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Amnon G: Interestingly FW4 didn't bring all features of X-E2s. The missing ones are shutter-speed IS features and auto-mode with scene selection.

Been engaging with FujiRumors and I don't know yet why the FW of the X-E2s is not identical to X-E2 now and if there's any hardware differences between the two except for cosmetic button labeling.

X-E2s has WiFi, pretty sure that is a hardware update?

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mrc4nl: Its all about a7 and Fe mount these days.

I wish sony would finally come up with a new aps-c lens. I dont want expensive FE stuff

Why upgrade over A6000?

- Better body
- Improved controls
- Much better EVF
- Better software (things like Auto ISO control)
- 4K video
- Much improved AF
- Improved responsiveness
- Improved image quality
- Uncompressed RAWs
- Ability to use with A-Mount and other AF adapted lenses
- 120fps FHD video
- S-Log3 (even A7R II doesn't have this)
- Stronger mount
- Dust and moister resistance
- Mic and Headphone jacks

Yes I know that some of those relate to video, but seriously it has to have a higher res sensor or isn't worth upgrading? Really?

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Siobhan A: What kind of IS does the lens have again?
And will this sell for $1800 on Amazon like the Nikon and Canon versions with IS? Or will Sony charge their typical 15% premium over their $1899 MSRP?

Canon version has no IS. Nikon's new version does (but seems to be quite tragic given the price). Sony's does however have 5-axis IS in the body, which neither Canon or Nikon have.

Luckily if you prefer the Canon version because it is slightly cheaper, you can use it with an adapter, however you don't get all the same functionality of this lens.

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HowaboutRAW: Why the lossy raws?

Aren't edges and contrast changes where the lossy RAWs supposedly fall over and DPR made a big song and dance about? Wouldn't those same edges and transition points be rather important in looking at lenses?

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photominion: The fact that they only offer an iOS app says all about the target user of this camera.

(someone who prefers a foolproof ui and is ready to overpay to compensate his lazyness.)

Not, don't flame me, I honestly don't know anyone who could ever tell me about a real advantage of iOS over Android other than the fact that it "just works".

Same can be said in reverse about Android (which I am using right now).

Best thing people can usually say about Android is 'you can root it' so you can tweak it. Why anyone would want to buy a mobile device with the sole purpose of fixing it themselves and claiming the fact that they can (have to) do that makes it 'better' is beyond me.

Personally I find them both to be equal parts useful and awful and really wish that other great mobile OSes didn't die out so these two could have their cruddy duopoly.

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NickyB66: Pay (save) the extra and get a Leica Q. Of course is more expensive but immensely superior to the T, both in handling, image quality etc. Plus it will hold its resale value more if the customer comes to resell it in future.

Awesome, where can I buy the ultra wide and telephoto lenses for the Q?...


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cinemascope: If I want a lens to last forever I'll just buy Voigtlander, Zeiss manuals (made by Cosina most likely), Pentax Ltds (which autofocus btw) or Leica M. Done.

Considering Leica nearly went down the gurgler I don't know that you plan just a couple years ago would have been thought that wise. Saying that, the plethora of mirrorless cameras since then have enabled these lenses again.

But as illustrated above just because your 'forever lenses' seem like they may be a viable forever future today, doesn't mean they will be tomorrow.

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nimrod1212: Hoping they address more of the wide end of the lens spectrum.

What do you feel is missing?

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bgbs: Currently only Nikon has proven that its lenses last forver, because it never changed its mount.

And all of which can be used on Sony.

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hammarbytp: ‘Sometimes we propose a new lens but often it comes from the product planning department [the marketing department that assesses potential requirements and demands]'

Sums up Sony. We make the lenses the marketing department demand, rather than what as photographers we know the users would like

Never get into business...

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aramgrg: 'We want to make lenses that can be used forever,'
So you guys want to sell once and run away from the market? Like Smasung?

Wow the strange things people interpret.

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yzhenkai: What does this "G" mean?

'Gold'. That is the name carried over from the Minolta days of their premium lenses, like 'L'. It is the brand Sony usually use for their long premium lenses, with co-Zeiss branding for their 'normal' range lenses, however that has changed somewhat over the last couple of years, with G's creeping into normal territory.

The 70-200's, 300, 500, 70-400, 70-300 are all 'G' lenses and recently some of their video focussed lenses such as the 28-135mm and 18-105mm are 'G' series lenses.

