have a feeling they don't have the resources to do so. I mean, its not like Apple has heaps of extra cash laying around or the desire to show off how cool and different they are.

iphone is designed to be simple...i doubt apple will ever allow manual controls...u can do more in camera on android phone than on iphone like adjust ISO, quality, etc

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Sam777: Btw those complaining of too much MP, that's the market we live in. You can always set it down to lower res if u don't want pics filling up the card/laptop. That's what I would do.

Reducing size of picture might make noise less noticeable. The DigitalRev video of d4 vs d800 showed when the massive 36mp was reduced to be compared with d4, it was quite clean. One advantage of d800 over d4 was preservation of detail even on high ISOs.

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won't u need a high quality glass for that 24MP??? how good will that kit lens be in this camera?

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