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Photo Editor for the Gemological Institute of America. If you shoot gems - why haven't
you called me? (Or mines and factories, and other stuff related to gem/jewelry industry.)
I use a 1Ds Mark II at work, but thinking about getting a D200 or D2X for myself.


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On article Readers' Showcase: Arek Halusko (41 comments in total)

Very good eye! Love the black and white. Perfect use of monochrome.

Link | Posted on May 15, 2016 at 14:08 UTC as 19th comment
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racketman: Combine the two and You might have a wedding photo I can take an interest in.

What comes after the wedding and after the tornado seem all too often to be similar. :-)

Great photos!

Link | Posted on May 14, 2016 at 14:33 UTC

$99? What are they smoking?

Link | Posted on May 9, 2016 at 22:35 UTC as 21st comment
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Dandiccf: I have slightly focusing issues with my Sigma 30mm lens on the Sony A6300.

Phase detection AF basically just works in and around the center ("little jumping points"). Compared to my Zeiss and Sony lenses this is a real bummer for me, because I prefer shooting with Lock-on AF. The camera just looses the locked-on subject when it gets closer to to the edge.

Early samples had firmware that didn't compensate for lens distortion. But anything shipping in April seems to be good. Mine is just fine.

Link | Posted on Apr 20, 2016 at 16:17 UTC
On article Zeiss unveils super-wide Batis 18mm F2.8 (176 comments in total)
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FuhTeng: E-mount ain't got no lenses! I need me a wide angle prime to shoot my cats from 6 inches, this just won't do for my needs! And who thinks f/2.8 is acceptable for wideangle! I demand a 16 mm, 4 inch minimum focal length f/1.4 lens!

Piffle. I want a 6mm-2000 mm wide angle, super telephoto, macro, nano coated, aspherical, anomalous dispersion lens that's f/0.7, light as a feather, and costs $300!

Stop being so snooty Zeiss. Gimme gimme gimme!

Link | Posted on Apr 14, 2016 at 20:22 UTC
On article Zeiss unveils super-wide Batis 18mm F2.8 (176 comments in total)
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LWanTeD: Most comments are positive, is everything OK?

Really? You don't know how much a difference 5mm makes in that range? It's vastly wider.

Link | Posted on Apr 14, 2016 at 20:16 UTC
On article Student takes 2016 Zeiss Photography Award top prize (223 comments in total)
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babart: Many of those commenting on the contest winner are so pathetic. Go get a life somewhere. Somewhere else.

Agreed, know-nothings who think they know what good photography is. That lead photo is fabulous. I've taken two working photography trips to India. This photo captures the feel of being there like few do.

Of course, the critics here probably think a pristine photo of the Taj Mahal would be the ideal winner.

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2016 at 16:40 UTC
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FantasticMrFox: In contrast to most of the commenters I'm somewhat disappointed - how is this a review? Felt more like a lesson on the history of local Blues, but I hardly learnt anything about the camera.

In truth it tells you everything about the camera. It gets out of the way and lets you do pure photography. Like the Leica M. It's not actually a descendent of the Pen series. It's the spiritual successor to the Leica. With the new Oly 1.2 prime lenses coming, it's only going to get better.

Link | Posted on Apr 11, 2016 at 15:16 UTC

What a great example of the kind of photography this camera is aimed at. (You could remove the fancy filter dial and I would like it even better!)

And what a great photographer. She's someone who demonstrates what it is to be a real documentary photographer. Not getting shots for their hit list. It's more than that. It's learning about a subject, or subjects, and taking the time to figure out what it is you're doing, and being deliberate in choosing what to photograph. She's on the road to being someone National Geographic would be interested in. Too bad Fox owns that organization now.

Link | Posted on Apr 11, 2016 at 15:14 UTC as 88th comment
On article Profoto launches collapsible OCF Beauty Dish (33 comments in total)

Too bad it doesn't work in the D1.

Link | Posted on Mar 8, 2016 at 16:03 UTC as 8th comment | 2 replies
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StephaneB: Could it be that Lightroom is intended to evolve more towards the mass public and Bridge becoming a more full-featured DAM for advanced users?

Not even close. As a user of two different DAMs, (Open Text and Extensis Portfolio), there's no DAM feature to Bridge. It's a browser of files. It does not act as a database in any sense of the term.

But that is its strength. I work in an environment, where the one-man-show nature of Lightroom is worse than useless. Why work around that "feature" when you can have all the benefits of Adobe Camera RAW without all the bells and whistles that get in the way of collaborative work?

Link | Posted on Feb 10, 2016 at 17:33 UTC
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inorogNL: why would anyone use bridge over acdsee (on pc)?