In the Minolta days the 35/1.4 and 85/1.4 were also 'G' lenses, when Sony took ownership the updated 85 became a Zeiss while the 35mm remained in the lineup as a rebadged Sony G.

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Any comment on the lenses AF performance?

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AprilW: Nope. The shortcomings are too much to consider this camera. Nice try, Sony.

35mm and 50mm primes lenses have OSS. As do the Batis 85mm and 90mm Macro.

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SmilerGrogan: Could someone explain what "weather sealing" means? Because I took a supposedly weather sealed camera out in a light drizzle and it died when the water seeped in. Is there any standard for this? Like are they weather sealed against a monsoon? Hurricane? Gully washer?

There are standards, but AFAIK not a single maker rates to those standards (other than specific water proof cameras, like TG4 etc).

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Adrian Van: Can Sony please put this system into the next version of the Sony A77ii apsc SLT. I like a bit larger body for doing serious work, not the small A6300 mirrorless which looks more for semi-pro / consumer user. Price the new A77 mark 3, a bit more if you like.

I can only guess maybe not, as they would probably want to protect the A7 series by not promoting the A77ii as much as the A7 line is being promoted. The camera stores in my area seem to do that - promote Sony FF A7. (Much like Nikon promoting mostly FF to serious photographers, except for the D500.) Just wish they would add some of the new features to next version of A77ii . XAVC is already in A77ii. It would be ideal, to make A77 mark 3 even better than mark 2, plus even better iso!

North American serious photographers still like the SLR or SLT form factor. So why not upgrade with new latest tech in SLT A mount apsc line with this sensor and AF system. Done right could rival a D500 with the right body.

Ever think they probably will? That the A77 II was launched after the A6000 and that an A77 III will probably launch after this?

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Karateka: Im also a bit dissappointed. Panasonic's gx8 is not bigger than the a6000 but has ibis and even works with lens-stabilisation together....its a pity but maybe its time for a system-change...

GX8 IS bigger. Has IBIS (basic) but also a smaller sensor.

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focuspulling: I'm surprised by how insistent folks are here about the size issue. Yes, Micro Four Thirds is a smaller sensor, but Panasonic deserves lots of credit for being first-to-market with mirrorless, portable, CONTINUOUS f/2.8 aperture zoom lenses that are not priced into the stratosphere. Their G lenses, especially 12-35mm and 35-100mm, are a dream team.

Someone in one of my camera user groups said it best: evidenced by the launch of the a6300 simultaneously today, which is a jaw-dropping bargain, it's clear that Sony is in a panic to keep its coffers full from high-tier revenue, while its margins on electronic bodies is slipping away (just like HDTVs and smartphones where they can't make their big wealthy margins anymore). All the marketing jargon about these lenses is motivated by profit, to justify dramatically inflated pricing on these "G-Masters," but actual tests will mean everything.

Sorry but you can get a RX10 II with 24-200mm (covering the same as Panasonic 'dream team') for less and less weight, if that is your thing.

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Shifter: I wonder how many Sony cams will be on the sidelines of the Super Bowl?

I wonder how many people care? Other than those trying (sometimes desperately) to prove a point.

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c45: Humans are more responsive to analog displays, remember what happened to digital-display wrist watches? Just because modern electronics makes the totally menu-driven controls possible it doesn't mean they are the best. In a complicated, feature-reach system having menus is unavoidable but its extreme implementation is as stupid as removing an aperture ring from modern lenses. Oh, wait; I can go though few levels of menu buttons to select the aperture and then conform my choice on the LCD display. Who would call that a progress?
There is nothing more ugly, uninviting and cheep "plastic-y looking" as a typical modern SLR, they all look like a black, blow-molded milk containers. The mirrorless system is the future; the EVF technology will mature in few years, the mirrorless will surpass the burst capacities of most advanced "pro-level" SLRs, SLR-system will slowly die off. Rest-In-Peace DSLR!

@M1968 - "And DSLR's can be more rugged than mirrorless cameras."

Sure what you mean is 'some DSLRs are currently more rugged than some mirrorless'

There is nothing inherently more rugged about a DSLR, quite the opposite in fact. 'Bigger' certainly doesn't automatically equate to 'more rugged'.

On viewfinders, optical viewfinder have their problems too, neither are perfect (just some seem to see just the advantages / shortcomings to prove their personal choice).

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