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On photo Daimler-Hudson 1937 in the My Favorite Car - Title with Make / Model please. challenge (19 comments in total)

Its the photographer, not the camera, that counts. Excellent work!

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On photo Viper Drag in the F-16 Fighting Falcon challenge (11 comments in total)
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white shadow: A well taken photo but it is an unfair challenge because a normsl person without access to an air refuel tanker would never be able to shoot it.

Not much in life is fair. And I love this photo - well done!!

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People keep complaining about the sizes of these lenses, but the way I see it for most outings all I need is the 28mm f/2, 35mm f/2.8 and the 55mm f/1.8 on the A7. Small enough for me, even when compared to my Fuji XE-1 kit.

I already own the 35 and the 55 - they are small enough and simply fantastic lenses. I only hope the 28mm f/2 is as good.

Eventually, I'll either add the 21mm adapter (if its decent) or keep using my Oly 21mm f/3.5 - which is tiny and very good.

Screw the E mount zooms, I agree that they are too large, but who needs them with such sweet and small primes!!

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On article Fujifilm X-T1 Review (655 comments in total)
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Jim Salvas: I think it's fitting that DPR gave this the exact same rating as the EM1. These are closely matched competitors, with about the same amount of pluses and minuses on both sides. It boils down to personal preference between two excellent cameras. This sort of competition should be good for both camps.

There's nothing wrong with that - it simply that there are many fantastic offerings at the moment!

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samhain: If I shot Nikon, I'd be getting this lens. The sample shots I've seen have been absolutely beautiful. The bokeh, coma, rendering, micro contrast, 3-d effect, etc, just lovely results.
I've learned to not put so much stock into numbers & resolution testing and focus more on real life shots/examples of what the lens can produce. There's so much more to a lens than numbers. For a landscape lens- yes I want max sharpness. But for a portrait lens, I'm much more concerned with rendering characteristics. does it have 'mojo'?

I've owned lenses that didn't test well but the results were breathtaking. My old (made in Japan) Pentax 77mm is a prime example. That lens can produce portraits that are down right haunting. Rendering & characteristics that I couldn't get out of a canon 85/1.2 or Sony Zeiss 135/1.8. Both of those lenses are best of the best portrait lenses, yet the Pentax 77(especially on a FF film camera) could just do spooky things that I could never recreate with other lenses.

^ - now that's a nice review of this type of lens, thanks for sharing.

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On photo Reflection in the My best picture this week challenge (5 comments in total)

Fabulous. Print it and hang it with pride.

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On photo Starry, Starry Night in the Planet Earth challenge (2 comments in total)


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On photo Cairo Nilometer Rhoda Island in the City of Cairo - Egypt challenge (3 comments in total)

Awesome image.

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On photo Nepal in the Old is Gold challenge (2 comments in total)


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On photo 2008 Maserati Gran Turismo in the Black and White photo of 1 Car in HDR challenge (7 comments in total)

Wow, very nice. I'm curious about the PP here. Is this a multi-image pano used to reduce DOF?

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They look pretty good. There are also some FF shots from the 5d2 on their site as well - doesn't look like it will be usable on FF - no surprise there.

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On photo 223 Commonwealth Ave Boston Mass in the Ad campaign: Doorway challenge (3 comments in total)

Yea for a film shot winning!! (especially on a website called dpreview :) )

What film was this, by the way?

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Just think how you would feel if this were your husband / wife that ended up on the cover? Publishing this story is journalism, publishing this photo (especially with the headline they chose) is pure sensationalism.

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On photo Shanghai Wedding in the Weddings .. challenge (6 comments in total)

It amazes me how many people say that IS is useless for non-static subjects - way to prove them wrong! Beautiful shot.

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On photo Peak Cavern - The Tube in the Spelunking challenge (4 comments in total)

Awesome image.

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On photo SUBWAY 1349 in the High Quality Photography challenge (9 comments in total)


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On article Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review (355 comments in total)

I really want to like Pentax, but what where they thinking?. K-mount and no EVF? Really? That makes this camera only of interest to those already invested in Pentax glass. Pentax needs to broaden their market and they had an opportunity to do so with this camera but they didn't, sadly.
If this camera was "universal mount" like the NEX then I would have seriously considered it as it would give provided a mirrorless platform with an APS-C sensor and IBIS, which would have made it a unique and truly appealing camera. So sad Pentax. I'll have to stick with my NEX and E-PL2 for now.

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Silly, Silly, Silly. Leica really has lost it.

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On article Fujifilm firmware attempts to fix X10 white discs (264 comments in total)
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Francis Carver: Thank you so much, Pasha001. Thanks for finding this smoking gun for the rest of us.


Photo taken w. X10 on 9 February 2012 WITH the v.1.03 firmware update installed. For those who don't even see a problem with this photo -- the Fujifilm X10 is your camera, no doubt, For others -- stay the heck away!

I guess when you have a DEFECTIVE SENSOR in a camera, no amount of "firmware fix" will fix it. Say, your car's engine blew-up. Will a fancy paint job fix that?

Also, it seems like the version 1.03 "firmware fix" has been so successful, on 10 February 2012 Fujifilm had already pulled it?

The travails of this camera (X10) and its sister cam, the X-S1 will probably be written up in business school textbooks soon as case studies.

I see it, but it doesn't effect the types of photos I take. I've taken countless photos with my X10 so far and I've yet to see a single orb. Of course, I don't use it to take night city-scapes, that's what my 5d is for silly.

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Michael49: My 6 year old 5D still trumps my NEX 5N in terms of image quality (both low and high ISO), and that's with using equally good glass on each, so I'll be interested to see how the XP1 compares. The XP1 does look promising with this new sensor, especially with the lack on an AA filter.

Here you go....




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