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Xentinus: For a long time Canon led the compact market,but lately it is changed...With this release,Canon shows that they still think the consumers will buy their products despite they are behind the competition!
One more year for 4K video?

And I have a NEW NEX-6 available for only £175 for those tempted :o)

Link | Posted on Feb 18, 2016 at 12:28 UTC

Forgive me for posting what might be a daft question, but how will that bottom tilting viewfinder affect those wishing to take low level shots (and even god forbid, selfies!) How many people take above head shots compared to low level shots - so this change from top to bottom tilting just seems stupid!

Seems like all Canon did was make enough changes to justify a higher price point as the older model started to loose value in the market!

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forpetessake: This review is 6 months too late. Everybody who was interested in this camera already bought it, tried it, and sent it back.
There are at least two very serious drawbacks that somehow the reviewers missed.
One is the kit 16-50 lens. It's so bad that it can compete with Sony 16-50 for the worst kit lens on the market. Selling 28MP camera with such poor lens is a complete waste of megapixels.
Second, other reviewers noticed, and I verified it myself, is the shutter shock problem with this camera & kit lens. It's pretty bad, people need to be aware of it.
It's also strange that the reviewers praised the low light performance. It's actually pretty unremarkable. There is a blue noise in dark areas, and the resolution goes down the tubes.

I was actually impressed at the 16-50 IQ .... Mines tack sharp ... You must have had a dodgy copy or been drinking :-)

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1512 comments in total)

I'm sorry, but aside from the fact I couldn't afford/justify the price, this shoebox sized slab of a camera is just too butt ugly! I hope the image quality FAR outweighs the negatives of looks and price, but I'm sorry all you Leica snobs, I seriously doubt it!

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Rick Knepper: Why would I buy a fixed lens camera that MSRPs for the same price as an interchangeable lens version (which can be found for $500 less from eBay dealers) that provides a world of flexibility?

Rick: the A7 is small yes ..... But not small enough to fit discreetly in a coat pocket and act as a true semi pocketable solution.

The one lens logic is also sound ... I've saved a fortune on lenses and enjoyed having to be more 'creative' (even change my style!) with a fixed solution. I'm finding it more fun picking up the RX1 and going out .... Instead of spending 15 minutes deciding what lens to take then wishing I'd brought another when I reached my destination.

Realises it's not for everyone, but it set me free lol!

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Rick Knepper: Why would I buy a fixed lens camera that MSRPs for the same price as an interchangeable lens version (which can be found for $500 less from eBay dealers) that provides a world of flexibility?

Because a stock lens on (for example) the A7 won't compare in quality to this fixed Lens beauty ... Nor would you be able to fit it in your coat pocket. I also don't miss the headache of deciding what lens to carry ... shooting with a fixed lens, for me, really brings out the fun / challenge in getting the ideal shot (the fun off composing a shot rather than relying on zoom). You'll also save a fortune on a one lens solution!!!!

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No G7X update ... shame ... I've been holding off for an upgrade; hope I haven't wasted my time waiting!

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iudex: I wanted to critisize the G9x for slow lens but then I realized I had a Canon S100 a couple of year back and it had f2-5,9 lens despite having small 1/1,7" sensor. This camera is comparatively big (or better say small) but has a much bigger sensor in it. Ideal for people who know nothing about photography, do not want a big camera but want a decent outcome (which the 1" Sony sensor surely delivers).

iudex: There was nothing wrong with the S100 or other S models - there was nothing else available at this size at this time, so I don't understand your criticism of what (for me) was a fine POCKETABLE camera

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On article Apple reveals 12.9-inch iPad Pro (212 comments in total)

Yet they fail to add an SD slot purely for greed!

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chadley_chad: I've been waiting for an RX1 v2 with tilting screen. Seems like Sony have forgotten about this gem of a camera in favour of every other model in their range! Why?

Because it doesn't have a tilting screen!

... improve it and they'll buy ... simples!

Link | Posted on Aug 5, 2015 at 15:39 UTC
On article Sony reportedly shifting focus to full-frame cameras (455 comments in total)

I've been waiting for an RX1 v2 with tilting screen. Seems like Sony have forgotten about this gem of a camera in favour of every other model in their range! Why?

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Jennyhappy2: Either way it's gonna sell.

As of today on Amazon, here are the top sellers:

LX100 - #113
RX100 II - #104
RX100 IV - #20
RX100 III - #19
RX100 - #18

Like it, then buy it. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

I just wish Mike would use a spell checker. Reading his posts hurts my brain :-)

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guydr: All RX100's have good IQ, I'm not gone argue that and you pay for the version you want. My only gripe with Sony cams is the launching price in the EU. RX100m3 was 849€ when introduced, now the RX100m4 will be 1149€. I think Sony lost touch with reality here and at that price they are gone sell 0,000³ units in the EU. Don't BS over the VAT, that's the price we have to pay. The G7X is now around 500€ in comparisation.

@jennyhappy2. What evidence do you have to support your statement that the 'demand isn't there'? I for one moved from the RX100 to the G7X thanks to the touch screen and better zoom range; plus the fact I didn't need an evf on what really is a pocket camera. Complications with the lens? I get better images from the canon than I did from the Sony. Your statement is incorrect then ... Some people don't want or need an evf ... Especially at £'ssss more!

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Jefftan: People who are interested in RX100 IV should seriously consider GM1, this is written by a happy new owner

way exceed my expectation
sharp lens, excellent IQ, fast auto-focus, good image stabilization,fast operation

Mainly because of the great sharp lens, to my great surprise IQ even beat my NEX-5N with Sony 10-18mm F4 lens (already much better than the garbage 16-50mm kit)

why by this overpriced camera? just for being a little bit smaller?

And tolerate lower IQ and much more expensive? It is your money but I really can't understand

You clearly have a broken NEX!

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spaghettii: Battery life: 280 shots

Really? Play around with the setting on that bright screen and take a few shots the battery is dead! At this price I expect the battery life at least 700 shots.

My first dslr is the Sony Translucent then comes NEX and my last Sony camera is the A6000 but never satisfied with any of them. I was impressed with the features and hypes but....but....but....the battery life is terrible and the lens selection is even worst (expensive). Sold them all on craigslist.

Purchase my first Nikon camera last week, the D3300 for $399 with 18-55mm and 55-200 kit lens. I was blown away with the IQ and the battery life last forever and happily invest 35mm 1.8 and 55mm 1.8 and some extra accessories.

Enjoy lugging that beast of a camera around ... My NEX6 fits very comfortably in my coat pocket :-)

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Tom Holly: Overpriced junk. It resolves barely 25 megapixels of fine detail, and to get that you have to stop it down a bit, which we all know renders a lens useless.

Sorry, but to call it 'overpriced junk' just shows a persons arrogance!

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Photoman: I wonder if these adapters will be any good. I thought you only put adapter lens on video cameras? I would prefer a FE 21mm with no attachments on it.

It's so cheap, just buy and try ... and if you don't like, eBay it to get your money back! You won't however be disappointed!

Link | Posted on Apr 18, 2015 at 10:58 UTC

There seems to be a lot of people commenting on here, in some cases silly comments, embarrassing themselves IMO, ignorant to both camera technologies and the market for these types of cameras! Don't like, don't buy, don't understand, don't comment!

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tom1234567: I don't no why camera makers keep producing cameras with these

It's time the public were educated to what they are buying
Instead of being ripped off by ALL camera manufactures

Tom; way to show your ignorance of both camera technologies and the market. You should also perhaps 'educate' yourself on spelling (no = know!) alongside the above two points!

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