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Thorfinn: Sorry,
for something like USD 80 I can talk to my local saddler or shoemaker craftsman, choose whatever leather I want (fx. same as the Jensen Interceptor Interior), feel it, smell it ...
Sometimes marketing costs eats real craftsmenship.

There must have gone millions in R&D costs to come with an idea of a camera strap. Its unique design has never been tried in 100 years of rangefinder camera history. Common craftsman that specializes in leather goods will be unable to create similar or better product at lower cost.

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ravikiran532: Ooops..too big to carry.. no articulated back illuminated sensor..
only 20 Megapixels :)

Canon has stabilized lenses and has them on offer for the last 10 years. They are priced competitively to non-stabilized ones from other manufacturers.

Sure, that is not a solution to my MF Meyer-Optic Gorlitz Primoplan but we all know that camera is designed to shot 15 frames per second with old, funky, manual focus lenses.

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Xentinus: What is wrong with the articulated LCD?..If you don't like it,you don't have to use it...It doesn't make a camera less professional!
Sony's LCD on A99 is pretty darn useful.
Why do you need live view in this camera segment?
Why do you need video mode in this camera segment?
Why hybrid autofocus and dual pixel?
Since the LCD doesn't compromise on build quality and weather sealing,then why not?

@PhotoKhan - your argument morphed from "Canon not listening to its customer base" to "customers not knowing what is good for them". Those are two diametrally different positions and if both are indeed true, then Canon can hardly be criticized. The simpler explanation is that you are not a customer in that camera segment. That or you are just a minority that feel such feature is a must have in that segment.

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T3: What I find most interesting is that Sony is so new to the game, and yet they've chosen not to take a me-too approach. I think that can be one of the advantages of having a fresh set of eyes; you end up solving problems in a new and innovative way., and you're not bound by traditional thinking.

Is it good or bad? Are you going to drool over fresh eyeys and innovative thinking when your shootout starts and you see fuzzy corners?

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supeyugin1: A speech full of lies and inconsistencies. She blames US embargo and Russia pulling out, but nothing about communist regime. She should have visited Soviet union in 80-ies, which pulled out of Cuba in 1991 (and not in 1999),to see the same thing.
She is blaming everything, but the real cause of the problem. She should visit North Korea as well to see similarities and make a conclusion.

@supeyugin1 - There is no sense in talking sense with someone who is not even able to create an argument. For me, as a person that lived through the dying years of communism in my native country, I am always amazed at people in the Western world who, while criticizing their own country politics, are oblivious to the atrocities and misery that communist doctrine brought to the world. The doctrine that loves people, so much that it loves them to death. I guess it is always fashionable to be a rebel. Pity, those rebels do not use their own heads. For better or, in my opinion, worse left wing proclaimed to be a defender of the poor, so any leftist doctrine, no matter how stupid and bloody, is more attractive to the compasionate fools. I should however not be so surprised, remembering thousands of western intellectuals supporting foreign regime which was murduring millions of their own and other countries' citizens.

In this case it is not a failure of Cuban government to manage economy and make their citizens happy. It is unjust embargo of an enemy country that is responsible. Noone asks why USA should feel oblidged to support its own enemy. Noone asks why Cuban government, if they do not want to change their attitude, did not secure support of enemies of USA. Everyone likes easy, black and white answers. They are so touching.

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DFPanno: Let's not be unfair.

Early 5D3s had a light leak too.

If you want a camera that doesn't suffer such introductory problems buy a Nikon.

Having German guy sweating to assemble products will guarantee you nothing. I have seen and heard of enough of badly designed, produced and advertised products from various industries (all German auto, some furniture) to have little faith in Made in Germany myth. There are companies that create and sustain good workmanship culture (maybe Leica) and there are (majority) that operate on the good enough level in particular industryvsegment supported by prestige level promotional messages.

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nafik: As ridiculous as Hummer, Leica, MB, BMW etc. this is just another toy for those of us who do not know what to do with their money (taking photography course or giving to charity could be a better option).
It most likely will produce excellent images that will be looked at on smartphones for a one minute before another text shows up.

