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On Connect post Huawei demonstrates ultra-fast charging battery technology (48 comments in total)

Qualcomm QC 2.0 fast charging is already in many new phones and many brands of fast chargers. It is about this good and does not require taking the battery out of the phone.

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HowaboutRAW: No:

It's more like Apple putting not great sound cards in laptops, discontinuing the iPod that had good sound, and not being serious about fixing the sound quality of the iTunes software--no matter the file type.

Retina screens are still 8 bit, and Apple has decided that the subtlety of lighting shown in these M246 raws isn't something Apple wants to handle.

Also most Macs use SSDs internally now.

LOL. :-D

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Seems like focusing the 3 wavelengths the sensor uses is not good enough if it means losing the rest of the light or the rest of the light coming as a blur. They need to focus adjoining regions of the spectrum.

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On Connect post Flasher smartphone flash launched on Kickstarter (73 comments in total)

Short range selfies on an iPhone is not where you need an extra flash. The flash on the iPhone is actually quite good for short range.

Also, the photo on the left is a much better photo and could be brightened up in post if that’s what you want.

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munro harrap: Waiting for a Nikon 36MP full-frame? Well, you might be. Suppose rumours are true that they too are working on a mirrorless theme as are Canon?
Imagine being able to have full-frame coverage using all the Nikkor lenses you cannot use on the A7 series WITH AF, and with no loss of coverage because Nikon will keep the same style and leave the space for the mirror empty (save perhaps for a removable filter to protect the sensor and the electronics as Sigma DSLRs used to have).

Daft on the face of it? Not really because as soon as you get beyond about the 35mm lens you need and then get provided with too long lenses, each of which has to compensate for the loss of the mirror box on the A7 by adding an extra bit of its own. As this applies to most lenses the kit is larger and heavier, as the sole advantage of the A7 series body is its narrowness. But that happens once only.

I pray Nikon keep the mirrorbox on theirs and then we wont have to replace all our already too expensive lenses

Nope, A7ii and a Nikon to E adaptor is smaller and lighter than a standard DSLR by a fair bit. Also on A7ii they added the beefier grip that some people felt was missing on the A7. Also it’s a weather sealed metal frame. If what you want is just a larger metal frame so it will look like cameras you’re used to, that will add weight.

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On article Manfrotto introduces new lens filter lineup (125 comments in total)
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Eric Nepean: Filters are actually tricky to buy - if not good quality glass and coatings, they cause minor degradations to your images, and these are hard to track down. And when you do discover them, the situation may be that you have been shooting with the offending filter for 6 months or a year.

I've become very cautious buying filters.

Lot’s of people say B+W or Zeiss. But the actual tests I see say that for UV filters in particular Hoya beats B+W. This is then followed by people saying the hydrophobic coating is better on B+W. But that’s not an image quality issue.

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On article Manfrotto introduces new lens filter lineup (125 comments in total)

Could be a way to sell Marumi filters to people who don’t know the name Marumi.

Except if they’re rebranded, why do they not have the rest of the sizes?

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So the two complaints are that the design is copied from Leica, and that the design sucks. Of course none of the same people would say Leica’s design sucks.

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The screws do not connect to the plastic piece, they pass throw it and connect to the frame below it. So that plastic piece is a shim. For all we know it is a custom shim and a slightly different plastic spacer is chosen based on final measurements of the manufactured camera. Or if could be part of the springiness of the mount, augmenting the leaf springs.

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On article HTC introduces the RE digital camera (102 comments in total)
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Nukunukoo: Obviously they are selling this product because of it's shape and accessories. Because the video specs are extremely unremarkable.

I think their selling the small size, the grip shape, and the wide angle view.

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On article Hasselblad unveils pixel-shifting 200MP H5D-200c MS (231 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: Is this camera just going to point out all of the imperfections of the lenses?

No, it is shooting 200MPixels to get better range and color, and to reduce noise in a 50MPixel shot. And it does have lenses that can handle 50MPixels. In that sense it’s like a stacked sensor.

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On article Sony a5100 First Impressions Review (588 comments in total)

Does anyone have thoughts on using this sort of flip up screen for shooting down toward the ground? Would you turn the camera around to get a position more stable than leaning over?

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Stephen123: There’s a pretty big Sony vs. Canon question in what color those arches bait up and left of center look to the human eye. Sony has them white and a bit blown out. Canon has them warm and detailed. If they are cream or yellow to the human eye then Sony is screwing up. If not, Canon is screwing up. It’s not like it’s a small difference.

If the arches were turned on it makes sense. It’s not the Adobe RAW calibration because it happens in the JPEGs. In addition to the arches and the windows under the crane, the rendering is different in the crosswalk in the foreground.

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There’s a pretty big Sony vs. Canon question in what color those arches bait up and left of center look to the human eye. Sony has them white and a bit blown out. Canon has them warm and detailed. If they are cream or yellow to the human eye then Sony is screwing up. If not, Canon is screwing up. It’s not like it’s a small difference.

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The people in this video either don’t understand, or are being portrayed as not understanding the basics of digital preservation. That’s a bit disturbing given that this is a top flight preservation project.

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Ben Raven: HELLO, SONY -- A7r Electronic First Curtain Update !

Get on this same EFC shutter firmware update for the A7r.
You've already got it in the A7 . . .

Let us say 'Ba-Bye' to shutter shock and clunk-clunk.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

It seems like this approach would work as a firmware update. The A7r has a limit on the speed of the electronic shutter that they felt was too slow. But why not use electronic shutter on longer exposures and mechanical shutter only for very short exposure? It’s an obvious idea once someone says it.

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A third party add-on to remove vibration would be much harder and more expensive. And vibration is easier to remove in post. This device doesn’t replace software solutions, it makes software solutions more effective.

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Biowizard: There are already many, established, available and reliable "gimble" mounts for GoPro - what does this one have to offer that is any different?


Can you provide a link?

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On article CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sigma DP2 Quattro (249 comments in total)
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carlos roncatti: Why the heck no photos with the guy holding the camera showing a position that he will take photos with it?

That video shows one person using the camera with the weight of the camera on their pinky finger. The other person seems to be having an easier time, but they have their finger and thumb in surprisingly contorted positions. It looks like it may be a little more natural if you put the lcd a few inches from your face with your right forefinger pointing approximately straight up.

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On article Blackmagic Production Camera 4K available now for $3000 (111 comments in total)

Specs hère don't say the frame rate at 1080p, if 1080p is 444 or if 1080p uses all the pixels or just samples.

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