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"Light levels sufficient for such capture rates may not always be available, however, so the researchers have compensated for that by using an adaptive algorithm that alters the camera’s frame rate as needed based on the brightness level and the available power."

Yeah.. Just crank up that ISO. It might run a little longer. ;-)

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nikon300s: What about AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR ? Same thing?

That's exactly what I was thinking Thinkfat!

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Phathom: A fixed lens compact seems quite odd to me.

Not long ago, a lot of compact film cameras had fixed lenses. And that was the norm. It didn't seem to cramp anyone's style..

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On Connect post Apple applies for dual-sensor camera patent (71 comments in total)

Sounds almost like they took from the Sigma Quattro!

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Movie mode(s)?

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webrunner5: Anyone else notice how close to the front edge the Film Plane indicator is located??

Wow! that's close.

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I wonder if this one blocks third party lenses from working as well.

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On Connect post App takes hands-free panoramic video using vibration (5 comments in total)

I just get a kick out of seeing this app operate!
But as Activesack pointed out earlier, It saves the image as video clip.

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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1509 comments in total)
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Scott Greiff: Sigma DP Merrill cameras are not represented. Why?

Obviously this pole is not at all about image quality.

This poll should be renamed to "WHAT CAMERAS HAVE THE BEST BELLS & WHISTLES".

The Sigma DPM series should have been included because it fits the "Enthusiast Compacts" category!
Well that being said, image quality might be a distant 3rd in this poll and not to be a priority with wannabe be photographers.

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Antivirus software plugins for those type of cameras will be soon to follow..

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stereopanDOTcom: You can check this Mars Rover self portrait image out in a high-resolution zoomable format here http://www.3d-360.com/117921flat

And also the individual shots here.


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rowlandw: So where is the DP review of this camera???

The images were transmitted, so it would qualify.
Rover uses the "Deep Space Network" service.

They have a further reach than the AT&T international service. :-)


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On article Photokina 2012: Sigma Stand Report (40 comments in total)

Oops. Didn't put a label for the 17-70 OS.
Descriptions are a bit skewed.

Like that iPhone pano!

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Snoop Dogg just called.. He wants his gold trim Hassy camera back.

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RayAnderson: Nice looking and very "cool", easy to use.

All photographs will require prior approval by Apple.

You will not be able to download images from the camera to any non-Apple product.

It will produce images of average quality, but owners will believe that they are "absolutely amazing"!

Love that last part!

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jack24: $1k for a compact camera just because of 49mega pixel but with very basic features..? No-no unless it is leica.. Plse show us more selling points.

How in the world would a RED DOT give it more selling points?

By your logic, If Sigma was able to buy the license to use that Leica "Red Dot" and stick-it to the DP1M then you would not have a problem with it.

Oh yeah.. That Red Dot would bring the price up to another $1,000.

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An 8K standard was just approved last week.
Oh well.. :-)


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On article Scientists demonstrate 'paint-on' batteries (108 comments in total)

Combine this with Paintable Electronics (Spray-On Transistors)


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On photo iWindow in the iPad challenge (3 comments in total)

Wow. An iPad that runs windows. Go figure ;-)

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