Because it's integrated into other Adobe products. I've tried to like ACDSEE and just can't. I've been using Bridge (and Adobe actually integrated one of my ideas into Bridge when I was a beta tester years ago). I'm not happy with CC, but this is the only tool that I can use for what I do.

One thing Adobe does better than anyone else is support for Applescript. Even better than Apple in some of their applications. On the PC? I suspect other than Applescript it's nearly identical. I just never wanted to deal with the issues PCs present to photo/graphics folks like me.

Link | Posted on Feb 10, 2016 at 17:28 UTC
On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)
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Banhmi: 10 years from now this whole 'retro' camera fad will be long gone and we will look back at DPR articles like this one, waxing poetically about silver knobs, and think reviewers must have had some similar bits logged in their prefrontal cortex.

DSLRs are dead once the last few advantage are accommodated. Five years ago I would have never believed it. As for chrome costing more than black? That's a fact of life. Some materials cost more to produce in the form you want. You expect Fuji (or anyone else - even Leica charged more for chrome, and even more for Safari Green!) to be a charity or non-profit? Please. Use a modicum of logic.

Link | Posted on Feb 2, 2016 at 14:49 UTC
On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)
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Giacomo Sardi: another "small sensor-object of desire" camera........ dear Olympus listen to me: is a very, very ,very nice piece of metal, but the advantages of big sensors against m4/3 are obvious... this body (and my pocket) , for that price needs a bigger sensor...

All sensor, and non sense.

Bigger sensor, bigger camera, bigger lenses, bigger bag, more weight, more money.

Link | Posted on Feb 2, 2016 at 14:45 UTC
On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)

The O product is an abomination in my estimation. Design with no sense. Just to be different.

This camera is so compelling, I'm getting one for those times when it's not raining and I want to go even lighter. This and a few Panasonic/Leica lenses are going to be my always with me outfit.

Link | Posted on Feb 2, 2016 at 14:42 UTC as 20th comment
On article Corbis Images content to be distributed by Getty (29 comments in total)
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MyReality: Wow! Look at all the whining and crying happen in these posts. Where are the violins?
Photographers have to be invited to join Getty. Getty does not force anyone to sign a contract. Their contract is available to read online.
They are like any large company that wants to consolidate. They are not breaking any laws.
If you don't like their contract, don't sign. I have heard these kinds of comments before on this forum. Does anyone here believe in free will?
If you don't like the amount of your commission, sell thru a different outlet
Have a nice day?.

The problem with your tone deaf libertarian rant is that there is no competition now. Getty is it. All the rest are minor agencies that in no way can possibly compete with Getty. It was bad enough that Corbis and Getty had been buying up any viable competition for years.

As a photo editor whose $100,000 budget for licensing photos this year, I'm worried now that it won't be enough. Getty can now say, "Who you gonna go to?"

iStockphoto? Right. That amateur hour agency isn't going to cut the mustard. And it's owned by Getty! Superstock? Same photos essentially. Dreamstime? Even worse. The quality photos are all now behind the paywall at Getty.

Take your libertarian ideology and buy something with it. Unfortunately, it's not worth the hot air that rendered it in the first place.

Link | Posted on Jan 26, 2016 at 16:39 UTC
On article Corbis Images content to be distributed by Getty (29 comments in total)

Well, there go prices with that loss of competition.

Not to mention the ownership of Ansel Adams' archive is now in China. I knew selling out to Corbis was a bad idea. I ranted about this on Compuserve and Corbis promised they would treat that archive with respect. So much for the legacy of one of America's greatest photographers.

Link | Posted on Jan 26, 2016 at 16:32 UTC as 3rd comment

Back on my must-buy list. Along with Olympus' 300 f/4 (if the price is right).

Link | Posted on Jan 5, 2016 at 21:34 UTC as 26th comment

The still equivalent of 8K video.

Who's got the storage space to justify this?

Oh, I know. People who can afford a $50,000 camera and "normal" lens.

Link | Posted on Jan 4, 2016 at 15:44 UTC as 40th comment | 3 replies
On article Canon 35mm F1.4L II: a photojournalist's perspective (86 comments in total)

I remember my conversation with Chuck Westfall in 1985 when I told him Canon needed a 35mm 1.4. He said the brass said that lens was only interesting to photojournalists (implying not enough of a market to justify the development of such a lens). That's cool. I understand. But don't forget, photojournalists tend to influence other photographers. And sure enough, Canon did come out with this lens. And it's been a great success. (See how many 35mm 1.4s Leica has done over the years? There's a reason.)

I"m so happy this lens survived the budget cuts. My order will go in on Feb. 2nd.

Link | Posted on Dec 7, 2015 at 23:03 UTC as 15th comment
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