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  • I had a similar problem with saving .JPGs from the older versions of SPP. The culprit was an apparently corrupted temp file. Here's that thread: You ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry Springtime Forest Floor
    Placed 32nd in the challenge.
  • Created discussions Quattro sensor misgivings
    I seems to me that the Quattro can only deliver an accurate 5MP worth of color data. Along with the ability to capture 20mp monochrome with an enhanced sensitivity to blue light. The top layer ...
  • Be aware that it is now possible to take a CWB shot after the fact and apply it to a previous shot, thanks to ArvoJ, using his program "X3FWorkshop". Available here: ...
  • My SD1M only accepts type 1 CF cards (3.3 mm thick). I have some micro SD to CF adapters but they are all CF type 2 (5 mm thick) and wont fit in the slimmer slot of the SD1M. I assume the SD1 also ...
  • An allen wrench to remove the foot screws. A lens spanner wrench as shown on this page would be handy. I actually don't have one of those though. I ...
  • I was informed by a fellow forum member that the gallery link in the parent post is broken. Sure enough, p-base has finally deleted my account for non-payment. ( violins playing ) Here's an updated ...
  • Commented on Focus_lens_circlip photo in Arky's photo gallery

    At this point attach the lens to a camera and power it up. Set the lens on MF and turn the focus ring until the floating element is fully forward as shown in this shot. Turn off camera and remove...

  • Commented on Rear_set_screws photo in Arky's photo gallery

    The rear lens barrel (containing all of the electronics) can be unscrewed from the front lens barrel after loosening the set-screws hidden under the manual focus ring.
    Slowly turn the focus ring...

  • Commented on Front_set _screws photo in Arky's photo gallery

    You can loosen the 6 front barrel set screws and use a lens spanner wrench on the front element to remove the entire front inner barrel. Conversely, you can tighten these 6 set screws securely and...

  • Commented on Retaining_ring photo in Arky's photo gallery

    Loosen the 12 set screws in the retainer ring for the tripod mount sleeve.
    Unscrew the retainer ring by turning counter-clockwise just like the beauty ring.
    The tripod mount sleeve will now slide...

  • Commented on Detente_screw photo in Arky's photo gallery

    Remove the detente screw and the underlying spring and ball. This screw has a square shoulder so if you don't have the correct tool you can use vise-grips or pliers to remove it.

  • Commented on Foot photo in Arky's photo gallery

    Remove the 4 screws and the tripod foot.

  • Commented on Beauty_ring photo in Arky's photo gallery

    Loosen the 4 set screws and screw off the beauty ring counter-clockwise. You may need to tape the beauty ring to the tripod mounting ring and turn both together to get a good enough grip to break...

  • Commented on Components photo in Arky's photo gallery

    In order to clean the back side of the front protective glass element you will need to pull off the protective rubber ring around the front of the lens.
    You will also need to verify the front...

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