PIX 2015

Thumbnail Index

Vincent Bockaert, 123di.com

When in playback mode, most digital cameras allow you to access the images and video clips on the storage card via a thumbnail index, an interactive contact sheet. Mostly a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 grid of images is used, and sometimes this can be specified by the user. Buttons on the camera allow you to navigate through the thumbnails or select them and, depending on the camera, perform basic operations such as hiding, deleting, organizing them into folders, view them as a slideshow, print directly from the camera, etc. Clicking on the thumbnails will allow you to see a larger thumbnail of the image that fills the whole LCD. Read more in the LCD topic of this glossary.

Typical 3 x 3 thumbnail index on a digital camera. Menu that allows you to choose what you want to do with the selected image(s).
This article is written by Vincent Bockaert,
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