He has a point regardless if he himself follows more rational approach to photography or not. It is rather hitting summary of my own choices.

Incidentally why suddenly Leica and BMW brands are put apart from that of the Hummer. All create competent products in their market space. All those products are too expensive for utility they really provide to average consumer of those products, not considering aspects of fullfilment of one's ego. For all of them there are cheaper and better equivalents on the market.

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If that is how 4K video looks like then I do not understand what is the fuss about.

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On Connect post Feature film shot on iPhone 5 coming to cinemas (64 comments in total)

I think shooting full length movie using cell phones was still much easier than coming up with so surreal the screenplay.

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photogeek: I'd rather they fixed the goddamned sensor instead. It's way too sensitive, and it is engaged even when the screen is tilted away from the body. Super annoying.

How about this, Sony:
1. Make eye sensor sensitivity configurable.
2. Disable it when screen is popped out.

It's not that difficult. All you have to do is to get your engineers to use the cameras on a semi-frequent basis to understand how annoying the current behavior is.

Fully agree. I encountered that behavior this weekend using A6000. Maybe it is something that can be configured so I have to take a look into manual though my first reaction is that default configuration should be optimal to the user and it is not. If it can't be changed than you are right - Sony produces ideas without event testing them in practice.

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On article World Press Photo revokes prize from Giovanni Troilo (100 comments in total)
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Sean65: If ever we needed proof that things have changed from photoJOURNALIST to PHOTOjournalist, it's garbage like this.

Years ago it was ALL about the story. Now it's all about the photographers ego.

Good for WPP for stripping this dickhead of his prize. Journalist, my ass!

@b craw. Well said. I am not sure were that claim to objective journalism came from. It is enough to look into literature of 200 years ago to notice that press was as corrupted then as it is now.

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On article World Press Photo revokes prize from Giovanni Troilo (100 comments in total)
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Riquez: It actually seems like the mayor didn't like the dark side of his town shown & has tried to find some way to discredit.
I think Troilo has pushed his creative licence a bit but there doesn't seem like any gross cheating. 1 photo was in the wrong town, that is why he was disqualified.

@Eric Calabros. Photography is misleading medium. It captures an image in front of the photographer but, even if that image is not manipulated before or after photograph is taken, it's claim to "reflect reality" is dubious. Reality has infinite number of shades whereas single photograph is just a snapshot. Photographer can try capturing that infinite number of tones but he can only approximate and that approximation is already based on his interpratation of the weights of infinite number of facts.

I am not disputing that hiding the fact of staging situations is dishonest as in reported example. I am just disputing your notion that proper photojurnalism is somehow able to avoid ideological manipulation, avoid manipulating viewers' perceptions and leave interpretation entire to them. Put leftist, centrist and rightist photojurnalists into same situation and they will produce "real" stories that would appeal to their respective audience.

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Juck: That slow zoom had better be a hell of a performer for $1000.


I am definitly not an expert but wouldn't we catch more rain water through larger roof hole than through small roof hole? The area of the bucket should not matter if we have a funnel shaped piping in place that prevents spills and directs that rain to the bucket. Isn't lens through set of glass eleemnts creating such piping? If focal lengths of two lenses are equivalent are not their aperture sizes equivalent?

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Marty4650: Damien,

I think you are absolutely right. The folks at Olympus, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung all made a deep sigh of relief then they discovered that the Canon M3 was just another half hearted attempt for Cannon to have a "presence" in the MILC market.

Of course, it is pretty hard for Canon NOT to have a presence when they command around a 50% market share in the overall market. There are bound to be some Canon users who want a MILC camera, so Cannon has given them one. However not selling their new camera in North America, or not making the EOS adapter easy to find doesn't help that cause.

Canon has foolishly put all their chips on DSLRS, when they should have been putting chips on both. Because both DSLR and MILC cameras will be around for a very long time. It really is baffling as to why Canon isn't aggressive in both markets.

That statistics says very little. How many users abandoned their SLR setup to move to stricktly mirrorless system? What total number of users we are talking about? Is that market even profitable?

