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Joseph Mama: Is it just me or do these new advantages seem really minor?

I mean, how often are you spamming shots and have a desperate need to be able to see whats going on withiin that 2 seconds before the buffer fills up?

Secondly, I guess my 179 Autofocus points was somehow insufficient on my A6000? Having 425 is gonna have a huge difference?

In the meantime, NO stabilization which seemed like a shoo-in feature considering the A7 mark 2. Also, considering many of these lenses dont have stabilization already.

I guess the good news is that I won't be tempted to "upgrade" this year...

Still better compared to Canikon when they do an update.

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The quest for higher margins..

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p5freak: So, the filter transfers all the energy from the steel ball to the lens, instead of taking the hit, breaking the glass with the energy ? Good for the filter, bad for the lens. You might end up with an intact filter, and a broken lens.

No for many reasons. First, the strong filter isn't there to protect the lens from breaking apart but to prevent scratches or fine damage. Any stronger force that can break the strengthened filter will also damage the lens it is attached to.

Second, glass doesn't absorb more force with greater applied forces once it is beyond/stronger than the breaking point.

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For me, it is quite easy or very limited. I look for the "look". I prefer the image quality of Medium Format cameras based on CCD. Fortunately, I have found it on a smaller and cheaper format which is based on Sigma's Foveon sensor. Both are poor at higher ISOs. Currently I have the first generation DP2 and is still satisfied with the IQ, if only it were as fast, reliable, and long lasting as the Ricoh GR.

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ozturert: I think Nikon will come up with a 24MP Coolpix A very soon, so even though 16MP is good enough this model will be "outdated". And before bashing me, remember that I say "16MP is good enough". It's just that, if you release a camera in 2016, I'd expect 24MP for APSC.
But then they don't want to rival their own XPro2 in MP race, I guess.

I'd use that resolution for reduction to 8-12MP for pixel level acuity. :)

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That Exolens for the iPhone is baffling. I don't know if there's a market for these. I'd understand if they sold expensive lens hoods which is a boon for the flare prone smartphones cameras.

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There is another issue; high contrast scenes are more difficult in terms of highlight control since it is rather too sensitive than we are used to.
Shutter shock seems pretty bad where it gets sharp at around 1/750 speed.

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gianniviola: Is a beautiful camera with a lot of new features. But why buy an Aps camera that costs more than a full frame? a few years ago maybe it made sense.
Gianni Viola

Not the full frame, but the Canon 7d II. Though this is a bit superior over the Canon, 500 USD more is asking too much.

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Hmm, someone is still making CCD sensors. I am interested in sample images from these two models with the sensor.

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Impressive specs but image quality still no different than any CMOS sensor. It just allows a lot more detail per shot. The highlights are not well controlled and throws away image quality making it look like it came from any cheaper camera.

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Ivan Lietaert: My inner budget-aware self tells me that the 'plastic fantastic' €100 Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II is a much better choice (AF!) compared to this over-priced manual focus lens.
I also own an analog Auto Chinon 55mm f1.7 lens that has a crazy bokeh and a natural soft look, valued on eBay at about €35. My inner calculator tells me that is 14 times cheaper compared to this gear of the year Lensbaby...

Giving you a +1 as from short experience with it, the Canon gives the same effect at f1.8 which is soft and dreamy, albeit, with more contrast compared to the Lensbaby. The same effect can be achieved through less contrast and less sharpness settings in camera or post processing.

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They have to continue their camera business. What they spend and learn here can help improve the camera functionality of their smartphones.

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People, relax. I'm sure DPR has parts 2,3,4 to 7 to include your favorite camera as gear of the year.

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Mister Roboto: Pathetic IQ, paying $700 bucks for a smartphone with mediocre features and results like this is laughable. $300 Nexus 5X is much better than this.

Good point. It probably has the best IQ in a smartphone in good light right now.
I wonder what is lost though without the OIS as I find its value in low light with HDR mode in the Nexus 5.

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Aroart: I personally know quit a few photographers and videographers here in NY. Every time they use a Sony camera they all complain about the terrible battery life over priced lenses and ocassionall crashes. They either return them in a week or use them for a side kick and family gatherings. While the image quality is there I don't think it would be able to take the physical abuse and demands of a pro that shoots weddings or in extreme weather... So technically this camera realy should not be on best overall list...One more issue Sony doesn't even have the most used lense in there system lineup the 70-200 2.8.......

What is best? I think DPR is choosing by its major audience, the non-pros. The Pentax 645z appearance is a mystery though, maybe to cater to non-pros with that budget.

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Brilliant idea to add more value to their 4K video feature. Personally, I don't find 4k useful nor convenient.

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Sorry Panny, the feature is still in its infancy. This won't take off until h265 codec is supported by hardware in many affordable devices. The file sizes are very inconvenient and the Full HD at 60p isn't mainstream yet maybe due to the mentioned file sizes.

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Eric Glam: The lens is such a disappointment!
Every (p)review I've read so far praised how good the fixed lens is and how sharp it is corner to corner. So not true!!! People can compare the photos but they pay more attention to the words, which are so misleading.

I've compared photos both here on DPreview and on Imaging Resource, and the conclusion is that the fixed lens on the Sony RX1r mk2 is NOT good enough. From about 75% and outwards, the photo is fuzzy and blurry.
The good news is that the sensor produces excellent blacks, and noise performance is also excellent. But the lens is simply not up to par.

It is intentional. Fixed prime lens cameras are designed similarly so that lens size, weight, and costs are minimized as much as possible. To get the quality you expect, the lens will be similar to a Zeiss Otus or a medium format lens.

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