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On article YoCam is world's smallest waterproof 'life' camera (26 comments in total)
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nimrod1212: Maybe it's good. F*****g awful name.


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On article Primer: Why would I buy a mirrorless camera? (551 comments in total)
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Angrymagpie: Now that we have gotten rid of the flapping mirror, maybe it's time for us to get rid of the flapping shutter mechanism altogether with an electronic shutter that does not have any of the nastiness of its current-gen form (rolling shutter etc).

I'm reasonably sure my Panasonic GM1 already has electronic shutter.

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On article Opinion - Erez Marom: Whatever it Doesn't Take (191 comments in total)
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biggercountry: Well said. I'm an amateur photographer, but a professional audio engineer. The parallels between the two fields are striking. For example, the prevailing notion in pro audio is that vintage gear is better. Just because it's vintage and it also happens to be a pain to work with. But the extra effort is so worth it, right? Personally, I'm new-school, and embrace modern tools with no reservations, but sometimes, to get that colored, non-linear sound of an older record, there is no better way to do it than with the real thing. But I don't go patting myself on the back because of all the effort it took to put together a record with the old stuff... I try to focus on the end in mind... making a great musical recording sound balanced and euphonic - the average listener doesn't care how I did it. As you say, the hardest way is not always the best way. And in my field, I would say that the hardest way is OFTEN not the best way.

And then a hacker like me goes into the free version of WavePad and spends a few minutes undoing it. I've taken old early 60s music that sounded horrible and made it reasonable with a little decompressing and highpass filtering. It's all fun, unless it involves last-minute editing a 911 phone call to bring out the voice of the guy in the background incriminating himself, and in that case it helped get a guilty plea.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (270 comments in total)

Looks just like a Sharp Viewcam. I have one of those.

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Wubslin: Unfunny, tired and stupid. If you don't like carrying heavy things, try not buying them.

I think that was the point, and good to see that you got it.

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I have small fingers. Forget DSLR Arm - I don't even want DSLR Hand!

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Can you use it to play Jai Alai or spike the ball in Volleyball? Will it catch foul balls or rob home runs?

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A: We are just like Canon! Canon will not give up on their lousy EOS M series, why should we give up on the 1 series, even though the 1J5 is ugly? Canon will never surrender, and neither will we!

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Ultrazoom, superzoom, megazoom, and now Ludicrous Zoom.

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I've used 16 stops of ND to photograph sunspots, and it still wasn't enough.

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I think I was the first one to say that if they could do multi-shot in 1/8 second they would have a real feature and not a gimmick.

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jukeboxjohnnie: Pathetic! This is because Samsung cant do a DSLR people want. My mirrorless system is only for casual shooting when I don't expect to be taken seriously and I'll never feel differently

That could explain why I don't take you seriously.

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On article Kodak reborn: A look at JK Imaging's 2014 lineup (199 comments in total)

As someone who followed the S-1 from the announcement in January 2013 and then unfollowed it in July 2013, it's overdue and already obsolete. It's supposed to be similar to the E-PL5 in price and features except it has wi-fi. It also was slower (when tested in December.) As much as I am a total Kodak fanboy, the delay gave me a negative opinion and the specs showing nothing new confirmed it. Maybe I'll buy a used one for my collection in the future.

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On Connect post What if historical figures had Instagram? (20 comments in total)
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jcmarfilph: Such a disgrace putting these important part of our history into a lousy frame with worthless filters.

Too bad God wasn't into selfies...

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stan_pustylnik: Half of world lives like this, unfortunetelly.

If you intervene in a domestic violence situation, both parties can turn their anger toward you. She (the photographer) was right in what she did. Law enforcement would say the same thing.

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Klamar shouldn't quit his day job at the DMV...

"...as interesting, as special people who deserve their fame because they are the best {at} what they do." Nope, the caption doesn't fit the picture. My granddaughter is a "special" person, and I as a point-and-shooter can bring out the best in her. This seems to be a case of "I blew it, so now I need to call it artistic license." Where can I get one of these licenses? Oh yeah, at the DMV.

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