I do not see many techonological challenges in producing MILC over DSLR. The products seem very similar apart from few nuances. When companies that offer MILC failed is mostly in marketing and purposely withholding features from specific offer.

My point is that Canon is quite successful and well run company. If they do not enter MILC market with a full force it is probably because their profit predictions do not justify it for them. It may be not popular among few 'enthusiasts' but it also does not mean that would lock them out of market when they think the time is right. It is not as if current MILC are perfect. There seems to be huge turnaround among MILC users.

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JurijTurnsek: There is still room for A7 in Sony's line-up. Some people don't need IBIS and are happy with the low price and lower weight and bulk, excellent performance of the original A7. Maybe Sony will prolong its productions as it did with the RX100 series.

Well, A900 I use has IBIS and most of the time it is turned off. Didn't realize that I really need it.

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mpgxsvcd: 4 years ago this chip was unimaginable. Now that it is here Canon is still where they were 4 years ago talking about the “Impossible”.

You sound like someone who has Sony shrine at home. A missionary for corporate entity. Rather wierd :-)

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Tal Shachar: film is an environmental disaster, go digital now!

@AlanG. Seems to me we all exaggerate or take numbers from the ceiling to support our own agendas as none of us have any idea on the total energy/materials used to produce and deliver neither film nor digital cameras and accessories. I am amazed though at quantities of film used that you mentioned. It must have been full scale commercial operation. I went on 3 weeks vacation during which I used probably 12 rolls of 120 film. I have never found myself saving film, I shoot whenever I wanted. Casual photographer won't have enough opportunities or time to use that amount of film in a quarter of the year.

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bmcdad: Its like saying AT&T will restart production of Rotary Phones... Art does not require a time machine. You can't reminisce evolution to a halt.

@RPJG You can use film because you may enjoy looking at 6x9, 6x17 or 4x5 transparencies on the light table. You can scan them as well. Film cameras also came down in price (even professional ones). For someone shooting moderate amount of photographs the cost may be comparable with the cost of ownership of digital 35mm camera, trading convenience for larger negative sizes and sometimes better/nicer experience. If it is just a hobby the choice of equipment does not have to be driven by efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Donnie G: Nearly 1,000 comments about a corporate ad campaign from this site alone. Ha ha ha, LOL. Seems the teaser was very successful in reminding average people and businesses that Canon is involved in a lot more than just making consumer cameras and lenses. BRILLIANT!

There is a huge difference between buying 300$ camera and 1000$ camera. I am also not sure why you assume that so different consumer groups need and want mirrorless cameras. None of my friends, casual users, even think about camera as a system. For 300$ they want complete package and do not care nor think about expanding it. Only select few casual users can and want to spend 1000$ on a camera, not to mention think about diving even deeper by buying additional lenses.

Last time I checked Canon had its own advanced compact in the form of G series. They do not focus much on interchangeable system but how large is that user group? You also say that DSLR market is saturated. What about mirrorless scene where so many players deliver similar products with little to no differentiation. Maybe Canon's strategy is sound. I do not think mirrorless is so entrenched. Current mirrorless systems have such flows that single good product would cause flood of converts.

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Rick Knepper: Last thing I want is a commercial photographer and his entourage hogging up space at overlooks and other viewpoints and blocking trails. Besides, the permit is a formality. I see very few requests for permits being denied if any. What I don't like are commercial photo workshop operators and their customers. Many are respectful of non-workshop shooters but some are downright rude. And they suck up permits to places like the Wave while individuals go wanting.

You think that proposed law, as described, would change anything for the better? I strongly disagree. This is exactly permit system that makes it difficult for the individual to obtain access to Wave and other places. Commercial operator, professional photographer or a persons associated with government agencies that manage places are in an advantage caused they do it for a living, intricately know the procedure, have connections, etc. The proposed law means that the access or use of many more places will be made more difficult for an occasional users. The flood of permit requests will also require additional office work to process or it will overburden existing services. I am not sure this is what the country needs. It is rather inefficient way to increase federal income.

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