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On photo 3369933 copy in the Post Processing Skill challenge - Moon Surface challenge (19 comments in total)
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JuanfCuyas: Its nice, but he took the sky from another photo.

The background is from my own deep field image. M31 at upper left frame.
Nikon D700 with Vello Intervalometer II and Nikon 16-35mm lens. ISO 6400, f/4, 10 seconds.

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PKDanny: So funny!!

I stopped using clear protective filters many years ago; right after I got really good at removing lens flare in Photoshop.

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On photo Almost a Bull's Eye in the Star Trails challenge (2 comments in total)


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On photo Horsetail Clouds in the b/w Sunset challenge (2 comments in total)

Thanks! I was fortunate to grab this shot as the clouds disappeared quickly.

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Thank you! Death Valley is a must stop for landscape photographers. The geology is amazing.

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Great shots that make it seem like one is actually part of the climb.

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On photo Aspen grove and the moon in the December magic night challenge (10 comments in total)

Stunning image and well composed

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On challenge Close up or Macro Shot of a Flower (13 comments in total)

In reference to your disqualification of my Heliconia image, I would note that the two green cylindrical shapes in the image are the stem of the plant.

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On photo Wave Sunset in the Processing Techniques: HDR challenge (3 comments in total)

Thanks to you both for the kind words!

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On photo Triangle Rock Pools in the Triangles, Squares & Rectangles in Nature challenge (7 comments in total)

This image fulfills the challenge requirements as well as any I have seen recently. There are some halos around the triangular rocks and a hot spot in the sky that are somewhat distracting, but it would also make an excellent B&W conversion.

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On article Bad Weather = Good Photography (77 comments in total)

I see the bad weather... where are the great photos?

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I remember a man who came by my exhibit at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA a few years ago with a $7000 Leica M9 hanging around his neck. I could appreciate his camera both as a tool and as an example of industrial design, but to him it was merely another form of expensive jewelry. BTW, I never did see him use it.

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The camera itself is immaterial to the final result: a great photograph is a great photograph. A skilled photographer can produce a great photograph using a pinhole camera or an iPhone, if need be. Many smartphone users merely wish to record their lives in a documentary fashion and only care about how the image appears on Facebook.

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On article Software Technique: Creating and Adding Textures (81 comments in total)

The French Impressionists of 1870-1900 were the artists who, in reaction to ever-improving photographic technology, made oil painting more expressionistic and "painterly" rather than photo-realistic. Today's photography, especially digital photography, can be made more "painterly" by the use of the techniques mentioned in the article and others. That being said, I always remind myself that, just because I CAN doesn't necessarily mean I SHOULD.

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On photo Antelope Canyon AZ in the Earth Textures: Patterns in stone challenge (4 comments in total)

Slot canyon images are so numerous they have become a cliche for me. This image is an exception because of the unusual colors and perfect vertical composition. A well deserved win IMHO.

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On photo Peak a boo in the Quizz challenge (10 comments in total)

Looks like the eyes of a Sand Dollar.

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On photo Stingray in the Vintage Oldtimer Cars challenge (3 comments in total)

Outdoor car shows can certainly be a challenge when it comes to reflections. Not only the sun, clouds and people are a problem, but the other cars' reflections are a pain too.

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