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  • I think all this press release really means is that we can expect a D5 sooner, rather than later. We probably only have to wait weeks, not months, for its final release.

  • Yes, come on Tamron, let's see some Pentax mount support.
    Sony A-mount is fading fast from the landscape, and we'd all love to see that 35mm with Pentax's pixel shift tech.

  • I find Canada Post works well for me 95% of the time. Then again, the last 5% does make you want to tear your hair out.

    I spent 10 minutes at the postal counter wondering why the clerk couldn't...

  • To be fair, it has been only very, very recently that third party adapters have supported electronic apertures. For more than two decades the electronic aperture has been a stumbling block to using...

  • Right, now Nikon owners can enjoy error messages when that little flex connector wears out. Shame on the Canon guys for keeping that all to themselves.

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    My all time favourite was/is the FE-2 - which is really the predecessor of the FM3a. Controls, handling, size and weight all make me wish a digital body could come close to emulating.
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    Right you are 1/1250th, my eyes missed the one. So assuming you weren't shooting from a moving snowboard, camera shake shouldn't have been too much a problem. But I can't get around why the image ...
  • Love the shot. But you're right, it's not as sharp as you would want it. I wonder if you'd get a sharper image by forgoing the teleconverter and just cropping in more. But I also think at 1/250 you ...
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    Actually, I think the fellow understood the statistics of light gathering perfectly well. My paraphrase of his lengthy presentation doesn't do it justice. I wish I could remember his name or find ...
  • I've had some fun with my K-01 for video, but haven't tried anything serious with it just yet. I've got a mic to sit on the hot shoe, and it seems to work better than the built-in mics. As for ...
  • Replied in Seems plenty
    I liked the analogy the sensor designer gave in his youTube presentation, linked on DPR a few years ago. He asked us to imagine a football field covered in small cups. If left out in the rain for ...
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    The idea is that fewer pixels means bigger pixels. With more surface area, each pixel captures more photons than would a smaller one. So each photosite can theoretically have higher light ...
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