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He really claims this to be shot by a monkey? I really doubt it.

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Simply wow!

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penguinman: From Andy Rouse web page.

Pointless Comparison

This is a plea to the lens geeks. Please do not start comparing the Canon lens with the Nikon one, it is pointless. The Nikon 200-400 does a great job for Nikon photographers and the Canon lens will do a great job for Canon photographers. Comparing the two is just pointless, as no one is going to change camera system to use this lens are they? No they are not, so please don’t fuel the silly Canon vs Nikon debate anymore, it’s not what this lens or this review is all about.

given the fact that you could buy the Nikon lens + D800E for less than the Canon - I'd say comparison is valid.

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too bad I sold my nex... if it performs as good as the 30mm, it might be one of the best lenses for the system. For good light conditions though.

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Antony John: Hmm, so how exactly does a lens 'gather light'?
There's a little basket underneath or something?

Einstein was only one of many great minds of the 19th and 20th century whose work laid the foundation for understaning the dual nature of light (and other objects as well).

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nawknai: This is like a rich guy suggesting that poor people just earn more money.

I grew up in the 'burbs.

I live in the city now, so I can try some street photography, but landscape photography is on hold until my next vacation.

If I'd buy a car, I couldn't afford a camera. Also don't have a driving license LOL ;) But when living in a city, there is a chance you can make "city-landscapes" kind of pictures. Of course - photos like those shown in the article are completely out of reach.

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how strange this new lens... does not seem to be any improvement vs the sigma 19mm at around 3 times the price. It is smaller - yes. But the sigma is not big either, so why bother?

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